Hi. I'm not a demon.
— Stephen, Shin Megami Tensei II

Tier: High 1-A

Name: Stephen, Steven, Stephen Hawking

Origin: Shin Megami Tensei

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown though Beyond time itself

Classification: Human, Transcendent Being

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Intellect, Immortality (Types 1 and 4), Reality Warping, Teleportation, Energy Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Density Manipulation, Electromagnetic Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Acausality, Radiation Manipulation, Quantum Manipulation, Wave-Particle Manipulation, Black Hole Creation, Elemental Manipulation (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Force), Stat Buffing/Debuffing, Energy Stealing, Almighty Attacks that Bypass all Defenses

Attack Potency: High Outerverse level(Surpasses all the main heroes of SMT combiened including Nanashi, also YHVH does not pose a danger to him)

Speed: Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: High Outerversal

Durability : High Outerverse level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: High Outerversal

Intelligence: Omniscient

Combat skills: Very High

Weaknesses: None

Standard Equipment:

Wheel chair - A mechanical armchair, moving at the will of Stephen. Although he is not a disabled person, he uses the chair as a power limiter, suppressing his energy.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Meta - Stephen is a Human who surpassed not only human capabilities, but also all gods and demons. He first contacted the Great Will (Axiom), a power superior to God and the whole universe in all versions, and also became the closest being to it.

  • Genius Intelligence - As you might guess, the prototype of Stephen is Stephen Hawking, the famous theoretical physicist. Identical to him, Stephen studied the phenomenon of black holes, singularities, but during one experiment to create a teleportation terminal, Stephen sucked into a dimension called Expans. This is an infinite space that surpasses the visible universe, where all the demons and deities created by Yahweh dwell. He tried to contact the demons, but did not understand their language and was attacked. In the confrontation with demons, Stephen did not just not fall, he adapted to this world, and, apparently, through a multitude increased his magnetite to an incredible level. He studied the entire nature of the gods and demons, realized what is beyond the time-space and any concepts of the universe and was able to express these mythological creatures in the form of mathematical code that he transferred to a computer, created the Demon Summoning Program, a program for summoning demons and gods, Rulers Shin Megami Tensei. His mind broke beyond the universe, he surpassed Yahweh and reached the cosmic power that transcends all universes of the Great Will.
    • Omniscience - Apparently, through the Great Will, Stephen received enormous knowledge, which is inaccessible even to God the Creator. He knows everything that happened, happens and will occur in all universes and worlds, knows the nature of any being and even reaches the level of the Axiom itself.
  • Metaphysical existence and extra-causality - Stephen is beyond the multiverse and bound to the space beyond. He can be in Expans, the universe of angels, Yahweh, the Diamond Dimension, various versions of the universe and possibly even simultaneously.
    • Omnipresence - This allows him to appear in any time and space point of multiverse and other higher dimensions.
  • Magnetite - The basis of the strength of each being, the original energy originating from the higher space beyond the universe, the Axiom world. Stephen's manet is so huge that it dwarfs Yahweh himself and suppresses all the main characters of the Smt lineup including Nanashi, and even partially materializes in the form of energy clots.
    • Superhuman physical characteristics - The body of Stephen became as strong and strong as the gods, which then consists of a higher, completely invulnerable and imperceptible to ordinary creatures material. He is not inferior to beings who can move at superluminal speeds and even have a partial ubiquity. Stephen has resistance to any kind of attack from magic elements and physical to all-powerful, that ignore any defense.
    • Magic - Through the magnetite Stephen has access to the energy of the Ether, which can take any form, allowing the creation of various spells or objects.
  • Manipulation of Souls - Stephen can contact the souls of beings, store them in themselves, transform and retrieve them. So he saved the soul of the Hero and with the help of the power of observation, Nanashi raised him.
  • Manipulation of Life - Stephen can also create a person, an artificial person for his own purposes.
  • Time-space manipulation - Stephen is able to control space, change it at will. With this is connected not a few other abilities and its "inaccessibility" to the forces of other deities.
    • The Curvature of Universes - Violates the course of time of the universe, changes its space, connecting with other dimensions. With the help of this power, Stephen was able to move to himself all the Messiahs, who, apparently, exist not only in different universes, but in different versions of the universe, in order to get them out of the influence of Yahweh, so that they simply do not erase them .
    • Manipulation of matter -Creates and changes matter at the level of radiation, molecules and elementary particles.
    • Manipulation of Energy - Controls not physical types of energies and Ether, which allows them to be transformed and, in particular, to compress, thus attacking the enemy.
    • Mental manipulation - Stephen is able to connect with the mind of the creature at any point of Dimensions.
    • Manipulation of gravity - Creates black holes and even a singularity.
    • Manipulation of information - Stephen can summon creatures even without the Demon Summoning Program, penetrate into the virtual space and communicate with the Internet. So he entered the computer of the Hero, Aleph, and sent out the Demon Summoning Program to all computers to support people during the apocalypse.
  • The Human Beginning - Being a Human, and in general to those who are associated with the Axiom, he received the power of this cosmic entity, qualitatively superior to Yahweh and everything that exists. It is not known whether this ability survived after Stephen's rise to a "higher" level.
    • The Power of Observation - The axiom gave people the ability to "observe" the universe. They can attribute and answer the phenomenon without an answer, they can give certainty and stability to that which has no meaning or expression and form. Only people can convert the found answer into faith, and further, into the truth. This power is only among people and that is why they can surpass and destroy gods and demons that can not harm the true essences of each other in dimensions that are transcendental to all the concepts of universes and surpass them in terms of the complexity of the device.
    • Awakening - When a person finds his way, finds the true answer to the question of his role in life and his desires, he seems to be associated with the Axiom and receives a huge, almost unlimited power, putting even weak people on one level with Metatron.
    • Negation - The ability of a Human to destroy his belief in the divinity or power of a being that, turning into truth, puts even the most powerful type of God the Creator on one level with the ordinary demon and god, or even with man.
  • Combat Techniques:
    • Energy Compression - Causes great physical damage to one enemy.
    • Convergence - Deals a large amount of damage to multiple enemies 8 times.
    • Singularity Brand - Causes great physical damage to one enemy with a probability to immobilize.
    • Singularity Flames - Causes a huge fire damage bypassing the corresponding defense.
    • Singularity Hail - Causes huge damage to the ice bypassing the corresponding protection.
    • Singularity Lighting - Causes a huge loss of electricity bypassing the corresponding protection.
    • Singularity Vortex - Causes great damage to the wind, bypassing the corresponding defense.
    • Calamity Code - The average almighty damage over all the enemy is likely to win over to your side, immobilize or make you panic.
    • Black Body Radiation - Omnipotent attack, which reduces the health of all enemies by half.
    • Black Hole - Drains the magical energy of all enemies.
    • Wave Function - Causes tremendous almighty damage to all enemies.
    • Singularity Wave - Inflicts incredibly high almighty damage, almost guaranteed to kill the target.
    • Luster Candy - Increases the level of defense, attack and speed / deviation of all allies.
    • Debilitate - Lowers the level of defense, attack and speed / deviation of all opponents.
    • Dekunda - Nullifies all negative effects imposed by the enemy.
    • Particle Annihilation - Completely reduces all the characteristics of opponents to the possible minimum.
    • Pair Production - Increases its own characteristics up to a possible maximum.
    • Crack Code - Takes away from the enemy 3 turns (you can equate to deprivation the ability to move).
    • Reboot Code - Removes any effects and gain from all opponents.

Yes, one of the strongest and most intelligent beings in the universe is a theoretical physicist in a wheelchair





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