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Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-A | 3-A, With tone tools 2-С+

Name: Sota Sil Seht, Mage, Watchmaker

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Male can change on Female

Age: About 4000

Classification: Cyborg, a member of the Tribunal, the God-King of Morrowind, the God of man, a member of ALMSIVI, "holy", and a member of the Lord Mage Small Houses Sota, a member of the Order of PSDZHZHZH, each Divayth Fira, architect Tone

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, immortality (type 2, 4, 5), magic (necromancy, call (Daedra, undead, machinery), the manipulation of souls, manipulation space, telepathy, manipulation elements (fire), the manipulation of the side elements (ice, lightning, light darkness, poison), the manipulation of weather manipulation of sound, a brilliant intellect, invisible barriers, the manipulation of time, flight, absorption (type 3), telekinesis, teleportation, extrasensory perception, manipulation of reality, illusion (type 5), cybernetization, technological manipulation , dimensional manipulation, changing the shape (type 1, 2, 4), martial arts

Attack Potency: Continent | Dimension with tonal mechanics - the universe

Speed: Probably supersonic, hyper- magic | Instant

Lifting Strength: Millions of tons, not much weaker Vivec

Striking Strength: subcontinent

Durability: Level of Subcontinent

Stamina: Unlimited

Range: Melee, hundreds of kilometers from the use of magic, and a teleportation Multiversal | interdimensional

Intelligence: Super Genius, Learned to think like Et'Ada, but because of religious beliefs does not comprehend CHIM

Fighting skills: The high skills of the battle with a superior opponent

Weaknesses: Able to sink so deep in thought that does not notice everything '


A lot of techno-magichisky devices embedded in the body.

  • 'Tools Kagrenac (or Tools)' - an umbrella term for three Dwemer artifacts Origin: Keening, Splitter and Wraithguard.
    • These items were created by Dwarven priest-magician, chief architect of the tone - Kagrenac. Purpose Tools - draw energy from the Heart Lorkhan or change the tones of reality influencing morfolity (soul stones, Sigil Stone, Lorkhan Heart).
    • Charm imposed on the separator and Keening so strong that kill anyone who takes it without worn Wraithguard.
    • Weapons can also cause damage to the ghosts and lower Daedra.
  • Gloves "Phantom Sentinel"
  • Keening
  • Delimiter
  • Heart of Lorkhan

Heart Lorkhan - the heart can not be destroyed because it is a source of Nirn. Lorkhan Spirit - this is his fiery heart beating under the roof of the Red Mountains in Vardenfelle. Spirit Lorkhan equally powerful mortal souls, how the moon more than human. Lorkhan was up (or planet), which participated in the Great Building, but when eight gave a portion of their divine bodies to create a plan (ETU) mortals Plan (ETA) Lorkhan cracked (a) in half and his divine spark fell to Nirn " it originated in the existence of a little selfishness. "

'attacks, techniques and abilities:' </ p>

Гигантский фабрикант

The giant manufacturer

Meiospores — arm-transfer, you can send messages through his arm again. mechanisms of mechanisms Sota Sill - are robots and cyborgs created by one of the gods of the Tribunal Temple, Silom Sota, a talented mechanic and a magician.

  • 'Clockwork dreug' - mechanical dreugi that were created Sota Shiloh and was a parody of the war machines of the Dwemer. They participated in the latest conflict between Chimer and Dwemer, and efficiently operated both on land and at sea. Subsequently, after the deification Sotha had plenty of time to create more powerful creatures - the manufacturers.
Мерзкий фабрикант

Vile manufacturer

  • 'Vile manufacturer' - unusual biomechanical creature. They were created Sota Shiloh - one of the members of the Tribunal, but many confuse it with dwarven due to partial mechanization. Vile manufacturer resembles a dinosaur and fully justifies its name. It is more mechanized than its giant relative of, besides a lost soul.
  • 'Giant manufacturer' - unusual biomechanical creature. They were created Sota Shiloh - one of the members of the Tribunal, but many confuse it with dwarven due to partial mechanization. The giant manufacturer is somewhat reminiscent of a scorpion, and fully justifies its name. It is less mechanized than its relatives, and has a soul.


