Tier: 9-B

Name: Miles Dagouter

Origin: Mistborn

Gender: Male

Age: Exact age unknown, likely middle-aged

Classification: Human Twinborn, Compounder

Powers and Abilities: Regeneration (has blown off his head with a shotgun to prove to his minions that they couldn't kill him, set off a stick of dynamite in his hand to escape from a trap, has the same type of regeneration as Rashek), can view alternate versions of the type of person he could have been, incredible pain tolerance

Destructive Capacity: Street level normally, reaching Wall level with dynamite

Lifting StrengthUknown, likely Athletic human (was a former lawkeeper turned bandit, which would require him to be physically fit)

Striking Strength: Class H

Durability: At lest Peak human level, arguably Wall level, regeneration makes him very difficult to kill

Stamina: High, fought Wax despite being shot numerous times, detonated a stick of dynamite in his hand to no ill effect

Range: Several dozen meters

Speed: Peak human, reactions a likely higher (he kept pace with Wax when they fought)

Standard Equipment: His guns and ammunition for them, his metalminds, metal vials to fuel his Allomancy, dynamite

Weaknesses: Some of his powers are fuelled by metal and can't be used when he runs out, his powers don't make him any stronger so he can be caught in a trap