Powers and Stats

Tier: High 1-A (Equal to Anu)

Name: PSDZHZHZHZH, Padomay, Sithis, Emptiness, Chaos, Disruption, Abyss, and many others.

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Male, although the concept is probably not applicable

Age: He appeared before all Began

Classification: Creator,God of Death

Powers and Abilities: Reality Warping, Space-Time Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Non-Corporeal, Acausality, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Immortality (Type 4 & 8), Empathic Manipulation, Omnipresence, ETC.

Attack Potency: High Outerverse level(As an Amaranth-progenitor,qualitatively superior to the hierarchy of Amaranths, transcends all of existence including all concepts/ideas and dimensions. Approximately equal to Anu, beings such as Sithis and Lorkhan are only his lesser incarnations, he is as superior to Sithis as Sithis is superior to Lorkhan)

Speed: Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: High Outerversal

Durability: High Outerverse level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: High Outerversal

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Omniscient

Weaknesses: None

Fighting skills: Irrevant

'Attacks, techniques and abilities:

Amaranth – each Amaranth does not depend on anything other than itself and the rules of Divinity. Amaranth define everything within itself, except the rules of Divinity. This is how you can learn about the Divinity and form a new Amaranth within the rules and concepts of the other. The entire local cosmology stored in Amaranth can vary from one Amaranth to another. The amaranth-ancestor creates an endless chain of other Amaranth, but the internal structure of Amaranth can not always provide itself with the actual achievement of CHIM / Amaranth. Therefore, it may be impossible within the limits of some Dreams to understand them. They will become dead-end Amaranth, which can not produce other Amaranth.

  • Sithis – Devastating Indescribable Action. Sitis, therefore, is the Primordial Creator, the essence, the very nature of which causes an ill-conceived Change. Even Hyst recognize this essence.
  • Separation – Sitis divided nothing into parts and changed them, creating from them a myriad of possibilities. These ideas faded and spread, and weakened, which should have happened. However, one idea, zealous, did not want to die, like stagnation she wanted a long life. It was the demon Anuy-El, who created comrades who called themselves Aedra. Also, Sithis gave birth to Lorkhan.
  • C0das – within the rules of Padomaya's Dreams there is a c0das. These are endless changes in his own history, which tend to focus around a particular pattern of events, but nevertheless contain even those versions that he did not. You can think of this as a simple number. Most integers are not important (most c0das are not very different from the general sample), but, within an infinite set of integers, an infinite set of beginnings (within an infinite set of c0das, their infinite sum really differs from the general pattern). Also, a single c0da can represent a timeline that undergoes an infinite change, and thereby creating infinite alternative time lines that, when intersected with other c0das, will cause all new kalpas.
  • Kalps – these are the time intervals during which the Aurbis develops anew. These intervals vary in duration, and each subsequent is not strictly equal to the previous in content, and lasts longer. Calpas are the object of endless changes to c0das. Each c0da has its own set of kalpas, and whether the Aurbis kalpa is the last (or it does not at all) depends on c0da.
  • Dreams – between the omnipresent laws of divinity, endless variations of c0das, the general structure of the Aurbis and its subgradients, within the majority of c0das there are Dreams. Every creature gets infinite possibilities when they are discovered.
  • Change – Padomay represents the Change, Chaos, Destructive Indescribable Action, this is the beginning of the whole structure.
  • Manipulation of Logic – Padomay ignores logic and within the framework of one phenomenon there can be several of its variations. The stories exist in the Padomaya Dream, the history of the reality to such an extent that, even if something was not just history, it's definitely now, paradoxically, it has always been.
  • Et'Ada – created by Anu and Padomay, Et'Ada are beings of higher dimensions, for the beings of the three-dimensional world does not look at all, for one can not see the mortal Lord of the Void. Under the weight of the steps of the Gods, the physical appearance of the mortal plane and even the timeless continuity of being became unstable. Possessing more Anuistic valence steel Aedra, possessing more Padomatic valence steel Daedra.
  • Manipulation of non-existence – Padomay can remove from the reality of other Amaranth and Et'Ada in the set, this removal is not just from the world, but from the Structure itselfВозможности.

Mifopei – the process of forming or changing reality under the influence of the faith or beliefs of a fairly large group of Nirn people (people or believers). And when beliefs or myths change, the reality described in these myths also changes.

Three main properties of Mifopei:

  • If a sufficiently large number of mortals believe in something, then this can become a reality. Therefore, the heretics are persecuted.
  • If something has become real, and it is universally believed, it is impossible to determine precisely what is the cause, and what is the consequence. Therefore, even the history of the past can change.
  • If there are several common versions of justification for something that contradicts each other, then it is entirely possible that they are all the same at the same time. Therefore, myths and science are equally true.
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