Walter Sullivan

He just wants to be with his mother.

Walter Sullivan is the main antagonist of Silent Hill 4: The Room. He was obsessed with the Room 302 since he firmly believed that it was his mother. In order to bring her back to him, Walter decided to complete the ritual of the 21 sacraments. This ritual requires 21 sacrifices, so he became a serial killer and murdered 10 persons before being captured. Then, he committed suicide, becoming the eleventh victim and performing the Ritual of the Holy Assumption, allowing him to live as a ghost of multiple embodiments. With his new powers, Walter killed 3 more persons before the beginning of SH4 events.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C, 9-B with chainsaw, At least 8-A with the ceremony of the 21 sacraments, Unknown with fulfilled ritual.

Name: Walter Sullivan

Origin: Silent Hill

Gender: Male

Age: 34 (SH4 events).

Classification: Serial killer. Ghost.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength and durability. Omnipresence inside Walter’s Otherworlds. Multiple embodiments (young Walter, ghost Walter and The Conjurator). Immortality (type 7). Walter’s ghost uses a handgun, a steel pipe and a chainsaw to fight. He can cast the Otherworld. Walter’s ghost can’t be harmed until the Spears of the Holy Mother are jabbed into The Conjurer. These spears can only be unlocked by touching this monster with Walter’s umbilical cord.

Attack Potency: Street level with punches. Wall level with weapons. Multi-City Block level with Otherworld casting.

Speed: Faster than eye. Average Human while striking. Unknown travel speed in his Otherworlds.

Lifting Strength: Superhuman.

Striking Strength: Class H with regular striking. Class KJ with melee weapons.

Durability: Walter’s ghost is invulnerable unless The Conjurer being stabbed with the Spears of the Holy Mother. (He can be stunned for a moment, but not injured). Peak Human without invulnerability.

Stamina: Infinite (he is a ghost).

Range: Couple of meters with melee weapons. Several meters with handgun. Unknown with Otherworld casting.

Intelligence: High (Since he is a methodical serial killer).

Weaknesses: His original flesh.


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