Numidium by thobewill-d48wcxt

Name Anumidum, Numidium

The serial number: The first

Type Huge Mero-like-God-robot

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Tier: Uncertain

Accessory Dvemeret, Dunmereth (Morrowind), Empire of Tamriel

Pilot Talos, the Dwemers

Size Optionally using

Weight Any

The source of energy: Lorkhan in various denunciations.

Endurance A moment

Material Copper

Skills, strengths and abilities: Transrealnost, uncausality

Weaknesses Unable to perform mutually teams in different time lines. Near his time as a phenomenon absent

Destructive potential: From the user desires

Range about the true infinity

The strength / protection: Eleven meter robot copper

Speed omnipresence (Can attack "backdating" Talos sent a robot at the end of an era 2, and the robot began to attack after two eras before)

The strength to rise: 'A couple of moons

The strength of the impact Depending on the energy level of the city to the metaverse

Intelligence How's the totality of the Dwemer

Arming / Equipments: The legs and hands

'Other The robot can only manage King

Attacks, techniques and abilities:

Creation anti - is a unique function of the robot. He antisozdaet multiverse in one universe. Connects multiple timelines into one. It destroys the objects in the distant past. Does the area free of magic.

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