Max Steel



Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C| 5-B

Name: Maxwell McGrath, Steel, Max Steel

Origin: Max Steel

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Classification: Human/Tachyonian

Powers and Abilities: Generate TURBO energy, super-strength, super-speed, flight, transforming exoskeleton, energy beams.

Attack Potency: Casual Planet level+ at maximum power

Speed: FTL

Lifting Strength: Class 10,7.8+ tons [base mode]| Class T [strength mode and Rocket mode].

Striking Strength: Class GJ [base mode], Class TJ [turbo enhanced strength mode]

Durability: Large/Multi-Planet level (survived to Alpha Link explosion) Star level (Nova mode can survive to black holes)

Standard Equipment: SteelSuit

Intelligence: Super Genius (Steel)

Weaknesses: Turbo energy draining.

Feats: Held open a T-Rex mouth, lifted a 72,000 ton of a falling warship, pulled a small Oil tanker from a whirlpool, dodge lightning, destroy a larger than earth starship, power multiple missiles to be greater than nuclear level, accidentally knock out reinforced bars, withstand a blade capable of cutting through all known materials, casually flipped a tank, achieve orbit in seconds, pushed a Makino Destroyer.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Turborang: charges steel with turbo energy and throws to create explosions.

Key: Base Mode, Strength mode, Flight mode, Speed Mode, Scuba Mode, Cannon Mode, Clone Mode, Rocket Mode, Heat Mode, Super-Mode, Spike Mode.



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