The Doctor

Thirteen different faces for fanbases of all kinds.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B. 9-B with the Sonic Screwdriver | 5-B during regeneration | 5-A with Time Lock | 3-A with Moment | The TARDIS contains a High 1-C power source| High 1-A with Preparation | 0 With Pianos

Name: The Doctor, Theta Sigma (ΘΣ), real name is The Dr. Who, also has a human John Smith, also known as "The Oncoming Storm", "The Last Child of Gallifrey", "Timelord Victorious", "Valeyard",Dr. John Smith, Professor, Marlene, Dictator, Wormhole, Theta Sigma (ΘΣ), Mr. Foreman, parish Buri, Destroyer of Worlds (Ka Farak Guthrie), Hunter, Maximus Pettalian, Zeus, Dr. Caligari, The traveler of the time, Doctor Who, Examiner, Dr. von Rev. Guy Yanius Faber, Dr. Galloway, Great Wizard Kwai Kwai Kvod, Kvaykveykvod, prisoner 177 781,?, Lord President, Crafty, caretaker, Dr. Walters, Superman, Dr. Dzhonos Smythe, old man, Doctor of TARDIS, Albert Einstein, Sandman, Claudius Grim, Dark / Valeyard / One whose name dare not be mentioned and many others

Origin: Doctor Who,Marvel (Earth-5556)

Gender: Male

Age: Over 2000

Classification: Time Lord, Time Traveler,President of Earth

Powers and Abilities: Incredible intelligence and experience, can regenerate into a new body if fatally wounded, if he's within 15 hours of his regeneration cycle he can regrow severed body parts and instantly heal from more injuries, regeneration (mid-low, can regrow body parts in a few weeks), enhanced senses, low level telepathy, enhanced perception of the world such as feeling the Earth moving, can sense the presence of other Time Lords, can detect and is resistant to time alterations including time loops, and can remember people and things that were erased from time, resistant to physical possession and many forms of telepathy and mind control, olfactory ventriloquism, hypnosis, all of his different incarnations exist in his mind as alternate personalities, can resist, absorb, and expel many types of toxins and radiation, capable of telling the age, time period, and composition of materials and places by tasting or smelling them, can pick up and master physical skills (such as soccer) almost instantly, omnilingual, respiratory bypass system allows him to survive without oxygen for extended periods of time and filter out unpleasant smells,brilliant intellect (all items), regeneration (type 4, possibly 5) within 15 hours after the regeneration is possible to restore all wounds, after 15 hours, a couple of weeks will be spent on a final reduction, increased sensitivity (senses the movement of the planets, is resistant to the time change, including temporary loop), telepathy, heightened senses, resistance to mastering the body and the many forms of telepathy, age determination and the chemical composition of materials and places to taste and smell, instant development of any physical skill, the knowledge of all languages, respiratory inventory system allows him to live without oxygen for a long time and filter odors, all of its incarnations exist in his mind, it can absorb, resist and expel toxins and many types radiatsii.Kosmicheskoe journey (journey with the help of special technical equipment), manipulation of reality, manipulation of time (time Travel) , manipulation space (Teleportation), manipulation of energy (barriers, energy attack, energy Conversion, energy Absorption), Volumetric attacks (destruction of the universe), Conceptual damage, manipulation pianos, manipulating causality, adaptability.

Attack Potency: Human level. Wall level with the sonic screwdriver | Possibly Planet level+ or higher during regenerations: 11's regeneration destroyed a dalek ship (which generally can survive planet-destroying blasts) | Large Planet Level+ with Time Lock | High Complex Multiverse level (The TARDIS contains an 11-dimensional matrix.)

Range: Depends on what equipment that he is using.

Speed: Human level, although his constant running down corridors for 2000 years might have helped that a bit. His reactions are superhuman

Lifting Strength: Human level

Striking Strength: Human level

Durability: Seems to be somewhat more resistant to damage than a normal human. Regeneration allows him to survive things that humans couldn't. Is extremely resistant to radiation and various chemicals and poison. Has survived getting struck by lightning multiple times, falling several dozen meters, temperatures up to -200 degrees (likely Celsius but never stated) for 10 seconds, can survive without oxygen for several minutes. Regeneration makes him harder to kill, and directly after regeneration he can regrow hands and such.