  • 'Imperfection' - a giant, created in the likeness of Shiloh Sota Dwemer robot creation. Humanoid robot from golden and reddish metal, one and a half times the height of a man. The robot is very dangerous for his strength and ability to hit enemies with electricity at long range. It is impossible to destroy the so-called "conventional" weapons, he impervious to poison and paralysis, is well protected from elemental magic . On top of that most strange feature - the fact that he, unlike many creations Sota Force, has a soul.

'Sota Sil (Mystery of Morrowind)' - God of the Dunmer, Sota Sil of the least known of the divine Tribunal. They say that it changes the shape of the world, hiding in his secret Sentry City.

""I beg you to watch their words. The Divine is easy to break the mortal mind.

The thieves? Interesting concept. Do we stole the divine essence, or it was given to us, so we had our people in the new era?

Few people called us thieves when our words and the rites of the Princes of Oblivion were connected truce. They became even smaller when Mehrunes Dagon broke the agreement and he was trampled into the mud in Mournhold.

Events at Red Mountain was so long ago. What Lord Vivek told you about that day? Whether it disappeared under riddles, giving you all the possible ways of the past, leading to one inescapable future? That's his way.

Do not blame him for that, because he is the one who is. Puzzle. Contrary own point of view.

I think Almalexia would tell the story better. From all of us it was the closest to Nerevar. Mistress. Advisor. General. And from all of us, it is God's mantle is most proud of. She walked among the people and studied their weaknesses. Well I studied.

People of God? Gods people? Whom you should fear more?

I wonder where the Dwemer disappeared? Better, perhaps, to wonder why one left. Even the gods do not like absolute, because it seems to be something greater than themselves.

I continue to watch."


Sota Sil

Clockwork City,also known as Sota Sil — You ask where my Clockwork city? Some say that in the swamps of Black Marsh. Others - that is deeply in the bones of the earth under Ebonheart. Even I heard that he was in a jug on the mantelpiece Lady Almalexia. All this is true and false. My city where I live, and I live in the city. Its location does not matter, because I am - its only resident.

Mifopeya - the process of forming or changing the reality under the influence of faith or belief Nirn sufficiently large group of people (or people of believers). And when beliefs or myths vary, so does the reality described in these myths.

The three main properties mifopei:

  1. If in something believe quite a number of deaths, it could become a reality. Therefore heretics persecuted.
  2. If something was real, and it is widely believed that it is impossible to determine exactly what the cause of it, and that - a consequence. Therefore, even the history of the past can be changed.
  3. If there are multiple versions of the common justification of anything contrary to each other, then it is possible that they are both correct. Therefore, equally valid, and the myths and science.

Way of the Ancients - this is the philosophy of self-knowledge and meditation, using it can dominate the forces of nature. It is very different from magic, but the effect of it is about the same.

School Sorcery - This school is associated with Oblivion, it allows for a variety of magical interaction connected with the measurements of the Daedra. Nature of Witchcraft is different from all other known to us. The gist of it - subordination. With Witchcraft can summon Daedra and undead, subordinate animals, people or sizes. Unlike classical magic, witch does not subordinate his will flow magic and throws consciousness beyond the bounds of reality, and then suppresses consciousness goals and holds magical connection, using himself as its source. Then, by pulling the connection, trying to snatch the goal of Oblivion.

  • Telepathy - In the most general terms, the calling process is to create a connection between the mind and the mind magician called creatures. This connection is very weak, and needs only to lure the creature to keep it and then send back - but the master of magic can greatly enhance it. Psijics and Dwemer can (if we're talking about the Dwemer, the "can") to establish communication with other minds and talk, while for the many miles apart. This ability is sometimes called "telepathy".
  • Call - With Witchcraft can summon Daedra and undead.

'Transliminalnoe movement' - the accelerated objects or creatures without a permanent giperagonalnyh mediums impossible or leads to instant retromissii floats. Only transpontinovaya tsirkumpenetratsiya Lyman may allow for movement over an infinitesimal interval of time.

