This profile will cover the Optimus Prime of the original 80's American cartoon continuity - universal stream Primax 984.17 Alpha. As the Transformers multiverse is nigh-infinite and its many universes have divergent timelines, this page will focus only on the American/Western media as Japanese continuity goes in a wildly different direction. As such, this profile covers the "five" seasons of the American "The Transformers" cartoon from 1984-1987, the 1986 film "The Transformers: The Movie", and supplemental material rooted in this canon moreso than Japanese canon (such as the Wings comics, the Madman comic, etc).

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C standard Transformer | 8-C via Ion Blaster, 5-A via Strength, possibly 3-A via Autobot Matrix of Leadership | 5-A via increased strength

Name: Optimus Prime, formerly Orion Pax

Origin: Transformers G1 cartoon

Age: Over 9 million years old.

Classification: Autobot Commander

Height: 5 meters | 6 meters | over 20 meters

Alternate mode: Transport truck | White Freightliner WFT semi-trailer truck | White Freightliner WFT semi-trailer truck

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman durability, enhanced senses, cosmic awareness, precognition, shape-shifting, flight, et cetera.

Attack Potency: Building level standard Transformer | Building level via Ion Blaster, Large Planet level via strength, possibly Universe level via Autobot Matrix of Leadership. | Large Planet level via increased strength

Striking Strength: MJ. Casual Cybertronian, was a dockworker. | XKJ. Is physically powerful enough to extensively damage Megatron's armor (The Transformers: The Movie) which tanked an explosion (equivalent to 550 yottatons) that moved Cybertron out of Earth's orbit (episode 13). He single-handedly defeats a Matrix-powered and Hate Plague-infected Rodimus Prime (episode 95). | XMJ from multiplied strength.

Lifting Strength: 5 tons at least. Autobots casually lift wooly mammoths; Orion Pax was a dock worker/laborer and becomes a transport truck. Barrelroller can also electromagnetically lift freight. | 10,000 tons+. Demonstrated superhuman strength lifting and throwing submerged oil rig wreckage (episode 2), playing tug of war with and then lifting and throwing a sunken oil tanker (episode 15), ripping giant boulders out of the ground and tossing them [1] (episode 16), picking up and snapping jets in half (episode 20), bracing the Washington Monument (episode 24), ripping open steel like paper [2] (episode 25), overpowering giant robo-arachnids and a dragon (episode 51). | 40,000 tons+ via multiplied strength.

Speed: Unknown, likely Super Human. | Super Human. 175mph in vehicle mode (Episode 48), moves with athletic agility despite being 6 meters tall, can transform in just one second(episode 3). FTL reactions; dodges lasers. 2 3| FTL. Capable of interplanetary space travel/flight ("Season 5")

Durability: Building. Put down by Megatron's Fusion Cannon. | At least Building. Optimus Prime tanks the shock of a mine-busting explosion [3][4] (episodes 2, 3), shrugs off a shot from the Decepticon ship the Victory, atmospheric reentry which can reach 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit [1,650 Celsius, and crashing into Earth in a matter of seconds] (episode 3), survived a combined assault from three seekers [5][6] then shielded an exploding supercomputer with his body, and then survived explosions in his chest cavity set off by Laserbeak 2 (episode 6), tanked his own lasers when reflected back at him (episode 8) and a barrage of enemy lasers at once (The Transformers: The Movie), tanked the combined assault of three Dinobots [7][8][9][10][11][12] (episode 10), as a Transformer he can endure lava/magma which can reach 700 to 1,200 °C [1,292 to 2,192 °F] (episode 12, 16), can drive straight through solid mountain(episode 15) or ram through enemies unharmed [13][14][15][16], survived being attacked by Megatron with all the Decepticons' powers [17][18][19][20][21][22] (episode 16), survived as a disembodied head and his body being dismantled (episode 19), can operate fine under the pressures at the bottom of the ocean (episode 24), survived Megatron's hand blasts fueled by the Heart of Cybertron (episode 34), is tough enough in his prime for Megatron's blasts to bounce off of him (episode 59), can fight through being torn open and slashed with a light saber [23][24][25][26] (The Transformers: The Movie), and was able to fight off a healthy Hot Rod and then endured Quintesson bombardment while a decrepit zombie (episode 75). | Unknown. At least Building.

