Superman 0015

Name: Kal-El, Clark Joseph Kent, Superboy, Superman, Nightwing, Commander E, Jordan Elliot, Superman-Prime, the Last Son of Krypton, the Man of Steel, Man of Power, Man of Tomorrow, Mark Costa, Nembe Kid, Axel, Archie Clinton and others

Origin: DC Comics

Tier: 4-A to 3-C, possibly higher via Sundipping or Blue Star Radiation

Gender: Male

Age: 40-50 years old

Classification: Kryptonian, superhero, journalist

Powers and Abilities: : Superhuman physical characteristics, superhuman senses, an expert of martial arts, percussion waves, energy attacks, flight, space travel, manipulation of heat, manipulation sound, tactile telekinesis barriers (passive), the incredible strength of will, immortality (type 2), regeneration (type 2) resistance (manipulation of matter (atomic, sub-atomic and quantum splitting), kryptonite, magic, the red light of the sun, the manipulation of time, illusion, mental manipulation, manipulation of souls, the absolute zero absorbitsii), telepathy, the manipulation of matter (at the molecular level), absorption (sunlight, energy, bio-energy) uncausality (can exist in a vacuum, outside of space and time)

Attack Potency: Multi-Solar System Level (Held a mini-black hole, which would've destroyed an entire star system. Including thousands of planets) to Galaxy Level (Can draw blood from Superboy Prime, who survived a galaxy-destroying explosion. Can hold the weight of an entire galaxy with his vision), possibly higher via Sundipping or Blue Star Radiation

Durability: Multi-Solar System Level to Galaxy Level (Can shrug off blows from enemies of this strength, including Darkseid, Superboy Prime, and even the Pre-Crisis Superman), possibly higher via Sundipping or Blue Star Radiation

Speed: Massively FTL+ (At least hundreds of quintillion's of times. Easily dodged the Reality-Blitzing Missiles. On par with both Wonder Woman and Green Lanterns. Faster than both Mon-El and Karate Kid. Can keep up with Wally West Flash and Pre-Crisis Superman)

Lifting Strength: Multi-Stellar

Striking Strength: Multi Solar System to Galactic Class

Stamina: Godlike

Intelligence: Super Genius. Brain is capable of processing information in attoseconds. Can read entire planetary encyclopedias by skimming. Can instantly determine the functions of highly advanced machines at first glance. On par with the likes of Brainiac, Lex Luthor, and Batman, a confirmed polymath.

Fighting skills: High-Mastery. Can fight on equal terms with the New Gods and easily beat the best soldiers in Zod's army. He studied with masters such as Batman and Wonder Woman, Wildcat, and others. Also familiar with all kinds of Kryptonian martial arts, such as Torquasm-Rao and Torquasm-Vo. Can easily best the universes most elite martial artists with no powers and fighting skills alone. Stomped Ultraman, an evil, more powerful version of himself, with martial arts.

Equipment: A large number of Kryptonian technology, as well as a great variety of artifacts from the Fortress of Solitude

Attacks, Techniques, and Abilities:

Superman 0070

Kryptonian physiology - Superman cell structure is more dense, flexible and more efficient in biological terms, than human tissue. He does not possess any superhuman performance until such time as its cells did not begin to accumulate light yellow star. Without recharging its indicators are at the level of the person who engaged in regular physical training. Superman has a number of bodies that meet its alien mind, but their characteristics are unknown, although it is supposed to link to his bio-matrix reclamation aura. It is due to the bio-matrix, Clark receives its electro-magnetic power, while it increased physical characteristics depending on the receiving levels of the light in its cells.

