Name: Sai Akuto

Origin: Ichiban Ushiro the no Daimaou

The level of force: 8 |  1-A  | Presumably a high 1-A

Gender: Male

Classification: Magically changed man, a student at the Magic Academy, Mao | God, a polygamist

Age: ~ 16 years | Outside the concept of time

Skills, strengths and abilities:Superhuman physical characteristics , agility , martial arts , Technomagic , flight ,energy attacks , suggestive of an attack , barriers , healing ,stealth , aura (awesome, explosive), regeneration (type 3), illusion , energy manipulation, manipulation matter , dimensional manipulation , manipulation of warm , manipulate the weather , animal manipulation , biological manipulation , telekinesis , teleportation , extrasensory perception (sensor, empathy), limited telepathy | manipulation of reality , manipulation of probability , text manipulation , manipulation of time ,manipulation of space , manipulation of causality , nonexistence of manipulation , manipulation of information ,immortality (type 7), uncausality (type 2), the huge size (type 10),  cosmic awareness ,  local omnipresence ,seeming omnipotence  |  Almost omnipotence (possibly)

Weaknesses: Magic due to the presence in the atmosphere of nanomachines | Limited to own the world can not destroy it completely |  Probably absent

The destructive potential: hill level + | Level metaverse + (controls are endless possibilities of what can be described as comprising, including the fact that there are beings who are themselves considered the worlds as their stories, so stories can be erected in a degree have a higher density , and being able to think in terms of an infinitely dense infinity are possible) |  probably similar to the law of identity

Range: Hundreds of meters | Metavselensky +

Durability / protection: the town level + | Level metaverse + (his world in some way there is inside of it, although outside the scope)

Speed: High hypersonic | immeasurably omnipresence in their metaverse

Power on the rise: Millions of tons | Immeasurable (can shrink your world in your hand)

The strength of impact: Some level of rock + | At the Level of the metaverse +

Stamina: Superhuman | Endless

Intelligence: High, learns quickly | Probably close to omniscience in their stories

Combat skills: A talented fighter and a brilliant magician, able to develop a countermeasure or repeat and improve the ability to see her once or twice


Student Handbook - a device that allows you to communicate telepathically with other students of the Academy.It may also serve for connection to a computer network and retrieving information in it.

Attacks, equipment and ability to:

Magic - the power emanating from the gods that allows you to play a variety of effects due to the energy and the synthesis of the inner and outer mana (nanomachinery responsive to the desires).

  • Natural enhancement - the ability to pump up the muscles of mana,  repeatedly  increasing physical strength and durability.
  • Explosion of light - emission thermal charges, creating white light explosions. The shells can be controlled by thought.
  • Omnidirectional explosion - generate heat around the body, able to fuse and blow up the artificial measurement of uncertain size.
  • Barrier - the concentration of magical energy at the surface of the body for protection.
  • Protecting the area - covering mana small area, protecting it from damage.
  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects and injure an opponent, controlling the magical energy in the atmosphere.
  • Healing - the magic that lets you quickly heal wounds.
  • Hiding - the ability to hide its presence from the sensory abilities of others.
  • Detente - effects that makes the magical energy to leave the body of the enemy. It allows you to return to normal creatures. changed by magic.
  • Tornado - the creation of a controlled vortex.
  • Illusion - creation of highly realistic images, to confuse the enemy.
  • Create demonic beasts - an infusion of mana in animals or plants can turn them into monsters controlled by the Lord of Darkness.
  • Regeneration - the ability to quickly grow new limbs and even recover half of the body.
  • Spatial deterrence - the ability to block and stop attacks even dimensional, holding the space itself.
  • Transformation - kind of magic that allows you to change the composition of materials.
    • Create potions - the ability to create magic potions, reproducing the effects which they are programmed.
  • Control weather - an opportunity to spoil the weather, create storm clouds and lightning control.
  • Explosion mana - mana ability to blow inside objects. Suitable for use by the enemy power against him.
  • Teleportation - nearly instantaneous movement in space magic. It can be used on multiple targets at once from a distance.
  • Dispel Magic - Mana control allows the ability to dispel magic wave of your hand.
  • Field virtual dimension - the creation of the area, which can not get energy from another dimension.

Lord of Darkness (Mao) - the status of the person that has been modified before birth. The Dark Lord has awakened wings behind the back and also has a monstrous magic power, which is growing at the expense of people's lives filled with gods logs. Thus, the more people die, the stronger becomes Mao.

  • View logs - the ability to view information about the people saved by the gods. The Dark Lord can actually read the thoughts and emotions, it is capable of playing in a huge crowd, recognizing that everyone ate it three years ago.

Afterlife - a world controlled by Akto, in which he can do everything, but to kill themselves and totally destroy the world itself (prevents external God).

  • Writer - the ability to consider the worlds as information, like to write a story, fiction. Endless logical possibilities may include anything that can be described. There are universes of different sizes (though history may cover the building, though the solar system, even the infinite space) with all sorts of laws. There are stories that include parallel worlds, infinite dimensional spaces, as well as external gods, for whom all this is nothing more than fiction (and even lesser beings are able to think in terms of the infinity of infinitely dense). Stories can be raised by forming a structure where the real worlds for some creatures are only dreams, or fiction for the latter, whose worlds and stories are only for third. Probably it can be created by any structure, even an infinitely dense, but Akto still not be able to go beyond the history of the law of identity .
    • Chaos - the unfolding of all the possibilities at the same time creates chaos, we are talking not only about the possibilities of the development of events in the universe, we are talking about logical possibilities, and among them there are those where there are beings with abilities similar abilities Akto, ie they begin to deploy themselves its possible worlds. There are stories of different levels, "strong" history is taken "weak". Full endless confusion.

The body cavities - a gift received from the law of identity . Akto became void, as it is by going to its anti-peace, but it is not clear whether he got her a similar power.

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