Lorkhan the dead god birthed anew by ezeleolos-d7uc3ns

"The first principle of the Tower: bind mutant, where it does not do more harm. What will God Mundus, and this is the will of his offspring, separated from their divine sparks. We have eight times eight Exarchs. Let Padomay house sees in us the only way."

Powers and Stats

Tier: 1-A With Preparation High 1-A

Name: Lorkhan, Do not I (I - ie the Tower), Shore, son Shore, Shore, Father Shore LHAN, Enemy, Scrooge, Second Serpent, Scarab, and many other

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Male for personalization, technically, the term does not apply.

Age: contemporary of Time

Classification: Mirror Brother Aka Tusk; King People, Nomadic Ehlnofey, Aedra and Arena Supermundusa; Half of the space-time of God; Shifting mutant; Creator-Trickster-Tester; ALTADUN Padhome LHAN (weapons Padomay); Enemy Creator; Thief Mantle (divinity and immortality); Lost God; "Dead" God



Powers and Abilities: Metaphysical reactive evolution, handling non-existence, immortality (all types), magic, flying, huge size (type 8), the manipulation of souls, changing the shape (type 8), higher dimensional existence, conceptual creature (volatile mutant, space, Thief Tower), Omniscience , omnipresence (everywhere where there is space), aura (all types), manipulation of time manipulation of space, the manipulation elements (all), reality manipulation, manipulation of the side elements (all), manipulation of fate, the manipulation probability, mental manipulation, manipulation, sleep, uncausality (type 2), preparation

Attack Potency: Ignores strength and can damage Anu

Speed: Infinite

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Dimension+

Durability: Universe + possibly higher due to the abstract nature of the concept of death itself is alien to the Daedra

Stamina: Unlimited

Range: unknown

Intelligence: Omniscience, but Lorkhan does not want to reach CHIM. Able to deceive Anuelya. So hungry that it hurt him to think.

Fighting skills: Stronger Akatosh without artifacts Anu

Weaknesses: His hunger and thirst for destruction, the body is divided into a plurality of components


'Chim-El Adabal (a drop of blood Lorkhan) - "stone royal high spirits." Stone White Gold Tower. Although ayleidy and gave the central spire image of Ada mantle, the general structure of repeated wheel. Eight smaller towers surround one central ring. This structure gave the White-Gold Tower dominion over Creations, incomparable to any other tower. "Ayleidy collected own wheels within wheels."

'Heart Lorkhan: Heart can not </ u> to destroy, because it is a source of Nirn. Lorkhan Spirit - this is his fiery heart beating under the roof of the Red Mountain on Vvardenfell. Spirit Lorkhan equally powerful mortal souls, how the moon more than human. Lorkhan was up (or planet), which participated in the Great Building, but when eight gave a portion of their divine bodies to create a plan (ETU) mortals Plan (ETA) Lorkhan cracked (a) in half and his divine spark fell to Nirn " it originated in the existence of a little selfishness. "

attacks, techniques and abilities:

400px-Lore magne ge 5


Half of the space-time of God — «…... and leave you to seek support from my other half, who will bring light to the idea of death, which gives [Gods] great joy, the idea of freedom; she was not given even the heavens to the full, because our Father ... [Text lost] ... in those first [day / soul / events] to the Agreement ... that is reflected in our earthly madness. [Let us] now take you Up. We [the show] our true faces ... [which eat] one another in amnesia each Age. "

Aedra and Daedra — - Aedra created the mortal world and glued to the bones of the earth. Daedra, which can not create, have the power to change. God's creation of the contract assumes that Aedra can kill. Evidence of this Lorkhan and moon. Shifting Daedra, which generally does not apply, you can only drive out. Aedra donated a large number of forces to harden to create a plan and now they are, in fact, only a shell of former self.

Sheogorath ( Mad God) But the fearful reverence for Sheogorath is widespread, and it is found in many lands of Tamriel. Contemporary sources indicate that his roots lie in the stories of the creation of Aldmer; so, he was "born" when Lorkhan lost the divine spark. One crucial myth calls him "a hole in the form of Sithis" in our world.

