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Tribunal temple banner by mustakettu85-d5rgyol

Name Tribunal Temple, the Temple of the Tribunal

Origin : The Elder Scrolls

Classification: The largest religious-political organization in Morrowind

Functions / Objectives: The Adoration of the gods of the Tribunal (ALMSIVI), protection of Morrowind, distribution and religion support across Morrowind, the struggle with the Sixth House, the fight against Daedra (pillars worries) and Daedra worshipers, the court, the Inquisition, exorcism, investigation of crimes

The number of participants: Tens of thousands

Leaders Almalexia, Sota Sill, Vivec

Central base: Mournhold and Vivec

Skills / Technology:

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Tone Mechanics — The separator Keening and Wraithguard. The same tools that are designed and assembled Kargenakom to subdue the power of the heart. Can you use tools for the destruction of the Heart? Are they able to discard the heart back to its origins? Or they just simply are designed for pumping clean Forces for personal purposes? Yes, we know how they have been used by the Tribunal. The puzzle is why sought Kargenak? In Sotha got to figure out how to use them to gain access to the Force. Tribunal visited the Red Mountain with the tools and began «God Humans».

Dwemer ... Their disappearance - is still a mystery, and the deeper you plunge into it in an attempt to solve, the more mysterious it becomes. We know that all the Dwemer (except for my dear friend Yagrum) disappeared when Kargenak used his tools to the heart. Where did they go - an enigma..

Tonal Architecture is an exact science does not forgive mistakes, and setting tones reality affects everyone, including a mechanic.

CHIM- 'King. " The realization that the reality is a lie and sleep, and the ability to change the dream. We should be afraid of a zero sum. It may lead to the awakening divinity, and all sleep over. As the process of delicious apotheosis when being bent inward and outward in the "form, which is always new." Those who are unable to reach this state, called "denote", experiencing an indescribable feeling of divinity and become free from the world egg restrictions. In simple terms, the state of Chima provides relief from all the known laws of the divine worlds.

'Mifopeya' - the process of forming or changing the reality under the influence of faith or belief Nirn sufficiently large group of people (or people of believers). And when beliefs or myths vary, so does the reality described in these myths. 'The three main properties mifopei:'

  1. If in something believe quite a number of deaths, it could become a reality. Therefore heretics persecuted.
  2. If something was real, and it is widely believed that it is impossible to determine exactly what the cause of it, and that - a consequence. Therefore, even the history of the past can be changed.
  3. If there are multiple versions of the common justification of anything contrary to each other, then it is possible that they are both correct. Therefore, equally valid, and the myths and science.

Heart Lorkhan - the heart can not be destroyed because it is a source of Nirn. Lorkhan Spirit - this is his fiery heart beating under the roof of the Red Mountains in Vardenfelle. Spirit Lorkhan equally powerful mortal souls, how the moon more than human. Lorkhan was up (or planet), which participated in the Great Building, but when eight gave a portion of their divine bodies to create a plan (ETU) mortals Plan (ETA) Lorkhan cracked (a) in half and his divine spark fell to Nirn " it originated in the existence of a little selfishness. "

Tools Kagrenac (or Tools ) - an umbrella term for three Dwemer artifacts Origin: Keening, Splitter and Wraithguard (V Vivek has a second Wraithguard). These items were created by Dwarven priest-magician, chief architect of the tone - Kagrenac. Purpose Tools - draw energy from the Heart Lorkhan or change the tones of reality influencing morfolity (soul stones, Sigil Stone, Lorkhan Heart). Enchantment imposed on the separator and Keening so strong that kill anyone who takes it without worn Wraithguard. Weapons can also cause damage to the ghosts and lower Daedra. Weapons can also cause damage to the ghosts and lower Daedra.

  • 'Separator' (lost)
  • 'Keening' (lost)
  • 'Wraithguard' (given to Nerevarine)
  • Shield of Auriel
  • Bow of Auriel

The Shield Auriel (apparently, after the defeat of the Sixth House lost) - Artifact, ebony shield, once belonged to the elven deity Auriel, able to make its wielder nigh invulnerable. In Altmeri legend "Heart of the World" said that Anu gave Bow and Shield Auriel, so that he could save Aldmeris from human hordes. Shield Auriel unsurpassed in its ability to resist the effects of fire and magic, which allows him to effectively protect its owner from any attacks that can not be blocking.

Bow of Auriel ( apparently, after the defeat of the Sixth House lost) - is one of the most powerful artifacts ever to exist in Tamriel. In Altmeri legend "Heart of the World" said that Anu gave a bow and shield Auriel, so that he could save Aldmeris from human hordes. When Auriel snatched Lorkhan heart, he first tried to destroy it, but could not because it was the heart and Nirn. Then Auriel heart pinned to the boom and ran out of his bow as far as possible, and where it landed, formed volcano Vvardenfell. This bow can turn any arrow into a flying death. Luke, the main feature of which - the repayment of the sun (with special arrows), or vice versa bright making it (but then again, with special arrows, causing a rain of fire).

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Nobody will leave the servants of Three

Numidium (given to Talos ) - 'new God', a giant dvemerskiy animunkul. Another name - Copper God. This mechanism was established probably in the First Era dwarven chief architect Kagrenac tonality and his assistants. Sam animunkul had energizes Heart Lorkhan, with directly, which, especially in the kind of Dwemer "religious hysteria" actually made him a man-made god. Powered by Mantella (heart Zurin Arctus Vulfharta and soul). Able to distort time, be in several places at once, to create atomic explosions, the area free of magic, teleport or annihilate objects. Make used by God.

Allies House Indore House Redoran later Nerevarine

Opponents:The Sixth House, House Hlaalu, Daedra, apostate priests, Ashlanders, Nerevarine (above), the King Helseth, Cult Nerevarine

Known members: Almalexia, Vivec, Sota Sil, Hands of Almalexia, eternal guards, residents Order

A little about Lore


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