Super Nero DMC4

Not as cool as Dante, but still pretty Stylish.

Powers and Stats

Tier- 8-A

Origin- Devil May Cry

Classification- Human (Quarter Demon?)

Age- 17-18

Powers and Abilities- Super Strength,Speed and Durability, Can use his Devil Bringer to grab nearby enemies, can charge his shots from Blue Rose for extra damage, Regneration | The same but stronger, spatial manipulation, can summon phantom swords, Demonic energy manipulation, Can summon a spirit behind him to attack with Yamato, Regeneration

Destructive Capacity- Multi City Block level (Is on par with DMC3 Dante) | Multi City Block+ (Attacks tend to ignore Durability.)

Speed- Massively Hypersonic+ (Is as fast as DMC3 Dante who is faster than Nevan's lightning.)

Strength- Easily Class GJ | Higher

Stamina- Very High fought a handful of high level demons and still had enough strength to fight Sanctus.

Durability- Multi City Block level

Standard Equipment- His Sword Red Queen and his gun Blue Rose | Red Queen, Blue Rose, Yamato

Weakness- His weapons aren't devil arms so he has to rely on his strength more | He isn't very skilled with Yamato

Key: Pre Devil Trigger Nero | Post Devil Trigger Nero

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