Tier: 1-A

Name: Satan, The Ancient Angel, The Arbiter, The Judge of God, Zayin

Origin: Shin Megami Tensei

Gender: Male, may be different for manifestations

Age: Inapplicable, beyond time itself

Classification: Demon, Angel / Herald, Judge of God

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, energy manipulation, regeneration (2), healing, manipulation of elements, manipulation of side elements, manipulation of light, manipulation of darkness, magic, slashes, manipulation of electricity, poison manipulation, air manipulation, magic, resistance (all forms), acausality Type 2), summoning, resurrection, dimensional manipulation, conceptual damage, invading attacks, immortality (type 7), partial ubiquity, space manipulation, dimensional manipulation, probability manipulation, The causality, the manipulation of reality ETC

Attack Potency: Outerverse level (he is The strongest creation of Yahweh, and can cause him damage)

Speed: Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Outerversal

Durability : Outerverse level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Outerversal

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient

Combat skills: Very High

Weaknesses: None

Standard Equipment:

Megiddo Ark - A powerful orbiting laser, which is the tip of the Millennium of Tokyo. Its power is enough to destroy all life on the planet, cause the strongest cataclysms and simultaneously "rebuild" the world, restoring it to the best condition.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Judge - Satan is one of the main creations of Yahweh, those who will bear Justice on behalf of God. In Judaism, in the Book of Job and the Kabbalah, Satan is described as a being, a servant of the Lord, punishing sinners, and even partially capable of taking upon himself the burden of the throne of God. In the Abrahamic religions of Satan, he who was led by God, but rebelled against his will and led humanity along the path of liberation from the yoke of the Lord. Almost identical, in the Bible, Satan is usually equated with Lucifer, also rebelling against God the angel, who turned into a demon.

  • Higher magnetite - The basis of the strength of each being, the original energy originating from a space higher than Expans. It is the source of all manifestations of energy and action, and its number directly affects the overall strength of the being. Satan has a huge supply of magnetite, which gives him incredible strength and physical / magical power.
  • Higher Existence - Similarly to Lucifer and Merkabah, Satan exists outside time-space and is completely transcendental to everything in the multiverse. Also, probably, the bodies and manifestations of Satan consist of the same "higher" material, completely invulnerable and imperceptible to ordinary beings.
  • Omnipresence - Being a being of a special external plan, Satan is able to manifest himself in any point of the universes and even different versions of the universe. Even his manifestations are capable of teleportation in Metaversal scales.
  • Nigh-Omniscience - As part of Yahweh, Satan receives all the information about what is happening, has happened and will occur in the universes, but with the same restriction as that of Yahweh.
  • Immortality - Satan can not die, he will be reborn even after complete destruction in his dimension or any space while there is a universe and Yahweh. The only way to harm the true essence of a deity or demon is the power of people and Axiom.
  • Metaphysical existence and acausality - Demons and gods exist in their own, separate space that is outside the multiverse, surpasses all its concepts and has a more complex structure, making this dimension "higher." In addition to its own dimension, Satan belongs to the universe of Yahweh, the highest and most complex structure of the universe.
  • Manipulation of souls - Like all demons and gods, Satan is able to pull and devour souls, keeping in themselves their strength or passing them to another being.
  • Manipulation of life - Satan can create a person and an artificial personality, and also settle in it.
  • Summon of Demons - Just like Lucifer, Satan has control over the other demons and can summon various powerful demons on the battlefield.
  • Manifestations - Each demon can be summoned to other worlds, where part of it is used for combat or other purposes. Strong demons are able to independently create bodies in various universes. Satan can appear at any point of the multiverse as one of his versions, either in his own way or at the behest of Yahweh.

