Origin: Dragon Ball

Classification: Saiya-jin(Saiyan)

Tier: 3-A+

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Endurance, highly skilled in martial arts, After-image creation, True Flight, Ki Manipulation for defensive (can use his ki to enhance his natural durability and harden his skin to the extent he's able to block sword attacks from a fellow Super Saiya-jin with only his finger) and offensive (can shoot ki blasts capable of crossing thousands of kilometers and blowing up entire planets) purposes, can create flashes of light to blind his opponents, basic but high range telepathy (has not used this offensively however) and limited telekinesis, Ki Sensing, capable of transformation to increase his power even further (can either use his Kaioken technique to get up to a 20x boost linearly in all of his stats or use his Super Saiya-jin transformations up to 3 for an even greater boost in all stats), Ki absorption ability as a Super Saiya-jin God (also can't be sensed by beings lesser than a "God"), the ability to instantly transport himself anywhere with his Shunkan Ido (Instant Transmission) technique, a physiology that substantially increases power after recovering from nearly fatal injuries, resistance towards electricity, Regeneration (Mid-Low, survived being impaled by Beerus on his fight with him)

Destructive Capability: Multi-Universal+ (His clashes with Beerus spread waves across the universe and all the way to Kaiohshin realm, shaking it and destroying planets and stars in its path. His energy attack clash with Beeruslighted up the universe all the way to Kaiohshin realm. (Who is separated by various dimentions in the Dragon Ball Universe) It was stated a few more clashes like this would reduce the entire universe to a void of nothingness. Furthermore Akira Toriyama stated in interview that Bills/Beerus could of destroyed the Kaiohshin realm which is an alternate dimention of reality separated from the habitual psychical realm. In SSB he broke hittos timeskip world which is 4d in power.

Lifting Strength: Multi-Universal+ ( in base form he and vegeta were lifting suits that sunk threw planet and then held there own against fused Zamasu. And SSB is atleats a 4000x multiplier.

Striking Strength: Multi-Universal Class+ (likely much higher as ki is 1/3rd physical energy)

Durability: Multi-Universe Level+ (Around half of Bills/Beerus power who tanked a blast from Vegeta focusing most of his ki in that sole attack, withstands clashing with Beerus whom is using a great deal of his powers. Can drop drastically however if he drops his ki amping his defenses. Fought universal threats like Black goku and fused Zamasu.

Speed: At the very least FTL+travel speed, at least MFTL+ in all other speeds (Vegeta at base was dodging lasers developed by CC, likely from Bulma herself whom at age 5 was capable of making FTL travel and making lasers which impressed Jako, a galactic patrolman. Super Saiya-jin boosts stats x50, Super Saiya-jin 3 boosts them x400, and Super Saiya-jin God boosts them by an unknown amount which is at least dozens of times higher than Super Saiya-jin 3. Also benefits from scaling as he can keep up with Beerus in combat whom crosses galactic lenghts in instant.

Intelligence: Average. Nearly no basic education, but is effectively a battle genius with his whole life worth's of battle experience and whom has shown the capacity to learn techniques quickly, going as far as being able to copy techniques akin to his own capacities after only seeing them once (Learned the Kamehameha nigh immediately after just seeing it once for example), learns from his masters in a incredible speed.

Stamina: High. In base can go training for days straight, can also maintain Super Saiya-jin for days if he isn't required to waste considerable amounts of energy, similar scenario in Super Saiya-jin 2, although the energy consumption is about twice as fast. Super Saiya-jin 3 lasts at least several minutes in-combat but drains energy far faster than the previous two.

Standard Equipment: None as an adult, but before part 2 (Z) he used nyoi-bo (a staff that could extend up to the moon) and for travel used kintoun (a flying cloud who moved at supersonic speeds).

  • Only thing similar to standard equipment for Goku ever since part 2 (Z) is that he commonly wears weighted clothing as part of his training

Key: Sayian Saga | Namek/Frieza Saga | Cell Saga | Buu Saga | Super


Notable Victories:

WarGreymon and Piedmon (Digimon)

Notable Losses:

Pegasus Seiya (Saint Seiya) Pegasus Seiya´s profile

Inconclusive Matches:

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