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Tru'nemba is the name given to the mysterious entity that appears in the short story The Music of Erich Zann. Due to a shortage of funds, a young university student from Paris is forced to take up residence in the only place he can afford: an old apartment building on a mysterious street known as "Rue d'Auseil". He soon learns that on the top floor, there lives an old, mute musician named Erich Zann, who apparently has a window that allows him to see over the suffocating walls and into the neighboring areas. At night, the student can sometimes hear Zann playing his viol, producing notes so strange they literally defy all earthly description. Believing Zann to be some sort of musical genius, the student gains his trust, eventually wishing he had quelled his curiousity.

One night, while Zann begins to write out an explanation for the sounds he has discovered and why he is so adverse to discussing them, a faint note is heard in the distance. While the student believes it to be nothing more than another musician, Zann panics, grabbing his viol and beginning to frantically play an otherworldly cacophony. The young man's confusion soon turns to horror as something begins slamming on Zann's window, breaking it and sucking his written explanation out into the darkness. Attempting to chase it, the man's heart sinks as he looks out the window, finally seeing what lies over the neighboring wall: a limitless expanse of nothingness. As Zann continues to play his ungodly melody, the strange entity extinguishes all the room's candles, plunging both men into total darkness. In the now pitch black appartment, the only sounds the young man can hear are Zann's frantic playing, as well as another, softer yet equally as alien tune. Grabbing the musician by the shoulder and attempting to warn him that they need to flee, the student is mortified to discover Zann is dead; Some unseeable, unknowable force continuing to animate his lifeless body. Stumbling out the door, the protagonist rushes out into the streets, fleeing from Rue d'Auseil. Years later, he finally shares his experiences as he attempts to once again find the haunted street. This effort proves futile, as nobody seems to know of the strange place he speaks of, nor does it appear on any maps. It is as if it had never existed at all, and Zann, his music, and whatever it was that reached out from that unknowable darkness to slay him now only remain as a haunting melody in the back of his mind.

Due to being intentionally very vague, little is known about Tru'nemba. It seems to be some kind of living sound, though it likely does not share all the same properties as sound considering it seemed to travel through what was described as a "void". Many consider this to not be the entities true form, and merely a manifestation it used to haunt and eventually consume Erich Zann. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most mysterious things in an entire series about the unknown.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown, possibly 1-A

Name: Tru'nembra, The Angel of Music

Origin: Cthulhu Mythos

Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Classification: Unknown metaphysical entity which manifests as a strange form of haunting music, possibly an Outer God

Powers and Abilities: Incorporeal, Immortality (Possibly Type 5), Regeneration (Possibly True-Godly), Able to kill with an unknown method simply by being in the presence of an individual, Likely far more that were never demonstrated

Attack Potency: Unknown, possibly Outerverse level (In later stories, Tru'nembra is treated as an Outer God who manifests as living music while its true self resides in the court of Azathoth. However, Lovecraft's original intention for the entity remains unclear)

Speed: At least Transonic, likely much higher (Tru'nembra appears to be able to manifest anywhere it wishes), possibly Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Unknown, possibly Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Unknown, possibly Outerversal

Durability: Unknown (As some sort of living sound, it is impossible to actually hurt), possibly Outerverse level (If Tru' nembra is truly considered an Outer God)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Unknown, possibly Hyperversal+ (Apparently able to manifest anywhere its otherworldly notes are played)

Standard Equipment: Unknown

Intelligence: Unknown, though it did appear to have malicious intent for Erich Zann

Weaknesses: Unknown

Note: "Tru'nemba" is a name given to the entity by later writers. In its original story, the entity is never given an actual name, so this one is used for convenience.

Note 2: While Tru'nemba is very clearly an Outer God in later Mythos stories, it is only a possibility in Lovecraft's original tales. Thus, its true power remains unknown.


Alexey Voytenko "The music of Erich Zann" for violin solo (2009)

Alexey Voytenko "The music of Erich Zann" for violin solo (2009)


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