Although in theory there are other giperagonalnye mediators, the only known artifact, capable of supporting long tsirkumpenetratsiyu it is the Sigil Stone. Sigil Stone - is an example of a pre-mythical quasi-crystalline morfolita transformed into a multi-dimensional artifact by applying a magical sigil Daedra. Although in nature there are other morfolity such as "soul gems" exotic morfolity needed to make Sigil Stone, can only be found in Oblivion, and can not get them without the help of the Daedra.

To get there was not easy, and he did not seek to share knowledge about the gates leading into Oblivion. Fortunately, Zenas knowledge struck Fira and he showed the way to my master. I would have broken the promise given to me Zenas and Fira if told about the opening of the gates of the procedure - but I would not do it, even if it was not bound by the promise. If the world is dangerous knowledge, this - one of them. All I can say is: Fear used several portals to other worlds, created a long time ago Missing wizard Telvanni. Given the limited number of access points, as well as the reliability and safety of this method, we have concluded that we are very lucky.

Necromancer - can raise the body without any preparation just giving resurrection spell on the corpse. Although the art of necromancy, and can be practiced on animals, a few of these experiments give a positive result. The ability to follow the instructions of the servants is limited to the level of intelligence of the subject during his lifetime. Picking up the human body, elf or zverocheloveka, we can get an excellent servant, but raised animals received, at best, a guard dog. Often raised from the dead animals are not able to distinguish its master from the rest of the living, and many practices have been torn to pieces they created animals servants. Let this information will serve you urokom.Blagosloveniya Arkeya prevent us from using the souls of men, elves, and various creatures without their consent. Arkeya Act does not give my children to revive those buried under the relevant ordinances. As you know, my children, Arkeya Blessing can be bypassed, but its law is unshakable. Some Altmer born in the most noble and educated families, in an open study of the dead. However, while these studies are probably looking for a way to extend his own life, than engaged in the development of our art.

School Changes- Ayleids are izobretatelemi the school of magic. The change creates a reality that is recognized by all. The school change based on options, change existing principles, turning things into what they might be. This school of magic allows you to fly breathe unfit for respiration environment, modify the physical characteristics of yourself and allies (do flesh firmer metal and stone, and the giant himself stronger, jump as if no gravity).

The school of Mysticism- The first school of magic mastered measures. The school of mysticism in nature teaches the practitioner to step back from the logic in order to gain some kind of temporary insanity. Actions spells included in the School of Mysticism very strikingly different, such as Soulcatcher, creating a certain vessel, retaining the spirit of the victim after her death from Telekinesis, control subjects at a distance. But in general, their action is reduced in fact to himself - that is, to the result.

  • Transfer - The bottom line is that the mystic will transmit itself through the flow of forces, realizing the desire to stay in a different place. In the simplest case, the magician moves his physical body in the energy field, and from then on he chooses the path. In fact, everything is more complicated. Senses people and examples are not intended for orientation among the energy, and to develop a sense of magic flows required years of meditation and self-discipline training. Therefore, for ease of orientation and choice of ways (in many highly specialized spells transfer is carried out by means of the formula, and the orientation ceases to be necessary) were invented astral beacons.
  • Search - a very common set of techniques Mysticism. However, few can boast of having got accustomed to this section of magic. Most have stopped on the fact that we were able to feel the key 20 meters away from you, or nix-hound around the corner. The true masters of this fine science is almost gone in Tamriel. A majority of those who stayed - and Dunmeri Altmeri ancient sorcerers, are not willing to share their knowledge. Because of the decline of art almost lost skills such as a sense of "the true meaning and purpose" of the surrounding objects. To have survived only a cursory mention of the old mystics, to know the subject of the appointment only touching it.

'School of Destruction' - Education took a while, he saw a magical energy passed through him, pulsing in his muscles, filling it with a much superior force of this destruction is prirodoy.Navyk possession spells the destruction of schools. These spells can be harmful to living creatures and the undead and include the effects of elemental attacks, exhaustion, injuries, vulnerability and spraying. Let me, in response to enumerate the factors studied school failure. Meaning casting failure at school is much more than any other school, whether they operate at the touch, at a distance, in concentric circles, or read in advance to act later. What forces should be involved in reading the spell: fire, lightning or cold? And what advantages and disadvantages of each? How different spells of destruction act on different targets? How can I protect myself from the spell, and how to overcome the defense? What environmental factors must be taken into account? What are the advantages of delayed action spells? Beraud believes that the destruction of the school can not work fine, but he forgets about the curse under the mantle of the school, which sometimes affect the generations to life and make it very thin, barely discernible. Sage Selarus, for example, wrote extensively on how vampiric Vellok let loose a cloud over the insurgent army of the Black Rose, after which their strength and experience have moved to their opponents. What is this if not an impressive demonstration of the magic school failure?

