Sephiroth Dissidia Artwork

Bizarro Sephiroth colour


Name Sephiroth
Alias One Winged Angel, The Man in the Black Cape
Origin Final Fantasy VII
Age Around his late 20s to early 30s
Gender Male
Classification 1st Class SOLDIER, Human infused with alien DNA


Sephiroth is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII, and one of the major antagonists in its extended universe.

Before his fall from grace, Sephiroth was one of the most lauded success stories of the Shinra Electric Power Company's SOLDIER program. A great warrior idolized by the public and infantrymen alike for his strength and discipline in combat, Sephiroth's many successes in the field of battle during the conflicts surrounding the Shinra Electric Power Company's bid for global domination led to his status as a celebrity war hero and the poster boy for both the Shinra Military and the company's SOLDIER program.

Powers and Stats:

Tier: At least 5-A | At least 5-A, likely higher

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Agility/Dexterity, Regeneration (Low-High), Master Swordsmanship, Summoning, Elemental Manipulation, Transmutation, some Gravity Manipulation, control of his own Lifestream, soul attacking abilities, Intangibility, sense inhibition on the enemy, petrification (possible side effect of the Break spell), Time Manipulation, can produce barriers, can BFR enemies into the void, Mind Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Telekinesis, illusions, Biological Manipulation, Teleportation, Energy Absorption, Telepathy

Attack Potency: At least large planet level+ (superior to the likes of Zack and Bahamut Fury [characters stronger than Typhon) | Star system level+ with Supernova (most of its energy is wasted due to how far away from the epicenter of the attack most opponents would be) | At least large planet level+, likely higher (held back the power of Holy with his willpower, which is equal to Meteor) | At least large planet level+, likely higher (with the black materia, Sephiroth was capable of summoning a large meteor from far out in space at high speeds)

Speed: FTL+ (much faster than Zack Fair [a character that can fight Bahamut Fury] in all incarnations)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman+

Striking Strength: Class ZJ+ (far superior to Odin, a summon that can toss his spear with enough force to rip open a large gap in a storm cloud) | Class XKJ+ | Class XKJ+

Durability: At least large planet level+ (tanked the awakening of the five remaining Weapons in the Northern Crater) | At least large planet level+; at least large planet level+, likely higher with barriers (should be capable of generating such levels of energy into his barriers)

Stamina: Infinite, as he doesn’t tire due to his alien physiology and the energy from his Lifestream

Range: Extended melee range with a sword, higher with magic, planetary with Black Materia, Telekinesis and the Negative Lifestream

Standard Equipment: Masamune, Mastered Materia, Black Materia

Intelligence: A very skilled combatant, master manipulator, he is a former general, and he has thousands of years of knowledge from directly absorbing the memories of the Lifestream

Weaknesses: Tends to be very vain, somewhat insane (post Crisis Core)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Meteor: When utilizing the Black Materia, Sephiroth can summon a large meteor from space, which can deal a huge amount of damage to a planet (requires extensive preparation time).
  • Incredible Willpower: Sephiroth possesses unsurpassed willpower in his world, so much that he was capable of blocking Holy and pulling himself out of the Lifestream.
  • Energy Blades: Sephiroth can throw energy beams from his Masamune sword which can easily slice through steel.
  • Octaslash: A series of 8 or so slashes dealt at high speeds, similar to the Omnislash attack Cloud possesses.
  • Telekinesis: He an hold opponents in place or throw things at them.
  • Teleportation: May be gameplay only but he does this during Crisis Core.
  • Heartless Angel: Sephiroth instantly reduces his enemy’s HP to 1 point and MP to 0 (Gameplay mechanic)

Magic – Sephiroth via matter may use various magic. Spell extremely large amount, immediately will be listed some of them:

  • Fire, Ice, Bolt, Earth - ice attack, fire, lightning, ground respectively. It can be strengthened, as well as almost any matter, up to level 3
  • Gravity - the attack by gravity
  • Shadow Flare - attack the enemy, "shadow", inflicting a huge non-elemental damage
  • Pandora Box - a powerful spell, ignoring any defense enemies. The process of attack looks very strange way
  • Comet - could attack the enemy meteors before, as did Madara \ Grammy \ anyone else. It can be enhanced up to level 3
  • Roulette - instant Killy, instantly killing any enemy randomly, even if that immunity to instant death. But in the same manner and the caster can kill myself
  • Poison - poisoning the enemy. It can be increased up to level 3
  • Restore - heals wounds. Can be increased up to level 3, they also acquired the ability to regenerate
  • Heal - heals different malicious status (poison, paralysis, etc.). It can be enhanced up to level 3
  • Big Guard - imposes on all members of the Party of the physical \ magical barriers
  • Death Force - with a certain probability imposes on enemy counter in 60 seconds, after which the enemy dies
  • Time - can slow or stop time for the enemy, it is also likely to accelerate it to himself
  • Manipulate, Mystify - allows you to manipulate an opponent mentally
  • Transform - or reduce the enemy, greatly reducing the damage that he may cause, or just makes it a toad
  • Ultima - a powerful magic attack
  • Bad Breath - Causes, poisons, tangle, it turns into a frog and takes away the ability to cast magic from the enemy (yes, all together and at the same time)
  • Meteor - with the help of dark matter is a meteor from space and can cause great damage to the planet

Limit Break - Get enough damage, Sephiroth can perform "enhanced" versions of their normal attacks:

  • Octaslash - makes a series of eight slashes at high speed, resembling Omnislash
Sephiroth Ultimate Octaslash On Zack - FF7 Crisis Core00:20

Sephiroth Ultimate Octaslash On Zack - FF7 Crisis Core

Bizarro Sephiroth - the second form of Sephiroth, much stronger than the base form. The power of the ordinary magic, strength and increased protection at times, several new attacks. Sephiroth himself becomes an abstract shape.

  • Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3, Earth3 - the same elemental spells (earthquake, lightning, ice, fire), but much stronger than in the usual form.
  • Demi3 - reinforced gravity of the attack.
  • Heartless Angel - leaving just the enemies of one unit of HP (health) and only one unit of MP (chakra, mana, and so on).
  • Stigma - attack, in addition to the damage of poisoning the enemy and slow down time for him.

Safer Sephiroth - final and the strongest form of Sephiroth. All specifications are increased to great heights, there are several new attacks. Sephiroth himself transformed into a creature with four wings. Possibly, in this form it can move enemies pocket dimension.

  • Pale Horse - powerful energoblast, which besides doing damage also reduces the enemy (and consequently damage) several times and turns him into a frog.
  • Wall - a powerful protective barrier that protects from physical and magical attacks.
  • Super Nova - puts enemies in the illusion, which destroyed the solar system. Illusion causes very real damage, and slows down the time to the enemy, confusing it and makes it possible to use magic.
  • Shadow Flare - attack the enemy, "shadow", inflicting a huge non-elemental damage.
  • Wing Slash - hit the wing, causing extensive damage and depriving the enemy of vision and paralyzing it.
  • DeSpell - removes imposed a stop time, to slow, the death count and a couple of things.
  • Heartless Angel - leaving just the enemies of one unit of HP (health) and only one unit of MP (chakra, mana, and so on).
  • Pocket measurement - can probably move into a kind of enemy he created measurement (that is where the battle took place with the team of Cloud), but the use of the ability to do damage is very doubtful.

Kingdom Hearts Abilities (Non-Canon/Alternative Universe):

  • Master Swordsmanship
  • Teleportation: Sephiroth can instantly teleport from one point to another.
  • Meteor: Sephiroth can either surround himself with meteors or make them rain down from the sky on his enemy, causing massive damage.
  • Flight: Sephiroth can fly with the use of his wing.
  • Energy Balls: Sephiroth can create energy balls of darkness which home in on his enemy.
  • Energy Blades: By rushing past his opponent, Sephiroth can surround him with energy blades which, if not blocked, causes great damage.
  • Flare: Sephiroth surrounds himself with pillars of devastating flames that can pull his foe in.
  • Heartless Angel: Sephiroth instantly reduces his enemy’s HP to 1 point and MP to 0.
  • Shadow Flare: Sephiroth creates spheres of darkness that damages the enemy.
  • Supernova: His ultimate limit break, Sephiroth pulls his target into an alternate dimension and summons a comet from beyond the galaxy to detonate the target star the planet he's fighting on orbits
  • Bloodlusted: When low on HP, Sephiroth surrounds himself with a dark aura and his attacks become much faster and fiercer.

Key: Base | Limit Breaks | Safer Sephiroth | Meteor


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