A devastating close range weapon, the Super Shotgun presents plenty of risk and reward
— DOOM Manual


Essentially this weapon is a traditional (some might say outright old) double barrel shotgun that found its way to Mars and was used to fight off the demon invasion by none other than Doomguy himself. This shotgun is potentially three times more powerful than the typical shots fired from the Combat Shotgun.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 9-B to 9-A

Name: Super Shotgun

Origin: Doom

Classification: Double Barreled Shotgun

Prerequisites: Requires ammunition and a basic understanding of firearms, specifically shotguns

Attack Potency: Likely Wall level to Small Building level (Manages to deal massive damage to Doomguy when used against him, often obliterates lesser enemies like the Imp in a single shot, far superior to the Combat Shotgun)

Speed: At least Supersonic (Faster than even Doomguy can trace)

Wielders: UAC Personnel, Marine Forces, Doomguy

Range: Probably 10m lethal range

Note 1: Although this weapon cannot receive proper attachments, it is viable to receive the following enhancements:

Uranium Coating: Essentially acts as a super-powered form of a Full Metal Jacket; allows greater piercing damage

Faster Reload: Allows quick reloading

Double Trouble: Somehow jam 4 shots into the double barrels, allowing the wielder to fire twice

Variable Spread: Wielder can adjust spread systems of the shotgun to allow for greater or lesser spread

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