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    • 1] Enter the name of the category in the Search field, prefixed with "Category:", e.g., as Category:NEW CATEGORY NAME. Then click the search icon or press the Enter key.

      2] A Search page will be displayed, which should have produced no matching results, i.e., the message "There were no results matching the query" is displayed near the bottom of the page. (If there are matching pages, then the category name you have chosen already exists.)

      3] Click the link labeled "Create the page "Category:NEW CATEGORY NAME" on this wiki!".

      4] An editor page for the new category is displayed. Add the following text to specify the parent category for the new category:

      5] You may also add other explanatory text about the category, but this is usually not necessary.

      6] Save the page (i.e., click the Save button).

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    • No prob.

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    • I tried that but it doesn't ¬†show a link to create a category

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    • A FANDOM user
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