Name: Soga Keena | Identities Act, Salvation God, cruel God, the God of the old world. Sudo Rome, Ken Dorons

Origin: Ichiban Ushiro the no Daimaou

The level of force: 9+ |  High 1-A

Gender: Female

Classification: Magically changed man, a student at the Magic Academy, Empress | God

Age: ~ 16 years | It is difficult to determine, but is much higher

Skills, strengths and abilities:Superhuman physical characteristics Technomagic ,flight , space travel , energy attacks , suggestive of an attack, barriers , invisible , stealth ,manipulation warm , manipulate matter , sensor , multiple personality , reality ,manipulation of probability , text manipulation , manipulation of time , space manipulation ,manipulation of causality , the manipulation of non-existence ,manipulation of information ,manipulation of souls ,immortality (type 7), uncausality (type 2), intangibility (type 5), the huge size (type 10) ,  ekstrarazmernoe existence

Weaknesses: Magic due to the presence in the atmosphere of nanomachines | She does not know what it can not

The destructive potential: boulder level + | Level metaverse + (controls everything that can be described, even structures that may include infinite hierarchy of worlds, where each successive level of the previous transfers as much as the reality surpasses fiction)

Range: Hundreds of meters | Metavselensky +

Durability / protection: the town level + | Level metaverse +

Speed: High hypersonic | Almost omnipresence

Power on the rise: Unknown | Potentially immeasurable

The strength of impact: Unknown | Potentially level metaverse +

Endurance: Good human | Endless

Intelligence: Above average | Almost omniscience

Combat skills: Low


Student Handbook - a device that allows you to communicate telepathically with other students of the Academy.It may also serve for connection to a computer network and retrieving information in it.

Attacks, equipment and ability to:

Magic - the power emanating from the gods that allows you to play a variety of effects due to the energy and the synthesis of the inner and outer mana (nanomachinery responsive to the desires).

  • Natural enhancement - the ability to pump up the muscles of mana, increasing physical strength and strength repeatedly.
  • Hiding - the ability to hide the presence of their magical energy from other sensory abilities.
  • Invisibility - the ability to become invisible. It operates on clothes. Used in conjunction with the presence of concealment.
  • Transformation - kind of magic that allows you to change the composition of materials.
    • Create potions - the ability to create magic potions, reproducing the effects which they are programmed.
  • Yata but Kagami - the ability to mentally control the androids, using them as their own bodies (one at a time), while remaining at a distance.
  • Yasakani but magatama - the ability to create mana dancing spheres, suitable for protection, as well as attacks from which it is impossible to avoid.
  • Ame-no-Murakumo but Tsuruga - the creation of the blade of mana, capable of instantly melting the walls.

Identities Law - Ken is one with the divine essence, which is the source of all stories in existence. This entity has its own distinct personality, but at the same time, it is identified with the Kenoy.

  • Writer - the ability to consider the worlds as information, like to write a story, fiction. Endless logical possibilities may include anything that can be described. There are universes of different sizes (though history may cover the building, though the solar system, even the infinite space) with all sorts of laws. There are stories that include parallel worlds, infinite dimensional spaces, as well as external gods , for whom all this is nothing more than fiction (and even lesser beings are able to think in terms of the infinity of infinitely dense). Stories can be raised by forming a structure where the real worlds for some creatures are only dreams, or fiction for the latter, whose worlds and stories are only for third. This hierarchy can aspire even to infinity, but the identity of the law will always be stories above any level.
    • Purpose - the ability to give another the same capacity and the status of the New Identities Act.apparently, it is a question not of full transfer of power, but only to appoint in its place.
  • Reasonable nothing - the nature of the Law of Identity - this is nothing, having the mind. It is outside of time, outside of physics, is the cause of all the stories of any order, in a completely transcendental world.
    • The transformation of the body into the void - the ability to give to others a form similar to their own and take them to their anti-peace. It is not clear whether given with similar power.

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