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Talmor - is the most dangerous team in Aurbis. Even more dangerous than Talos. They can not understand. They are simply different and they hate everything that smells like mortality. And in the end they will win.

Name Talmor, AE Ayleids, Ayleids

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Classification:The forces of the preceding realities, the political party, the Government of the Dominion Aldmeri committee Aldmeri heritage conservation

Functions / Objectives: Officially, the purpose of Thalmor - is the beginning of the New Era Merethic in which power over Tamriel should be back in the hands of the Elves as it was many centuries ago; true purpose - to destroy the Material prisons and once again become Et'Ada; Aldmeri preservation of heritage.

Number of participants: : Thousands

Leader Ayrenn (KINMUNE), High King Alinor, Supreme Council

Central base: Alinor Valinor, before White Gold Tower

Skills / Technology:

Navy - Made of crystal and solidified sunlight, with wings (although not flying), with curled toes, stretched like Solar bird, a stone-encrusted mini-trebuchets, firing pure ethereal fire, and banners , banners, banners, flaunt the names of their ancestors up to the Dawn Era. That old Mary in Water.

Solar bird Alinor - created from sunlight spaceships. They are more birds bathed mechanisms.

Memospory - snorukavnaya transmission, you can send messages through his arm again.

Magic Dawn- The school of magic measures inherited from the time of the Dawn Era. Allows you to pre-arranged by the rituals affect reality like Et'Ada. Removing someone (something) not only from the world but from the very structure of opportunities. Dragon Break (time to destabilize the state of non-linearity). The creation, alteration and destruction Et'Ada.

'Mifopeya - the process of forming or changing the reality under the influence of faith or belief Nirn sufficiently large group of people (or people of believers). And when beliefs or myths vary, so does the reality described in these myths.

'The three main properties mifopei:

  1. If in something believe quite a number of deaths, it could become a reality. Therefore heretics persecuted.
  2. If something was real, and it is widely believed that it is impossible to determine exactly what the cause of it, and that - a consequence. Therefore, even the history of the past can be changed.
  3. If there are multiple versions of the common justification of anything contrary to each other, then it is possible that they are both correct. Therefore, equally valid, and the myths and science.

Organization Unknown

Allies Mythic Dawn, Local, Richman, khajiit, Bosmer, maomery, Igman

Opponents Talos, Mythic Dawn, maomery, Sload, all human State Hist

Known members

Umaril the unfeathered


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