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Powers and Stats

Name: William Birkin, G

Origin: Resident Evil

Species: Mutated human by the G virus

Age: 36

Gender: Male, Asexual after he mutated

Tier: 9-B (G1). 9-B (G 2, G 3 and G 4). 9-A (G 5)

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, reactions and durability, regeneration (godly level), can mutate making itself stronger and bigger each time, sharp claws, sharp teeth (G 4 and G 5), can sprout tentacles (G 5)

Destructive Capacity: Wall Level (stronger than a Tyrant who can do this much). Wall Level+ (way stronger than Nemesis, tears apart walls with ease). Small Building Level (ate some wagons of a train)

Strength: KJ Class. KJ Class. GJ Class

Speed: Superhuman. Superhuman. Below Human Level

Durability: Wall Level+. Building Level+ (can take a rocket head on and still be able to fight). Large Building Level+ likely a lot higher (took a rocket head on with no problem, the only thing that killed him was the explosion of the whole Umbrella Lab), his regeneration makes him incredibly hard to kill

Weaknesses: If it takes too much damage it will faint for a few minutes, simple minded

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