I was fine, I was doing better...
— Masky


Masky is a "Proxy" of The Operator featured on the Marble Hornets web series. It is known that he has a history of mental health issues which he battles with endless amounts of psychiatric pills. It is also known that he is semi-controlled against his will by the Operator and runs the YouTube channel, totheark, a name referring to some goal included in the Marble Hornets series. He is included closely with a fellow proxy referred to as Hoody.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely High 10-B to 10-A

Name: Tim Wright, "Masky"

Origin: Marble Hornets

Gender: Male

Age: Probably mid-twenties

Classification: Mind-Controlled Human

Powers and Abilities: Skilled Weapon Fighter (To some extent), Skilled Stalker and Stealth Expert, Mind Manipulation (Slender's Mind Powers quasi-trace to him), Technological Manipulation (It is also apparent that in a small way Slender's EMP-like effect is traced to him on some occasions), High Pain Tolerance, Hacking

Attack Potency: Likely Above Average Human level to Athletic Human level (Grapples with other humans on the show reasonably easily, seems in good health)

Speed: Human

Lifting Strength: Regular Human (Struggles with reasonably typical tasks such as lifting heavy iron doors)

Striking Strength: Class H

Durability: Human level

Stamina: Somewhat Above Average

Range: Melee Range

Standard Equipment: Pocket Knife, Editing Software, Mask, Hoodie, Car

Intelligence: Above Average, managed college classes and understands video editing and voice manipulation very well

Weaknesses: Known to drop his Proxy-guise often (It is up against his will), Typical human disadvantages, Schizophrenia enhanced by Slender Sickness


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