Stamina: Despite being 9 million years old and an "archaic energon guzzler", Optimus Prime is rarely shown running out of energy even during extensive combat. He can truck on even in the face of overwhelming odds, powerful foes and with critical damage.

Range: Around 100 kilometers. He tagged Megatron's escape ship in the outer atmosphere of Earth (episode 13).

Intelligence: Genius. Optimus Prime has been at war for 9 million years. Even subtracting his four million year stasis lock on Earth, he has five million years of combat experience and is a brilliant tactician, warrior, and leader excelling in both offense and defense. He also has enhanced visual and auditory senses, expert aim, threat senses, a knack for learning new skills on the spot. Through the Autobot Matrix of Leadership all his abilities are enhanced and he gains access to the wealth of wisdom and knowledge of past Primes, leaders and warriors.

Weapons, equipment and skills:

Hands and arms: A wrist-mounted Energon axe [27] (episode 2). The ability to repel attacks by rapidly spinning his hands w/ whatever he's holding (episode 7). Laser blasts from hands [28] (episodes 10, 16). A pop-up radio that emerges from his wrist (episode 30).

Side arms: His Ion Blaster laser rifle [29] w/ variable focus barrel (episode 4), RPG setting (episode 17), machine gun setting (episode 33), a range reaching outer space (episode 13), the force to pulverize trucks, tanks and steel doors, and the power to KO devastator [30](episodes 16, 19) and shoot clean through hordes of Decepticons (episode 59). A secondary blaster (episode 63).

Flight: Limited flight in robot mode [31] (episodes 1, 2, 3, 16). Has a a jet pack for extended flight missions (episode 31).

Head and mind: Eye lasers (episode 6). Cheek-guard communicator along with little antennae which slide out of the larger antennae on his head (episode 8). Telekinetic control of severed body parts 2 (episode 19).

Systems and strategic skill: Internal repair systems (episodes 6, 31). Threat/early warning sensor built into his chest (episodes 11, 13, 25). Escape artistry [32][33][34][35][36][37][38][39].

Athletic skill and ability: Can outrun tidal waves with a surfboard [40] (episode 13). Is a skilled basketball player (episode 32).

Vehicle mode: Hydrofoils in vehicle mode for traveling on water (episodes 11, 24). Can reverse his polarity to repel water (episode 12). Can jump a distance twice his length in vehicle mode (episode 18). Can fire lasers from his headlights (episode 32). Can revive injured humans with air conditioning (episode 50). Hood-mounted laser cannons in vehicle mode (episode 63).

Secondary components: Orion Pax had an industrial droid named Barrelroller, who could transform into an electromagnetic lift handle (Wings comics). This droid was rebuilt into the spy droid Roller which serves as a second pair of eyes for Optimus [41] (episodes 2, 3, 20, 23) and normally resides in Optimus Prime's trailer, which itself transforms into the Combat Deck w/ Auto-Launcher, including anti-aircraft lasers and grapple-arm [42] (episodes 3, 7, 20, 53).

Hax: The Autobot Matrix of Leadership increases its wielder's strength and power (The Transformers: The Movie, episodes 73) such as when Optimus Prime curb-stomped Hot Rod despite being a broken down zombie [43][44] (episode 75), transformed Hot Rod into Rodimus Prime which gave him the strength to manhandle a Unicron-powered Galvatron (The Transformers: The Movie) or when it gave Scourge the power of 100,000 Decepticons (episode 93). It also gives its wielder access to the wisdom and experience of previous Autobot leaders and warriors (The Transformers: The Movie, episodes 95, 97) and can project their spirits as ghosts (episode 93), it cured the evil programming of the Quintessons when they revived him as a zombie (episode 75), and it had enough energy to destroy a moon-sized Unicron [45][46][47] (The Transformers: The Movie) and the reach to cure the universe-spanning Hate Plague (episode 95). It can even grant precognition to a degree (Madman The Transformers comic, episodes 96, 97)

Key: Orion Pax | Optimus Prime | Powermaster Optimus Prime


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