Powers and Stats

1527 render Saint Seiya Seiya

Tier:7-C | 4-C | 3-A+

Name: Seiya

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Classification: Human, Saint knight(God knight with God cloth)

Origins:Saint Seiya

Destructive capacity: Atomic level(Universe lvl doesn't focus on raw destruction)

  • Should have Multi Galaxy level to Universe lvl potency in his attacks, however it is unknown if he can replicate this since Saint Seiya verse focuses attacks on the Atomic scale to damage the most possible the ennemy instead of the surrounding area.
  • However with the above mentioned point Seiya should still be at least a planetary threat since Hades easily moved every planet in the solar system with his will. Scaling from Virgo's weapon he should actually be at least star+.

Physical strength: At least star+ striking (Is by scaling far above Virgo's weapons which were implied as being capable of casual star busting with their strikes)

Durability: At best Universe lvl (resisted attacks from Hades real self)

Speed: Massively faster than light+(Crossed Hades' Hyperdimension filled with Billions of Galaxies in what seemed like a few minutes in bronze cloth.)An exact speed is not certain since their top speed feats are shady, but is easily dozens of times above the Gold saints whom can fight at lightspeed or faster and considerably faster than Thanatos whoms attacks could cross docens of lightyears rapidly.

Intelligence: Average. Nothing noteworthy in the intellectual capacity, Seiya mostly relies on his pure power and perseverance, has considerable experience as a fighter.

Stamina: High. Has been trained to resist superhuman amounts of physical training since a child, is used to taking heavy damage and getting up via sheer will and could likely fight for entire days.

Standard equipment: Pegasus cloth/armor


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