Эмблема Гильдии Магов

The emblem of the Mages Guild with symbols of Magnus

Powers and Stats

Tier: 1-A, the waking state High 1-A

Name: Magnus, Magician, Magic, Wizards, Rupt, Amaranth, Anu Anuriel, Akel, there are many others

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Male for personalization, technically, the term does not apply

Age: He appeared before all Began

Classification: God Witchcraft, Vision, Light and Illumination, asleep Amaranth, Architect, Et'Ada, Sun, Magne-Fe, New Man

Powers and Abilities: Omniscience, omnipresence, manipulation existence, immortality (type 7), manipulation of the side elements, magic, flying, huge size (type 8 and 10), the manipulation of souls, time manipulation, manipulation of space, the elements of manipulation, manipulation of reality, changing the shape (type 8 ), high dimensional creature (probably ekstrarazmernoe being as Anu, due to the abstract nature of the ineffable light prior to being), omnipotence (for his dream at the moment of awakening, which is Aurbis.) uncausality (type 2)

Attack Potency: Ignores strength; with amaranth. all levels

Speed: Infinite

Lifting Strength: Beyond the concept of mass / immeasurable

Striking Strength: Dimension; Amaranth as a level Padomay

Durability: Universe+, possibly higher due to the abstract nature; as the level of Amaranth metaverse+

Stamina: Inffinie

Range: Endless

Intelligence: Beyond Et'Ada logic.

Combat skills: The strongest Et'Ada

Weaknesses: He sleeps all the time.

Staff of Magnus - one of the oldest artifacts of Tamriel, was created by Magnus, as a kind of metaphysical battery. When used, it absorbs the magical energy of the victim and restores vital energy carrier. It is the only artifacts that have enough power to keep the strength of Magnus.

'Attacks, techniques and abilities:'

'Et'Ada' - There is a higher-dimensional, is the essence of infinite size and weight, as well as the infinite dimension within ourselves. Under the weight of God's steps, the physical appearance of the mortal plane and even the timeless continuity of existence becomes unstable. For the three-dimensional world of creatures rearranges itself vseszhigayuschego giant sphere of light. Sun - is Magnus, the largest hole in Oblivion, the gate giving access to the magic.

'Bypass - In the meantime, until Satakal ate himself again and again, the strongest of spirits learned to bypass this cycle, making movement at unexpected angles. This way, the way to walk between the world's shells, they called Bypass. Ruptga was so great that he could 'put on the stars in the sky' 'to help the weaker spirits navigate. This activity was to

spirits so simple, it is a place called the Far Shores - time the next shell expectations.


Sun - is Magnus. Full sky - multicolored elemental cloak of Magnus the sun

'Magic' - Magnus is magic, it has full control over it.

When Magic (in the mythical sense) left the world, Cosmos stabilized '. It started finally linear Elven history.

Some managed to escape, for example, Magnus - so magic no restrictions'.

'Mifopeya' - the process of forming or changing the reality under the influence of faith or belief Nirn sufficiently large group of people (or people of believers). And when beliefs or myths vary, so does the reality described in these myths.

The three main properties mifopei:

  1. If in something believe quite a number of deaths, it could become a reality. Therefore, pursuing heretics.
  2. If something was real, and it is widely believed that it is impossible to determine exactly what the cause of it, and that - a consequence. Therefore, even the history of the past can be changed.
  3. If there are multiple versions of the common justification of anything contrary to each other, then it is possible that they are both correct. Therefore, equally valid, and the myths and science.

'Delete' - Magnus can remove from reality in a variety of other Et'Ada.

'The Awakening Amaranth' - the true essence of Magnus - Anu who is asleep in the sun. It manifests itself as one of the Gods First of creators (the probability of awakening is very small).

New Man becomes God becoming amaranth, vechnodlyaschimsya gipnagogom. Hallucinations become clear in His sight, and because, as a all parents of their children, Amaranth cares, cherishes and loves everything that comes from him.


God is love.


God is love.


'Magne-Te' - Magnus can completely control everything that is connected with the light, in addition to other Magne-Ge.

Each range of Magne-Ge, large or small, should be the teachings of the red shift and its Radiant directory. Moreover, clusters of Magne-Ge refer to these entities, in terms of the visual, as a system, which should measure their own capacity in the Great Schism of the total.

It affects all peoples Timeless - from the Blue Mountains and lamps swinging evaporation to the Council and even outside Multimunda.

'Anu' - All things are present, and is in Anu. This Eternal Ineffable Light. Anu, grieving, and wished to retire, climbed into the sun and fell asleep.

'Anuiel' - it is also associated with the order as opposed Sithis-Chaos. Perhaps death is easier to comprehend the change, rather than perfect peace, because Anuielya often pushes to the background the mythical oddities Sithis. In yokudanskih tales, some of the most colorful in the world, Satake mentioned only a few times as a "Buzz" - the power of such a constant and pervasive that it is almost impossible to notice.


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