Magna Ge' or 'Magne-Te' — which means "Children of Magnus" and "Star Orphans." This group et'Ada that were "born" from the pure blood of Anu. Magne-Ge, unlike Aedra, did not sacrifice his immortality for Nirn, and after Magnus nous, deserted him soon after creation. It can completely control everything that is connected with the light, in addition to other Magne-Ge.

Each range of Magne-Ge, large or small, should be the teachings of the red shift and its Radiant directory. Moreover, clusters of Magne-Ge refer to these entities, in terms of the visual, as a system, which should measure their own capacity in the Great Schism of the total.

It affects all peoples Timeless - from the Blue Mountains and lamps swinging evaporation to the Council and even outside Multimunda.

Змей сеп

It was sep, or Second Serpent.

Scarab-Builder (sign F) - Even before the split Scarab-builder was an alchemist of great Merida, carry the whole Black Power under the hood. Since the beginning of bezvremёn, Scarab is the Builder was the one who gave the movement is not only the development of the M-Zeros, but their prosperity. He - "F" Predrassvetnik and caretaker. The fact that their stability has been undermined since the beginning of Blur, was a consequence of the curse, plunged his mind into a state of almost complete immobility. If Scarab-builder can achieve enlightenment, which will bring him out of stagnation, the "F" will be able to regain strength, free from all evil. 'Et'Ada - There is a higher-dimensional, is the essence of infinite size and weight, as well as the infinite dimension within ourselves. Under the weight of God's physical appearance steps mortal plan, and even the timeless continuity of existence becomes unstable. For the three-dimensional world of creatures is a multitude of the heavenly bodies.

Thief - this is another metaphorical absolute; and in this sense it represents the "hold of Towers", or sometimes more important, "hold of" the secret of the Tower.

Snake - It consists of a "non-star", so that it is impossible to determine the appearance of the fixed point. His hunger was still living in the void between the stars, "non-space", which is trying to break the mortal entrance to Distant Shores. Each range of Magne-Ge, large or small, should be the teachings of the red shift and its Radiant directory. Moreover, clusters of Magne-Ge refer to these entities, in terms of the visual, as a system, which should measure their own capacity in the Great Schism of the total.



The secret of the Tower- How to permanently exist outside of duality, antithesis, or anxiety. I know it is not easy to understand. Imagine being able to feel all your senses unstoppable alien horror that is God, and our place in it, which is everywhere and therefore nowhere, and realizing that it is a complete dispersion of your personality in infinite essence. Imagine that, and still be able to say "I do." This "I" is the tower.

The following facts are known to all of us in a different manner, and the impossibility of Dawn gives the accuracy of all these memories at the same time. I'm talking about Ur-Tower, Adamantine, now Direnni, as well as its creation and purpose.

Auriel-that-Akatosh returned to Mundeks Arena with his planet-Dominion, signaling all Aedra gather in a stationary location of the meeting, which took place outside to aurbicheskogo time. Its smooth silver spire ship stuck in the ground changing and shimmering wind coming from the collision point, we warned all spirits within his aura, that they will be recorded. And that confirmed the presence of this, their actions here will last for a period of unattainable, and so is everything, then what happened to these spirits, whether a reunion with ether or were eligible for their choice or by deception under sititskoe erasure. Thus Aedra and their citizens will be able to fully meet the reality.

Our ancestors have seen the erection of Hell-mantle - Ur-Tower- and the Zero Stone. Let the elders will take it as an axiom: Each tower has its own stone. Nevozmozhtochka Assembly was the first stone, even the title of this first stone is different.

'Mifopeya - the process of forming or changing the reality under the influence of faith or belief Nirn sufficiently large group of people (or people of believers). And when beliefs or myths vary, so does the reality described in these myths.

