And remember... Shoot or die!
~ Sage advice from the title screen of the original Turrican game.


In the distant future, mankind has expanded its reach into the vastness of space, but human colonies are under the looming threat of the malignant forces of the Machine. Mankind's strongest hope lies in the Turricans, an armor-wielding corps with a legacy extending over eons. Armed with the best technology mankind has to offer, the Turricans are always ready and willing to overcome the odds and face the Machine's armies of darkness.

Powers and StatsEdit

Tier: At least 8-B

Name: Turrican Battle Armor, wielded by multiple users over the eons

Origin: Turrican

Gender: Male or female, depending on the wearer

Age: Variable, depending on the wearer

Classification: Advanced Human Battle Armor

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics; Weapon Mastery; Vehicular Mastery; Can survive in space and underwater; Flight via vehicles; Forcefields; Possibly can harm ghosts or at least entities made of pure energy; Transformation and Invulnerability (via the Energy Wheel transformation); various weapons with Energy Projection as well as Fire Manipulation, Homing Attacks, Omnidirectional Attacks, and Petrification; Resistance to Acid, Poison, and Radiation, among other things

Attack Potency: At least City Block Level (defeated foes superior to machines that could survive the heat of the surface of the sun)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic (dodged lightning on multiple occasions, outran an explosion), likely Relativistic+ or higher (due to multiple laser-related feats and combating on the hulls of spaceships and missiles in flight)

Lifting Strength: Likely Superhuman

Striking Strength: Unknown (prefers to use firearms)

Durability: At least City Block Level (survived the heat of the sun, as well as a missile crash and ship crashes)

Stamina: Practically Limitless (Turricans regularly survive days of non-stop fighting against hundreds of foes without any rest)

Range: Several hundred meters with firearms, normal melee range otherwise. Possesses multiple omnidirectional and homing attacks.

Standard Equipment: A rifle with multiple firing modes, a pertrification beam, a grappling hook.

Intelligence: Unknown academically, but extremely skilled in combat. Masters of vehicular combat and combat in highly disadvantageous situations. Superior to the eons-old Machine.

Weaknesses: None notable.