Powers and Stats


Tier: 9-A | 1-C(MVC3)

Name: Phoenix Wright/成歩堂龍一 (Ryuuichi Naruhodou)   

Origin: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Gender: Male

Age: 21-35

Classification: Human, Lawyer.

Powers and Abilities: Skilled Lawyer, superhuman durability, able to see if someone is hiding something, multiple years of experience in law. I Able to "Lay his enemies out flat with a Big ol´ "Objection!" and to be "as strong as the Steel Samurai." able to manifest his words as magic with various effects.

Attack Potency: Room level (His objections and allegations are strong enough to create hurricanes in the courtroom) | Complex Multiverse level ( can Fifght on pair with Dr Strange who can Fifght on equal terms with the Lord nightmare, Dormammu, Umar and others, whose own possession, in which they essentially omnipotent, are highly dimensional

Speed: Regular Human | infinite ( can be on pair with characters like Dr Strange Who can move so fast that the time with respect to it stops)

Lifting Strength: Regular Human | Unknown

Striking Strength: Class H |Immeasurable ( can hurt and beate beings like Galactus and Dr Strange Jean Grey and etc )

Durability: Wall level to Small Building level (Survived being tazed to unconsciousness, clobbered over the head with a fire extinguisher, charged by a tiger, falling from a great height from a burning bridge into a freezing, raging river, being hit by a car, etc. Tanked a TNT explotion while protecting Luke (Ace Attorney Vs. Professor Layton. Source)

Stamina: Peak Human (Can debate with prosecutors for various days in a row.) | Possibly limitless

Range: Melee | Complex Multiverse Level

Standard Equipment: Attorney´s Badge and Maya´s Magatama, and a bunch of evidence. I Maya´s Magatma infused with Morrigan´s Magic, Evidence to defend Heihachi Michima on his trial.

Intelligence: Extremely high (Always suceeds in turning hopeless murder cases around and solving the mystery behind them)

Weaknesses: He doesn´t has any combat training and is not particularly strong. | Doesn´t have any combat experience and depends on Maya´s Magatama

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

"Objection!" Phoenix points his finger at the Witness and presents proof that contradicts their lies.

"Take that!" Phoenix presents powerful evidence against the true culprit, demolishing the prosecutor´s arguments.

"Hold it!" Phoenix presses the opponent for more information, it might cause the opponent to be paralyzed for a small period of time.

"Ace Attorney" Phoenix successfully discovers that his opponent is the who actually committed the crime at hand resulting on them getting thrown in Jail.

Note: This profile assumes Phoenix doesn´t have the MC Virus or other evidence from his games.

Key Normal | MVC3 and other crosovers


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