  1. If in something believe quite a number of deaths, it could become a reality. Therefore heretics persecuted.
  2. If something was real, and it is widely believed that it is impossible to determine exactly what the cause of it, and that - a consequence. Therefore, even the history of the past can be changed.
  3. If there are multiple versions of the common justification of anything contrary to each other, then it is possible that they are both correct. Therefore, equally valid, and the myths and science.

' Example mifopei:'

  • 'Sheor' (Bad Man): In Breton, the bad guy - demonized version of northerners Shore, born in the dark years after the fall of Saarthal.
  • 'Cen' (God-Snake): Cen, however, went mad during a famine Satakal, and persuaded some of the gods to help him create a simpler alternative to walking.
  • 'Shezarr' (God people): Cyrodilic version Lorkhan whose importance suffers when Akatosh comes in first place in the Imperial (in fact, Alessi yskoy) religion. Shezarr spirit was standing for any human undertaking, especially against aggression Aldmer.
  • 'Shore' '(God of the Underworld): North Lorkhan version, which took the side of the people after the creation of the world. Strange Gods (t. E. Elven) conspired against him and prepare his defeat, dooming him to the underworld. Atmorskie myths show his bloodthirsty warrior king who again and again leads the northerners to victory over their oppressors-Aldmer. Prior to the execution of their own destiny, Shor was the leader of the gods.
  • 'Lorkadzh' (Moon Beast): Deity Anakinskoy dynasty Pre-ri'Datta clearly defined as the Lost God, Lorkhan.
  • 'Lorkhan' (Missing God): This Creator-Trickster deity test is in any religion in Tamriel. His most well-known name - the language Aldmer "Lorkhan" or Voice of Rock. He persuaded or found a way to make the Original Spirits to create the mortal plane, disrupting the balance - similar to his father Padomay broke the stability of the universe in the original place. When the world is materialized, Lorkhan separated from his divine center, and wanders through the creation Et'Ada. He and his metaphysical position in the 'scheme of things' is interpreted in different ways. In Morrowind, for example, it being related to the efforts of Psi, a process that charges the mortal superiority over the gods created them. For the High Elves, he is one of the most impure higher powers, as he forever broke their connection to the spirit dimension. In the legends, he is almost always the enemy Aldmer, and, therefore, the hero of ancient humanity.
Лорхан на башне.

The enemy never sleeps, and that he is waiting for the moment when it will be possible to hurt the Creator.

God of Space - God hates the Times of twin aurbrilnoy the other end of the umbilical cord, the God of Space ..? Time allowed an increasing number of inverse images of a person to acquire and Lorkhan watched Aurbis changes, and each new form brought him equally delighted and satiety. While the gods and demons Aurbis erupted, causing Padhome tried to leave everything that happens, as it wanted to own it all and, at the same time, none of these. And then he walked up to the border Aurbis. And he saw the Tower, for a circle, a converted sideways, forms the shape of "I of", which means "I". And it was the first word Lorkhan, and he will never forget.