  • Absorption of solar energy - The basis for all Superman's superhuman strength. Depending on their emission wavelengths different stars have different effects on Superman. So, under the light of the yellow star, he gets a standard set of super powers, under the light blue stars Clark an opportunity to empower others to their own similar (in a relatively short period of time), and a red light, his ability to get lost. It should be noted that the closer Clark is in relation to the Sun, the stronger it becomes. So, while he was able to withstand a concentrated charge of Darkseid omega beams and win Kryptonian goddess (which previously could not win) near the yellow star. Limit the absorbed solar energy to them - no.
  • Healing Factor - Superman is able to regenerate any gashes besides amputation of limbs. After receiving particularly strong injury Clark falls into a "Kryptonian who" during which all the processes of his body slowed down as much as possible so that it resembles the state of death, but after some time, he recovered completely.
  • Superhuman strength -Clark is very hardy and durable, no problem is in the midst of a supernova for him right inside the star. He calmly tolerate blows from the "powers that be", including Darkseid as well. It is equally resistant to both the direct physical effects and to energy attacks.
  • Superhuman speed -Superman is very fast, is not a problem to reach speeds exceeding the speed of light in the billions and millions of times, it can, if desired, to increase your perception so much that the rest of the world stops about him, so he can respond to the attosecond level for him.
    • Manipulation electricity -Clark at tremendous speeds t palms against each other, creating friction and static electricity enemy attacks.
  • Superhuman strength- Clark is so strong that it can easily destroy the planet or move their blows it. He is able to throw objects about the size of the moon at tremendous speeds, or even to keep the micro-black holes, or move a miniature star. There to his credit, and exploits that are difficult to classify, among them - the book uplift with an infinite number of pages, raising eternity, as well as other feats that require unimaginable strength.
  • superhuman shout- The ability to project his voice at different frequencies and produce effects at different levels. His cry, he can deactivate the anti-life equation Darkseid, crush or break the diamond robot work.
  • superhuman hearing -able to hear the call for help from another star system.
  • superhuman smell -It is able to sniff the smell of fresh cakes in the world, while at the same time on the watch tower.
  • Superhuman vision - Superman has excellent eyesight which is divided into several types, as it has a four-dimensional vision.
    • The telescopic sight - Superman can see objects that are in another galaxy, perhaps even further.
    • X-Ray vision - Superman can see through objects of different depths and thickness, except for those that are made of lead.
    • Microscopic vision - The ability to see extremely small objects. Superman can see objects or images, even at the atomic level.
    • Infrared vision -It allows Superman to see in absolute darkness.
    • Electromagnetic vision - Superman can see most of the EM spectrum. He can see and identify radio / television, and all transmitting frequency, which allows him to avoid detection by radar or satellite.
    • Vision aura / Soul -Clark showed the ability to see the aura of living beings. She vygyadit as a kind of glow, and when there is a life fades, fades and aura. This ability is also one of the reasons why Superman never kills. As Kal - El can see the soul of others.
    • Thermal vision -Superman can radiate from the eyes of the heat rays, comparable to the heat of stars and above (your vision instead of the sun warms the entire Earth), Jor-El, one of the most brilliant kriptontsev simply could not measure the power rays, Kal-El (but in one of the temperature equal to the supernova) was mentioned comics. Clark's mastery in this is so high that he could do the surgery on the brain (and this person does not even notice) and instantly destroy the bugs in the whole crowd of people's heads. Also, its thermal vision can weld and tear reality fell electromagnetic force fields or destroy the enemy at the molecular level.
  • Superhuman breathing -his breathing Clark can create hurricanes. It can also be frozen brain Living Planet Miracle - woman, harm Darkseid something like icicles or, for example, to make a suit consisting plnostyu ice.
  • Vibration -Superman as Flash, can vibrate at high speed, achieving different effects.
    • Invisibility -Vibrating can become invisible.
    • Intangibility - Vibrating can become intangible and ignored in this state Doomsday strikes.
  • Electromagnetic fields -- Superman can create special electromagnetic fields and restore reality at local scales.
  • Torquasm-Rao and Torquasm-Vo - special techniques related to the types of meditation Kryptonian. Torquasm-Rao allows you to make astral travel and Torquasm-Vo create telepathic illusions.
  • Resistance - Due to the specifics of their forces, as well as its ability to conquer, Superman is capable of resisting a variety of phenomena, and the more Superman angry, but even more so is furious, the higher its resistance, including its main weakness - Kryptonite and of magic. For Superman is not a problem any manipulation including manipulation of reality as well as the very concept of death does not carry it though any harm.
  • Superman 0076
    - A special state of Superman when he can do something that is usually beyond his usual level of forces. For example beat Darkseid, or any other strong enemy who previously could beat Superman. Resisting the effects of certain objects and phenomena which in the normal state, it is extremely harmful Superman. For example only a little angry Superman is able to ignore the chain of kryptonite or even a complete sentence in a solid piece of kryptonite.
    • Severity - The initial stage of rage, which is not so much enhances Superman. To some extent connected with fury, because it is in the bud. Superman is serious and ready to engage in a serious battle with the enemy. At this stage, they can also be showing resistance to its usual weakness, though to a lesser extent. If rage is closer to the piano (depending on context), the seriousness of the just causes Superman to use their abilities to the maximum. At the same time the seriousness of the battle, gives Clark the ability to ignore in the heat of battle asteroids of kryptonite or even light red sun flying right through the sun.





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