School of Restoration - the cooldown manage life energy, allowing the wound to heal, cast out the undead, as well as creating a magical amulets, absorbing both physical and magical damage. Proponents of the School Restoration heal, restore and enhance physical properties and abilities, cure disease, and protect against other harmful effects. Spells recovery can also add or subtract strength, endurance, intelligence, agility, and other physical properties.

School of Illusion -Illyuziya not linked these laws, as opposed to the change. It could be concluded that the school change - the weakest of the two schools of magic, but this is not true. The change creates a reality that is recognized by all. Reality is an illusion exists only in the mind of the magician and his purpose. Spell effects of the School of Illusion alter the perceptions and thoughts of living beings. illusions Effects - blinds, light, paralyze and make sounds dissolve into silence, pacify and lead to anger, charm, distract and camouflage, and make invisible. Masters, who taught us, saw me capable student who was interested in not only the spells, but also their philosophical foundation. The idea of ​​distortion of invisible energies of light, sound and the mind was something that resonated in my soul. Vulgar school failure and changes pious school rehabilitation and witchcraft, mundane school of alchemy and enchantment, chaotic school of mysticism - all this is not for me. The biggest pleasure for me to take any ordinary object and by magic make it seem something completely different. He explained that it is - to reflect the sounds, when you create a cone of silence. Silverthorne closed his eyes, and the old man hit the tip of the glass.

Magic Dawn - The school of magic inherited from the era of measures Rassveta.Pozvolyaet through predefined rituals affect reality like Et'Ada. Removing someone (something) not only from the world but from the very structure of opportunities. Dragon Break (time to destabilize the state of non-linearity). The creation, alteration and destruction Et'Ada.

Enchantment - This skill governs the creation, use and recharge enchanted items. People who have developed this skill can successfully create a new item. Enchanted items in the hands of an experienced character requires less energy, and can be effectively recharged from soul gems.

Alchemy - is the magical properties of conventional materials. These substances are used directly, or are prepared potions to provide long useful action, such as a general treatment or healing of an illness, walking on water, magical protection and promotion of physical properties, as well as poisons with inverse properties.

Яйцо Времени 2

Tone Mechanics - The separator Keening and Wraithguard. The same tools that are designed and assembled Kargenakom to subdue the power of the heart. Can you use tools for the destruction of the Heart? Are they able to discard the heart back to its origins? Or they just simply are designed for pumping clean Forces for personal purposes? Yes, we know how they have been used by the Tribunal. The puzzle is why sought Kargenak? In Sotha got to figure out how to use them to gain access to the Force. Tribunal visited the Red Mountain with the tools and become God-Humans.

Dwemer ... Their disappearance - is still a mystery, and the deeper you plunge into it in an attempt to solve, the more mysterious it becomes. We know that all the Dwemer (except for my dear friend Yagrum) disappeared when Kargenak used his tools to the heart. Where did they go - an enigma.

Яйцо Времени 4

Tonal Architecture is an exact science does not forgive mistakes, and setting tones reality affects everyone, including a mechanic.

The forces taken from the Heart - a limited abilities of tonal mechanics.

  • 'Immortality' - is associated with a mechanical heart, he will not die. If you die then revive in the halls of the Heart. Communication must be constantly updated.
  • 'False divinity' - the mechanic draws a particle of the divine power of God and Prostranva becomes part of his strength. The ability to limit the possibility of the mechanics of the body (from the Tribunal most forces can scoop Almalexia the least Sota Forces). The strength in mechanics gradually exhausted.
  • 'Manipulation of reality' - to translate into reality their imagination. What the Tribunal has become gods. This led to the breakthrough of the Dragon, and now it is impossible to say exactly what happened at the Red Mountain in the day. Both versions of reality superimposed on each other.

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