What is this thing!?
— Doomguy


The Unmaker is a weapon described in the DOOM Bible that was made specifically for wiping out demonkind- it is said to "hurt pure demons a lot, demon humans a little, and tech demons some". This weapon generally grants instant death damage on demonkind, boiling them from their insides.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C|10-A | 9-A | 7-C | 7-B

Name: The Unmaker

Origin: DOOM

Classification: Demonic Laser Gun

Prerequisites: Ammunition and a user with some knowledge of the occult (manual not included), a great aim (small round)

Attack Potency: Below Average Human level | Athlete level (Wounds tech-demons) | Small Building level (physically hurts demon humans, destroying the demon bit) | Town level (Comparable to the BFG9000 against typical demons) | City level (potentially triples max delivered damage via 3 laser upgrade; this requires luck and is not reliable)

Speed: Probably Speed of Light (it's a laser)

Wielders: Demons, Doomguy

Range: Unknown, but likely vastly superior to most weapons in the DOOMverse

Key: Non-Demon |Tech Demon | Human Demon | Typical Demon | All Demon Keys

Note 1: This weapon can be edited via demonic artifacts called "keys", possession of which enhances the performance in the following ways:

Key 1: Increase laser speed

Key 2: Add 2nd laser (slight spread)

Key 3: Essentially becomes a laser shotgun, fires 3 at once

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