Tier: 1-A | High 1-A

Name: Tosh Raka, Divine Tosh Raka

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Male for personification, technically not applicable

Age: Unknown

Classification: Tigrodrakon, the emperor of the state Ka Po'Tun, the Mirror Brother of Aka tosh, Amaranth,New Man

Powers and Abilities: Omniscience, omnipresence, immortality (type 2, 5, 7), acausality (type 2), manipulation of elements (fire), manipulation of side elements (ice, lightning), manipulation of souls, manipulation of reality, time manipulation, weather manipulation, sound manipulation, (Type 3.10), flight, intangibility (type 2), absorption, change of form (type 2, 3), omnipotence (for your own Dreams), acausality (type 2)

Attack Potency: Ignores strength CHIM | Ignores strength

Speed: Omnipresent | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant |Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Outerversal |High Outerversal

Durability: Because of CHIM, he will only die when he wants| High Outerverse level

Stamina: Limitless | Limitless

Range: Outerversal | High Outerversal

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient | Omniscient

Combat skills: Very High

Weaknesses: None

Standard Equipment: None

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Pa-Po-Tun – It is the race of the tiger-like people living on the continent of Akavir, are a species of beast. Animals are distinguished by a wide variety of skin colors, can be covered with fur, scales and have a specific structure of the organism, including internal systems and organs. Most animals have a lifespan, as in ordinary people. The feline people tried to become dragons, the first who managed to Tosh Raka. He is the largest dragon in the world.

Dragons – There is no reliable information about how the dragons appeared. According to the dremora, polled in the League of Whispers, they simply were and are. Eternal, immortal, unchanging and adamant. They are not born and do not hatch from eggs. They do not mate and do not bring offspring. So far, no one has discovered dragon eggs or dragon cubs. Although they are not born, dragons can die. However, this applies only to the lower dragons. The strongest representatives of the species can not be killed in the world of people, only to destroy the physical shell, after that the dragon can return again.

  • Dragon language – An ancient dialect, native to representatives of the race of dragons. With sufficient mastery of this language, some words can be used as screams, which will lead to the emergence of various magical effects, such as, for example, calling flames, currents of frost, wind, slowing down time or repelling the enemy. These abilities are known as Tu'um .
  • Flight – Dragons are capable of developing a fairly high speed and can deftly dodge enemy spears and spells. The strongest representatives of their species are able to travel between worlds.
  • Soul absorption – Like the Dragonborns, dragons can absorb the souls of fallen fellows, they can gain knowledge of the deceased and increase their strength.
  • Immortality – Tosh Raka has immortality and it is difficult to kill in the world of people, death from ordinary actions means only the destruction of the physical shell. It becomes vulnerable after the application of the concept of death, but his Mirror Brother could survive this.
  • Magic – It is a pure energy that can be transformed into various forms for different purposes. The magic comes from Etherius (the world of the Gods), and in Mundus (the world of people) it gets through the gaps in Oblivion: the stars and the Sun.
  • Resistance – Dragons are immune to all known kinds of illusions, and also, as the highest dragon, Tosh Raka has spiritual resistance and his soul is difficult to absorb.
  • Time – For dragons, time is only the river by which they slip.
  • Conceptual Beingо – Tosh Raka is the Future, everything about him and everything in the past.
  • Absorption – Tosh Raka is able to devour almost everything, whether it is space, time, other Et'Ada or something like that. The more he eats, the stronger and more powerful it becomes.

Mirror Brothers – Do not forget that the myths can be shaped by the mythopoetic powers of those who wear their veil. Thus, Tosh Raka can be an Akavir phenomenon Aka toosa, who has a tooth on her mirror brother in Cyrodiil. Just like Akatosh-how-we-him-usually-we know, perhaps, in order to save the present kalp from eating, plaits in time the intrigue against his mirror brother in the nordling, Alduin a. Mark all these "maybe."

  • Kalpas – These are the time intervals during which Mundus develops anew. These intervals differ in duration, and each subsequent is not strictly equal to the previous in content, and lasts longer. At the end of each calpa, Tosh Raka devours her along with Mundus. Thus, Tosh Raka, devouring all things around, personifies one of the aspects of the movement of time. Calp, overlapping one another, may be the cause of nonlinearity of time.
  • Et'Ada – They are beings of higher dimensions, for the beings of the three-dimensional world do not look at all, for one can not see the mortal Lord of the Void. Under the weight of the steps of the Gods, the physical appearance of the mortal plane and even the timeless continuity of being became unstable.
    • Aedra – Aedra and Daedra created the mortal world, and are chained to the Bones of the Earth. Daedra, who can not create, have the power of change. The divine creation contract assumes that Aedra can be killed. Evidence of that Lorhan and the moon. Variable Daedra, to which the rule does not apply, can only be expelled.

