2585607-optimus prime by markerguru

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 8-C, Full Potential 5-A, Maximum 3-B or 3-A

Name: Optimus Prime

Origin: Transformers

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Speed and Durability, Super Sight, Super Hearing, Pre-cognition, Telekinesis, Energy Constructs and Weaponry, Shape-shifting, Cosmic Awareness, Creation, Resurrection

Attack Potency: Large Building level easily, can effortlessly toss around oil tankers, able to take out a jet from 30 miles away and defeated Devastator on 3 occasions. Large Planet level at full potential. The Matrix has destroyed the body of a Saturn-sized god (Unicron) and wiped out the universe-spanning Hate Plague. Multi-Galaxy level or Universe level at Maximum

LiftingStrength: Class M. Has lifted and thrown a sunken oil tanker and braced the Washington Monument.

Speed: Sub-sonic (Truck mode has a maximum speed of 175 mph). Can fly at cruising or subsonic speed to a point. Has the reflexes to dodge laser fire.

Durability: On his own Optimus has proven quite resilient to both artillery and beam weaponry. He has tanked lasers, large detonations, an internal explosion in his chest cavity, beatings and lacerations in vicious combat, the power of a Fusion Cannon, atmospheric reentry and crashing into the ground. With the Matrix he tanked a Saturn-sized explosion and has the power to reconfigure his body at will through his Reconfiguration Matrix.

Equipment: Ion laser rifle, Energon Axe, laser sword, Combat Deck, Roller droid, the Matrix

Abilities: Can resist hackers and hack their systems right back.

Note: This is a composite of Optimus Prime's G1 main body. Marvel, cartoon, and IDW incarnations. It does not cover his various other forms, just the standard original truck body.


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