Falling Snow Prince.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9

Name: Snow Prince

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Ancient Fulmer, Falmer ruler

Powers and Abilities: Excellent human characteristics, mastery of the spear, the manipulation of the side elements (ice, light), magic, manipulating the weather, the aura (the overwhelming charisma), a huge size (type 0)

Attack Potency: Building Level +

Speed: Perfect human

Lifting Strength: Athletic

Striking Strength: Wall level

Durability: Human, protected by steel plates

Stamina: high

Range: Elf on a horse and with a spear, hundreds of meters With magic

Intelligence: high

Weaknesses: Fully surrendering massacre did not notice the danger

Standard Equipment:
Останки Снежного Принца izm

Plate, a spear and a legend about him.

  • 'Spear of the Snow Prince' - the usual steel spear, enchanted to cold damage.
  • 'The majestic white horse.'
  • 'Steel Plate' - made of steel armor.

Attacks, techniques and abilities:

The Power of the Wind Stone - suddenly bumped snow storm that blinded us and knocks even the strongest legs. Around this elf swirl swirled ice and snow, as if caused by them to help themselves.

Snow Prince - the spear and armor shining bright and terrible light of unknown nature, and because of this light rider seemed more a ghost than a warrior. So, for most of us, it was clear that the elves are happy, but their words were nothing more than a litany of screams and chants of elves. Warriors Nords have seen in my time a lot of blood and battles and difficult to surprise than anything. But few of us could imagine then the awe and uncertainty reigned in the newly hot battle, which instantly became motionless and silent. That kind of effect produced on us all the Snow Prince.

Master of the spear- the majestic Snow Prince, elf, unlike others, has come to this day to bring death to us all. He really brought this death. Whistle by its rapid glittering spears sang a requiem to all who stood in the way of the Snow Prince, and many of our best warriors have fallen from this spear that day.

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