  • Incarnation of Will - The version presented in Shin Megami Tensei II, where Satan was born in an artificial man for the end of the world, the divine judgment. At the confluence with Sif, Satan restored his forces equivalent to Lucifer, but also retained his human form, which can be changed to the original one during the battle. He completely nullifies all forms of attacks except the almighty ones (that ignore any form of defense) and some physical, is immune to the metal influences, and also possesses high characteristics that with the help of Aleph, he was able to defeat Yahweh himself.
    • Megidolaon - Causes great almighty damage to all enemies.
    • Mudo - A spell of darkness, allowing with a certain probability to instantly kill two opponents.
    • Poison Breath - Poison one or two opponents.
    • Fire Breath - Inflicts an average fire damage of 1 to 3 enemies.
    • Cleave - Inflicts light physical damage to all enemies.
    • Akasha Arts - Inflicts average physical damage to all enemies.
    • Deathbound - Deals great physical damage to one or two opponents, deals more damage, the less health the user has.
    • Mudoon - A spell of darkness, allowing with a certain probability to instantly kill from three to five opponents.
    • Sabatoma - Summons a Demmon to his side.
    • God's Judgement - Instantly and assuredly kills one opponent.
  • Original Judge - The version of Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse, where Satan is the very first and most powerful creation of Yahweh, which is a combination of the concepts of two opposites: Lucifer, the darkness of the whole world, and Merkabh, the messenger of God carrying Its light. Satan is the one who guards the throne of God on the uppermost Brane of the universe of Yahweh, superior to Expans and the human world in its complexity, the one who judges all creatures, the one who chooses God. He has the greatest power among his versions, with it he is capable of harming, and even defeating Yahweh, but this will lead to the destruction of the universe, and hence of himself. It absorbs all kinds of attacks other than those based on wind, ice or electricity, and has resistance to all metal and other negative impacts.
    • Trisagion - Inflicts a huge fire damage bypassing the corresponding defense to one enemy.
    • Akasha Arts - Inflicts a huge physical damage to one enemy, bypassing the defense.
    • Megiddo Ark - Inflicts tremendous almighty damage to one enemy.
    • Dekunda - Nullifies all negative effects imposed by the enemy.
    • Dekaja - Will remove all the positive effects from all opponents.
    • Luster Candy - Increases the speed, damage and defense of all allies.
    • Concentrate - Increases the damage of the next magical attack by 2.5 times.
    • Samarecarm - Resurrects one ally with complete health.
    • Almighty Pleroma - Strengthens other all-powerful techniques.
  • Other versions - The other forms of Satan, which had no significant role in the games where they appeared. However, in them he is one of the strongest demons and super bosses. In Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2, it has several stages, each of which alternates the ability to absorb and reflect all magical, all-powerful and physical attacks, as well as full resistance to all ills.
    • Futility - Neutralizes all the enemy's intensification from Karma.
    • Agidyne - Inflicts a large amount of fire damage to one enemy.
    • Bufudyne - Inflicts a large amount of ice damage to one enemy and freezes it.
    • Ziodyne - Causes a large amount of electricity damage to one opponent.
    • Zandyne - Causes a large amount of wind damage to one opponent.
    • Teradyne - Causes a large amount of ground damage to one enemy.
    • Mahamaon - 45% chance to reduce the health of all opponents by 80%.
    • Mamudoon - 38% chance to instantly kill all enemies.
    • Vanity - 50% chance to impose the effect of panic, sleep, poisoning and numbness on all opponents.
    • Debilitate - Lowers all the characteristics of all opponents.
    • Explode - Inflicts average damage from a random target's fire.
    • Cold Wave - Inflicts a medium-ice fire on a random target and freezes it.
    • Jupiter's Fury - Causes an average damage to the electricity of a random target.
    • Tempest - Causes an average wind damage to a random target.
    • Heavy Rock - Inflicts medium damage to the earth with a random target.
    • Megidolaon - Causes tremendous almighty damage to all enemies.
    • Maragidyne - Inflicts a large amount of fire on all enemies.
    • Mabufudyne - Inflicts a large amount of ice on all enemies.
    • Maziodyne - Inflicts a large amount of electricity on all enemies.
    • Mazandyne - Inflicts a large amount of wind on all enemies.
    • Materadyne - Inflicts a large amount of land on all enemies.
    • Diarahan - Completely restores the health of the chosen Target.
    • Temptation - Guaranteed to entice all opponents to their side.
    • Retribution - Guaranteed to kill one goal, you can not evade.
    • Dekaja - Will remove all the positive effects from all opponents.
    • God's Breath - Inflicts strictly fixed 9999 units of almighty damage, can not be evaded.






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