Seven Vanadis

The Seven Vanadis of Zhcted.


Vanadises are the prideful female warriors from the Madan no Ou to Vanadis series whose role and duty are to defend Zhcted from upcoming threats. Each Vanadis has to control one of Zhcted's prominent territories. As Zhcted's renowned warlords and politicians, these War-Maidens are worshiped as living deities and their mission are to put Zhcted's priority as foremost. Due to their superior rank and power, Vanadises often received popularity by Zhcted's citizens and even retainers; additionally, due to their respective elemental powers that beyond anyone imagination and comprehension, they are also considered as one man army by most peers of the land with each Vanadis possessing her combat abilities that equivalent towards at least worth a thousand men, and usually excel in some area on the battlefield (such as tactics). For that reasons, most of the Vanadises often served as the Vanguard or Commander in any army they joined.

Prominent Members

Current Members

Former Members

Powers and Stat

Tier: Tier 9-B

Name: Vanadis (戦姫 (ヴァナディース Vanadīsu )

Origin: Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Gender: Female

Classification: War-Maidens/War Princesses (Warlord, Tactician and Ministers), Valkyrie

Age: Varies

  • Elen: 16-18
  • Mila: 16-18
  • Sofy :20-22
  • Sasha : 21-22 (Deceased)
  • Liza: 17-19
  • Valentina: 21-23
  • Olga :14-15
  • Fine: 25

Powers and Abilities: Elemental Powers (Varies, depending on their respective Viralt) and all seemly possessing excellent Military Expertise

  • Elen: Areokinesis, Military Expertise, Fighting Skill, All Weaponry Proficiency (except archery)
  • Mila: Cryokinesis, Weather Manipulation, Master Spearmanship, Superhuman Durability, Field Tactician, Master of Archery
  • Sofy : Photokinesis, Teleportation, Diplomatic Mediator, Fighting Skill, Immense Reflexes
  • Sasha : Pyrokinesis (Former), Dual Daggers, Armed Combat, Fighting Skill
  • Liza: Electrokinesis, Superhuman Reflexes, Fighting Skill, Baba Yaga Power/Curse (Former), Whip Weaponry Profeciency
  • Valentina: Umbrakinesis,Stealth, Teleportation
  • Olga : Geokinesis, Excellent Equestrian Skills, Wrestling
  • Fine: Pyrokinesis (Current), Fighting Skills, All Weapons, Dual Dagger Mastery

Destructive Capacity: Possibly 9-A (8-B if their powers connected to Tigre's Black Bow).

Range: Close to Medium

Speed: Varies

  • Elen: Fast
  • Mila: Fast
  • Sofy : Medium
  • Sasha : Slow
  • Liza: Medium
  • Valentina: Unknown
  • Olga : Slow
  • Fine: Unknown (Assuming High due to her experience as mercenary)

Durability: Peak Human Level At least tougher than 1,000 soldiers or generals.

Lifting Strength: Levels Varies depending their position and Viralt

  • Elen: Above average human
  • Mila: Regular Human
  • Sofy : Regular Human
  • Sasha : Regular Human
  • Liza: Above average human (via Baba Yaga Powers, Regular Human after the curse lifted)
  • Valentina: Unknown (Assuming to be Regular Human)
  • Olga : Athletic human
  • Fine: Unknown (Assuming to be Regular Human)

Striking Power: Levels Varies depending their position and Viralt

Standard Equipment: Viralt, a legendary weapons which consists of elemental powers. Rumors indicated that materials were once made byDragons.

  • Elen: Arifar
  • Mila: Lavias
  • Sofy : Zaht
  • Sasha : Bargren (Former)
  • Liza: Valitsaif
  • Valentina: Ezendeis (Primary Weapon), Flammable Flowers (Secondary)
  • Olga : Muma
  • Fine: Bargren (Current)

Intelligence: Nearly all above average and expert tactician (except Olga who still possessing some intelligence despite not being a tactician)

Weaknesses: Becomes vulnerable whenever their Viralt are nullified by special materials (such as Roland's Durandal or Drekavac's special design chains). Also, depending on their respective elements, some monsters (such as dragons) and demons are resistant against their powers.


  • Once a Vanadis Mediator, Sasha retired as the Mediator due to her sickness and left the position to Sofy. Upon hearing Torbalan return however, she made a short-lived return as a warrior as a Vanadis, before she finally succumbed into her illness.
  • Liza obtained her power from Baba Yaga which could capable in crushing iron with barehanded or lifting anything that heavier than her, though hesitations or doubts gotten the best of her and she decided to use it only as emergency.
  • Due to her position as Vanadis ambassador or minister, Sofy rarely fights or participating any warfare unless she is cornered by her enemies.
  • Being the eldest Vanadis among the seven, Fine is the newest Vanadis who is yet to yield elemental power despite her abundant experience in warfare.

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