Zombie Render By Skodwarde



Crimson Head

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A (normal ones) | 9-C (Crimson Head ones)

Name: Zombies, "Them", "Monsters"

Origin: Resident Evil

Species: Zombie

Age: Varies

Gender: Varies

Population: Extinct (the T-Virus was erradicated before Resident Evil 4 happened)

K-Level: Below type 0

Technology: None

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, can comunicate with each other, superhuman durability (in a little degree), unlimited stamina, strong teeth, acidic vomit, sharp nails | Same as above, but their nails are longer, they are faster and they bite stronger

Attack Potency: Street Level+ (can rip apart limbs with ease, can kill humans and even highly trained ones with ease) | Street Level+

Striking Strength: Class KJ (can bite a throath off with ease, can rip apart limbs with ease) | Class KJ

Speed: Sub Human Level (they can be dodged by just walking) | Peak Human (can outrun an athlete with ease)

Durability: Superhuman (can be shot with a pistol in the head and live, and be shot several times with a machinegun and still be a treath), to kill them you need at least a shotgun at point blank or a grenade | Same

Standard Equipment: Their natural weapons (arms, vomit and teeth)

Weaknesses: Sometimes they don´t chase their prey, very slow, they can´t fear anything so they will keep attacking even when they are heavily damaged | Nothing notable

Note: These are the T-Virus ones, the rest of the infected in the Resident Evil franchise are either parasites or bacteria based...

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