Stamina: Peak human

Standard Equipment: A TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), or time/space machine. The TARDIS, due to its time manipulation, is VERY hax. Psychic Paper shows whatever the person who holds it wants it to say (it works on almost everyone, as well as computers). Sonic Screwdriver can destroy and disable machines, lock and unlock things that are not deadlocked or wood, and be used as a repair tool (it has a psychic interface and is controlled by thought). His jacket has dimensionally transcendental pockets, allowing them to have more space on the inside than on the outside like the TARDIS. He has a pair of shades that give the user infrared/thermal imaging vision. Jelly babies are delicious and brainy specs make him look smart. Also, bow tie. Fez and/or stetson (cowboy hat) optional.

Moment - a powerful weapon once established on Gallifrey. Moment represents a cube, and has its own consciousness - interface. Before Dr. interface Moment appeared in the form of his old friend Rose Tyler. Torque is able to destroy the galaxy and erase objects and creatures from history. The purpose of the affected moment of losing his past, no present and no hope for the future. With a moment of consciousness can condemn the person who uses it, trying to protect them from ill-considered actions and generally discourage the use of itself.

Improvised litter can collect powerful weapons and technology, but usually tries to do without weapons.

Intelligence: Over 2000 years of experience allows him to know insane amounts of things about the universe, including every known language and various technologies. Expert knowledge on genetic engineering. Has practically entire history books of knowledge in his brain for Earth. His own intelligence is enormous; he has created a bomb that could destroy all life on one surface of the Earth in an hour out of trash, rivaling Tony Starkand MacGyver. In one instance he outsmarted an AI from a race that were clear expys of The Culture. He has on several encounters and different incarnations been able to defeat both Eternals and Guardians of Time, on one occasion turning a group of them mortal. Overall, handing him preparation for a match, even only an hour's worth, is like handing Batman any sort of prep and the utility belt combined. He also has a photographic memory (In his Eleventh incarnation). His kinesthetic abilities are also superhuman, having been able to pick up and learn all rules and techniques of soccer, becoming professional level about thirty seconds after he's been introduced to it. He is also a highly skilled swordsman, skilled with a crossbow, as well as skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Has actually acquired multiversal power at one point and went head-to-head with the Quantum Archangel.

Weakness: A bit arrogant in some forms, believes himself unable to change various events in history or is unwilling to do so, and despises guns (Although not killing in general), can become physically and mentally weakened during the first few hours of his regeneration cycle, And apples are rubbish. Burning out both of his hearts at the same time or killing him before he has time to regenerate can bypass his regenerations, only has a regeneration cycle of 12 regenerations (of course as of "The Time of the Doctor", he has apparently been given lots of extra regenerations by the other time lords). the sonic screwdriver doesn't work on deadlocks or wood.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-The Delta Wave: With prep time, depending on the equipment accessible, he can broadcast a wave that will from put to sleep to kill anyone with an organic brain. Range can go from personal to at least planetary

-Memory Dump: The Doctor can instantly download or upload any information he likes with a headbutt, which he considers to be vastly unpleasant. Considering this is the doctor's mind, this could be a potentially devastating technique as humans can't handle a Gallifreyan's psyche very well.

Dematerialized gun - can erase any target in the space-time.

Several doctors - for a short time can cause up to 12 of its incarnations.

Cube Time Lord - made at the time of the Lords of technology within more than outside. With several of these cubes can be hidden planet in a few minutes in a parallel world

Regeneration - the process by which the Time Lords completely renew your body with the physiological and psychological changes. It may even change sex and skin color. Regeneration occurs when the Time Lord dies, although this process can be called purpose. Also a Time Lord can refuse to die and regenerate on their own

Adaptability - The doctor can adapt to the situation. An example of this was the appearance of Doctor warrior or Valeyarda.

The doctor always finds a way out of any situation, no matter how difficult and hopeless it may seem. At the right time he will be able to perform a screwdriver necessary function, it meets the most suitable satellite, acquire the necessary knowledge or device.

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Other: The Dalek race, billions strong and capable of destroying everything, everywhere, everywhen, fear him and refer to him as "The Oncoming Storm." Think about that for a moment.


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