The strongest olympian

Powers and Stats

Name: Zeus, Jupiter

Origin: Greek/Roman mythology

Classifiation: Olympian god

Gender: Male

Age: Thousands of years old

Tier: 4-C | Low 2-C

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, reactions and durability, weather manipulation, lightning manipulation, immortality via massive regeneration, can make curses, transmutation, shapeshifting, turn into a giant version of himself | Cosmic devouring

Destructive Capacity: Star level+ (Fought and bested Typhon) | Universe level+ (consumed all the gods and everything in existence)

Strength: Class XTJ | Immeasurable

Speed: At least Peak Human, he can turn into a real lighting bolt (massively hypersonic speed), likely FTL | Omnipresent

Durability: Star level+ (Took a brutal beating from Typhon) | Universe level+

Weaknesses: His pride can make him stubborn.

Weapons: His lighting bolts, several swords

Key: Greek Zeus | Orphic Zeus

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