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Powers and Stats

Origin: Cthulhu Mythos

Tier: 1-A

Powers and Abilities: Super Strength, Invulnerability, Abstract, Reality Warping, Omniscience, Shape Shifting, Maddness Manipulation, Ilusion Casting, Telepathy, Immortality, Capable of freely traversing every plane of existence

Destructive Capacity: Hyperverse level+ (Just like all the other Outer Gods, he exists beyond the "archetypal infinity" of dimensional space and other such confines. Took Randolph Carter beyond dimensional space and into pure chaos to meet Azathoth)

Strength: Irrelevant

Speed: Irrelevant

Durability: Hyperverse level+

Intelligence: Omniscient

Weaknesses: Can be overly cocky due to his power, Is the only Outer God who displays anything close to human emotion, though it is very possibly all a facade Subservient to Azathoth.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Avatars - Nyarlathotep is able to manifest as a vast multitude of avatars. While the god's malign intelligence is behind all of them, each avatar varies greatly in appearance, power, and purpose. Some avatars are even worshiped as their own beings, the followers unaware that it is merely part of a much greater being. Nyarlathotep claims to have a thousand avatars Randolph Carter could have run into, possibly meaning he has countless more in other realities, as well. Below is a small sampling of his more common "masks".

~The Black Pharaoh - This seems to be one of Nyarlathotep's preferred forms for communicating with humans, as it is what he chose to appear as when he spoke with Randolph Carter. The Pharaoh has dark skin (varying between tan and pallid grey) and is adorned in extravagant garments fit for royalty. This avatar seems to have an unparalleled mastery of magic and reality, as he was able to summon hunting horrors, follow Randolph Carter throughout the multiverse, and combat Nodens. This is where most of the Crawling Chaos' personality and mannerisms come from, though it is likely his true nature is infinitely more alien due to his existence as chaos incarnate.

~The Dweller in the Darkness - An amorphous, wailing blob of a beast which constantly spawns and reabsorbs excess appendages. While it has no face, discernible features, or set form, it is free to take whichever shape it likes when in pursuit of prey.

~Black Man - A tall, hairless man with pitch black skin and cloven hooves. He is worshiped by various witch covens, supposedly granting them their power.

~The Haunter of the Dark - A massive, bat-like creature with a burning, three-lobed eye in the middle of its head. It is able to kill a victim with nothing but the unnatural fear it instills in them. While immensely dangerous and nigh unstoppable in the darkness, being fully exposed to sufficiently bright light will dispel this avatar. It is able to be summoned using the Shining Trapezohedron.

~The Howler in the Dark - A horrifying, headless giant with a massive tentacle drenched in blood protruding from its neck. Due to appearing in the same forests as the Dweller in the Darkness, it is unknown if the two are truly separate entities.

~The Thing in the Yellow Mask - Not to be confused with the similarly named King in Yellow, this mysterious avatar inhabits the dreamlands, taking up residence in an abandoned monastery. Its purpose, if it even has one, remains unknown.

Note: While Nyarlathotep is heavily implied to be the dreaming Azathoth's avatar, he is a separate being, as he appears to have a consciousness of his own and a sort of disdain for his master. Just like all avatars in the mythos, even ones on such a level as his, their existence is no more noticeable or important than the buzzing of a fly to their masters.

Nyarlathotep summoning - Copy


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