Tier: 1-A

Name: YHVH, Yahweh, Yehowah, God, Allah, Evil Incarnate, the Lord, The Creator, Holy Spirit, The One True God, The Only God

Origin: Shin Megami Tensei

Gender: Inapplicable

Age: Older than Existence

Classification: God

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4 and 8), Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Life and Death Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Regeneration (True-Godly), Elemental Manipulation (Fire Attacks that pierce all resistances with Inferno of God, Ice Attacks that pierce all resistances with Hailstorm of God, Lightning Attacks that pierce all resistances with Lightning of God, Force Attacks that pierce all resistances with Tornado of God), Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Non-Corporeal, Illusion Creating, Shapeshifting, Size-Shifting, Cloning/Duplication, Buffing/Debuffing (Removes all enemy buffs with Dekaja, Removes all buffs with Rikaja, Raises strength, defense and agility with Luster Candy, Decreases enemy strength, defense and agility with Debilitate, Removes all enemy buffs/debuffs/effects with Divine Harmony, Fully increases all stats with Infinite Power, Fully decreases all stats with Unending Curse), Almighty Attacks that bypass all defenses (Causes Almighty damage with Megido and Megidolaon, Causes Almighty damage while inflicting charm/bind/panic with Planned Chaos, Causes maximum Almighty damage with Supernova), Omnipresence, Nigh-Omniscience ETC

Attack Potency: Outerverse level(Exists within The Throne which is a layer of existence that exceeds literally everything that can be described and exists beyond the totality of the entire Shin Megami Tensei universe, Is Superior to beings Such as Lucifer who has control over infinite conceptions which are events that create entire concepts meaning that he is superior to a being with superity over infinite concepts, Is superior to all other gods and controls the like puppets)

Speed: Omnipresent (He is the world itself, with all of existence being a part of him)

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Outerversal

Durability : Outerverse level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Outerversal

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient

Combat skills: Very High

Weaknesses: None

Standard Equipment: None

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Mad Creator-God - Yahweh is a Jewish god, whose name consists of four letters of God representing the four basic stages of the creation process. This is the supreme being, the one who created the universe and is it, God the Creator. His only limitation is the cosmic power standing above him - the Great Will.

  • Elements of Omnipotence - Yahweh is free to manipulate his created worlds or beings. He created the universe from the multiverse, several older worlds and his own dimension, above all of this. He also created beings like Satan for the realization of the Court, several avatars like Cagucuchi and Brahman - to control the universes, and Lucifer and Merkabu - only for war, intimidation of people, the only beings over which he lost control because of the Great Will.
    • Higher magnetite - the basis of the strength of each being, the original energy originating from the higher space beyond the universe. Yahweh has a huge supply of magnetite, and it is the source of strength for many gods.
  • Omnipresence - Yahweh has a full omnipresence within his creations, and moreover, he himself is the entire universe, all the spaces and beings that he created. Inside the universe it is everywhere, but it can not be seen or felt, but everything, except for the above-described exception, is subject to his will, his script. His "material" form, which is an infinite number of golden heads, is found only in the higher dimension of Yahweh, a place that goes beyond the universe and surpasses it as if it were an older dimension lower.
    • Immortality - as God, Yahweh is immortal while the universe exists. Even if his true form is defeated and disappears, the concept of God will remain, revive it, and in a form that transcends the previous one. For the complete destruction of Yahweh, it is necessary to destroy all that he created. He is also completely invulnerable to all types of attacks of all aspects and concepts of the universe.
    • The Universe of Yahweh - The personal world of Yahweh, consisting of many dimensions - Bran. In it, he can create different copies of his strongest creatures, but in an even stronger form. It is there that the strongest forms of Lucifer, Merkaba, dwell. Also the main guardian of this world after Satan is Metatron, who at this place is fueled by the power of Yahweh and in a single copy superior to Lucifer, and with the ability to invoke endless own copies is the personal army of Yahweh.
  • Nigh-Omniscience - Yahweh sees and knows everything that happens, has happened and will occur throughout the universe, but only if it is not related to the superior power of the Great Will.
  • Avatars - as God, Yahweh has many aspects and avatars in the universe for dealing with people and for other purposes. The main ones are:
    • Kagatsuchi - The aspect of creation, which carries out the processes of destruction and creation of worlds within the multiverse.
    • Sabaoth - The aspect of leadership, whose name also translates as "Lord of the armies of Israel." Applies physical attacks and absorbs all the elements.
    • Shaddai - aspect of the destruction of the almighty god. Controls and applies techniques based on light and darkness.
    • Elohim - The aspect that has control over the fire is immune to metal influences, light, darkness and fire.
    • Ancient of Days - the messenger of God, the messenger of destruction, carrying out the fall of mankind once in one cycle of the universe.
    • Metatron - the voice of God, one of the mechanical angels, the personal army of Yahweh.
    • Kazuyu - the weapon of Yahweh for the destruction of the Earth, the nine-headed dragon from Japanese folklore.
  • Golden God - the first appearance of Yahweh, the golden head, showing all the superiority and light of God, and, probably, which is the entire universe of Yahweh. Existing in our own space, God's throne above the universe, Yahweh can still fill the whole dimension with full copies of the head with immense power. This body of Yahweh is completely invulnerable to all kinds of attacks from physical to all-powerful techniques (which ignore any conventional defense), has an infinite supply of strength and energy, and its attacks inflict damage on any opponent with any defense. He is the Absolute, which can only be wounded by the power of the Axiom of people, which transcends the universe.
    • Divine Wave - Deals a large amount of damage to all enemies.
    • Inferno of God - causes a large amount of fire damage to all opponents, ignoring their defense.
    • Hailstorm of God - causes a large amount of ice damage to all enemies, ignoring their defense.
    • Lightning of God - causes a large amount of electricity damage to all enemies, ignoring their defense.
    • Tornado of God - causes a large amount of ice damage to all enemies, ignoring their defense.
    • God's Mouth - omnipotent attack, assuredly killing one enemy.
    • Miracle - an all-powerful attack that reduces the health of all enemies to the possible minimum.
    • Luster Candy - Increases the level of attack, defense and speed of dexterity of all allies.
    • Debilitate - lowers all the characteristics of all opponents.
    • Divine Harmony - removes all effects from all enemies.
YHVH Demonized Form SMTIV
  • Fallen God - When Yahweh lost control and manifested his dark essence at the thought that he was not the greatest force, he "fell down" and changed like fallen angels, having received a second, almost demonic form. In it, everything "created" comes out of it and takes on the form of beings that form a new body, and above them stands the humanoid figure Yahweh, which tries to keep itself in a normal state. In it, he loses his "benevolence" of God, because of which he forgave everyone and everything. But, despite its outwardly looking instability, it also represents the strongest form, which almost 2 times exceeds the original one. To the past technicians are added:
    • Crush - causes great physical damage to one enemy.
    • Rampage - inflicts average physical damage to multiple targets from 6 to 8 times.
    • Planned Chaos - inflicts average damage with an aspect of omnipotence with the ability to lure to his side, immobilize or cause panic in the opponent.
    • Black Hole - takes away the magical power of all opponents.
    • Supernova - causes tremendous almighty damage to all enemies.
    • Infinite Power - increases all its characteristics to the maximum possible.
    • Unending Curse - completely reduces all the characteristics of all opponents to the possible minimum.




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