  • CHIM- King . The realization that reality is a lie and sleep, and the ability to change the dream. We should be afraid of a zero sum. It may lead to the awakening divinity, and all sleep over. As the process of delicious apotheosis when being bent inward and outward in the "form, which is always new." Those who are unable to reach this state, called "denote", experiencing an indescribable feeling of divinity and become free from the world egg restrictions. In simple terms, the state of CHIM provides relief from all the known laws of the divine worlds. This return to the first panel, Anu-pad ', where stasis and change to create opportunities. ( It is the realization that the whole world, the whole of life - in fact do not exist. They exist only as a dream forces, which, for lack of a better word, is called God. All things, including you yourself, in God there is only a dream, and you - a piece of his mind for a split second is able to gain self-awareness. Most are not capable of long-term possession of self-consciousness. Their minds can not bear two contradicting the truth: "I exist" and "I do not exist", resulting in a final denial of personality known as "zero sum". 1 + (-1) = 0. "Pronulsummirovatsya" means literally vaporize. To achieve CHIM, you need to take the next step - to realize the two truths simultaneously. Fold one and minus one, and get anything other than zero.)
  • I have broken the world with his left hand - he said - but in the right hand I have his chance to destroy me. Love is controlled only by my will. "
  • Fixed warrior never gets tired. He cuts sleep holes in the middle of the battle to regain their strength.
  • ... put on his armor and stepped into the non-spatial gap , making lethal interactions and intangible information map of all minds ever known - an event developed by the likeness of the divine spark.
  • projection of death – Death of Tosh Raka projection back into the waking world.
  • Interrupting zero-sum - is able to ignore the multiplication by zero on deity.
  • Zero-sum - directs dissatisfaction deity the enemy.
  • acausality – Tosh raka exists outside of time and space and can move freely between them and the "middle world".
  • Manipulating logic – Tosh Raka ignore logic and within the same phenomenon may be several variations thereof.
  • Endless variations – Tosh Raka is in the form of its endless variations in endless changes of its history.
  • C0das – These are endless changes Tosh Raka's own history, which tend to focus around a particular pattern of events, but nevertheless contain versions that he did not. You can think of this as a simple number. Most integers are not important (most c0das are not very different from the general pattern), but, within an infinite set of integers, an infinite set of beginnings (within the infinite set of c0das, their infinite sum really differs from the general pattern).
  • Endless possibilities - Between the ubiquitous laws of Divinity, with endless variations and the overall structure c0das Aurbis and subgradients within most c0das, there are dreams. Having learned CHIM, Tosh Raka found them and got endless possibilities.

Amaranth – Tosh Raka reached the stage when he was able to step over the CHIM, reaching the next stage of development, he became Amaranth. Each Amaranth does not depend on anything other than itself and rules Divinity. Amaranth define everything within itself, except the rules of Divinity. This is how you can learn about the Divinity and form a new Amaranth within the rules and concepts of the other. The entire local cosmology stored in Amaranth can vary from one Amaranth to another. The amaranth-ancestor creates an endless chain of other Amaranth, but Amaranth's internal structure may or may not provide itself to the actual achievement of CHIM / Amaranth. Thus, it may be impossible within some Dreams, to understand that they are Dreams. They will be dead-end Amaranth, which can not produce other Amaranth.

Mifopei – The process of forming or changing reality under the influence of the faith or beliefs of a fairly large group of Nirn people (people or believers). And when beliefs or myths change, the reality described in these myths also changes.

Three main properties of mifopei:

  • If a sufficiently large number of mortals believe in something, then this can become a reality. Therefore, the heretics are persecuted.
  • If something has become real, and it is universally believed, it is impossible to pinpoint what is the cause, and what is the consequence. Therefore, even the history of the past can change.
  • If there are several common versions of the justification for something that contradicts each other, then it is entirely possible that they are all the same at the same time. Therefore, myths and science are equally true.

New Man becomes God becoming amaranth, vechnodlyaschimsya gipnagogom. Hallucinations become clear in His sight, and therefore, all the parents of their children, Amaranth cares, cherishes and loves everything that comes from Him..

I am all of us

God is Love

'Come to the house of us

God is love

One World in the spirit I am

God is love

Base |Amaranth





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