  • 'Space' - he has space.
  • 'CHIM (Lorkhan it and invented)' - The world in which you are referred to the first attempt, and PFM. It is also recognized as the most well-known. The fact that it was directed by Lorkhan and catastrophically failed, in detail documented. But was this failure to plan ahead is still being discussed. Why would Lorkhan and his (unwitting?) Assistant pluck their experiments with the Tower? Why would he destroy what he wanted most of all? Perhaps he failed to let you know how not to suffer?
  • 'Hunger' - In Sepe had a lot of Hungry womb, multiple hunger from multiple shells. He was so hungry that it hurt him to think. Sometimes he is simply absorbed the spirits.
  • 'Outside kalpicheskoe existence' - "Oh shit!" - Scrooge exclaimed, - "He knows about my transaction with King Prygunov I should hide under your mountain!" - But he thought about it and said it too quickly, and without thinking, climbed the hill, at the foot of it had already been eaten, so it is not completely there. (So ​​Scrooge was trapped simultaneously inside and outside the Kalpa.)
  • 'Shifting the mutant' - Lorkhan! Shifting a mutant! Then Cities spawned Lorkhan and sent it to destroy the universe. Soon it seemed that Lorkhan and has its dominion, slaves and everlasting imperfections, and he likened Aedra in the eyes of the world.
  • 'Dodger' - Lorkhan found Aedra weakness. Like all the rebels, koi in nature imagine themselves infinitely important, they also have acted alone because of vanity and jealousy to each other. Also, they did not want to return to the "nothing" of former times. And so, while they ruled their false kingdoms Lorkhan filled the void with many new ideas. So he waited for the demon-Anui Elem and eight Daruyuschimi: as a friend. Going into every aspect Anuielya, Lorkhan have any idea, it is almost entirely based on the restriction. He thought up a plan to create Aurbis soul, a place where even the aspects of aspects can indulge in Self-study. He had a lot of followers - even Auriel, when he heard that he would be the king of the new world, agreed to help Lorkhan. However, they have been deceived. It was known Lorkhan, restrictions in the world was more than freedom, so it could hardly be attributed to the sphere of Anu. Mundus was the House Sithis. When their aspects began to die out, many of the same eV, such as I'ffre, transformed into Ehlnofey Bones World, to keep the world perish. Some had to get married and have offspring only in order to survive.
  • 'Humanity' - The darkness settled. Lorkhan collected army from among the weakest souls and named them as people, and those carried Cities everywhere they stepped foot.
  • 'What Happens When You So Tryasesh Dragon' - Violation of the Dragon God of Time, or breakage of the Dragon. The cases in the history of Tamriel when Akatosh Dragon, symbolizing the time, broke down and the linear flow of time was violated. As a result, there were events that are impossible in the ordinary course of life. In addition to the most famous breakdowns, known as the "West Warp" were still others, such as "The Middle Dawn," "The Battle of Red Mountain" and the activation of the first Numidium, as well as other not so well-known. One of them, "The Middle Dawn" (Dawn Dawn in the midst of the First Era) arranged sect "Chosen Marukati". Maruk Cyrodilic was a prophet, who said that he had a "vision of St. Alessia" (Queen Alessia, the first Empress of Cyrodiil, which led the liberation struggle against the human tribes Heartland ayleidskih rulers in the third century of the First Era). Ascetic, Maruca monotheistic doctrines were planted in most parts of Tamriel under the theocratic rule Alessian aggressive reforms. Chosen Marukati were members of the same excessively elitist fanatical sect, which in 1200 tried to separate the First Era by Auriel Akatosh, then eventually break lasted 1008 years. Although there is a theory (The Dragon Break Re-Examined), according to which 1008 years - it is simply an error caused by recalculation of chronology, but in fact 1008 years lasted only 150 years old, did not disappear. In another (~ 688-700 Year of the First Era) Dwemer disappeared, Chimer steel Dunmer, Nerevar was killed and members of the Tribunal have become gods. There may have been other anomalies. Numidium trial was activated by Rimmene (Elsweyr) in the year 896 of the Second Era, thanks to him, Tiber Septim Empire annexed to several provinces, and an extensive area in the desert remained unknown poison infected so far.
  • 'On foot' - Dagoth Ur.
  • 'Shezarriny' - are embodiments of "dead" people of God Lorkhan. Ysgramor, Pelinal Whitestrake, Vulfhart, Talos, Dragonborn ...
  • 'Desire' - attempts to achieve the final subgradient all AE, order status, what is behind the death of the living. Numidium. Aspiration. Multivalued Tower. CHIM. Enantiomorphs. Scarab, transformed into a new man.
  • 'The Prisoner' - a kind of loophole. Say something like someone called Dovahkiin, appears out of nowhere ... "born under the stars unknown unknown parents" (by the way, about this sending: that makes Aurbis Prisoner so powerful mythical figure?). A Eight Limbs (and Lost ninth) always, always make sure that a loophole is found. Sometimes to the detriment of themselves, that's for sure, but most of the rate that exactly the fact to ensure the survival of the current Kalpa.

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