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Link is a hero summoned by Impa, the royal nursemaid, to save Princess Zelda from the evil Prince of Darkness, Ganon, who is seeking out the shards of the Triforce of Wisdom. Link finds the pieces before Ganon does, and in the end, destroys the villain with a Silver Arrow, saving Zelda. Link's character and background are given little explanation in the game, although the prologue describes him as "burning with a sense of justice."

Being a sequel set not long after the original game, The Adventure of Link features the same Link as The Legend of Zelda. Link is now fifteen years old, approaching his sixteenth birthday. Although Ganon has been killed, his army of monsters remains active throughout Hyrule. They plan to revive Ganon by spilling the blood of his murderer, Link, onto his ashes. Impa finds a Triforce mark on Link's hand as he approaches his sixteenth birthday, and explains that he is the hero chosen to awaken an ancient Princess Zelda from her sleeping curse by seeking out the Triforce of Courage. Link places a crystal in each of Hyrule's six palaces, ultimately defeats Dark Link, receives the Triforce of Courage, and uses the full Triforce to awaken Princess Zelda. After Link awakened Zelda, she then thanked him as well as called him "a real hero" for saving Hyrule. The curtains then slowly fall with Link and Zelda getting closer to each other afterwards.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-A | 6-B, possibly higher | 5-B

Name: Link, also known as the Hero of Hyrule

Origin: The Legend of Zelda

Gender: Male

Age: 10 | 16 | 16

Classification: Hylian Swordsman

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, magic, master swordsman, expert marksman, holds all three pieces of the Triforce, including the Triforce of Power (increases physical strength and grants immortality), Triforce of Courage (grants protection against evil magic), and the Triforce of Wisdom (grants increased magical prowess, the ability to heal others, and the ability to speak with others telepathically), elemental manipulation (of the fire and lightning variety), flight and levitation while transformed into a fairy, able to transform enemies into bots, can imbue his shield with the power to reflect magical attacks

Attack Potency: Multi-Continent level (Used the power of the Triforce of Wisdom to defeat Ganon in conjunction with the Silver/Light Arrows) | Country level (Should be no weaker than his ancestor magically), possibly higher (May still be in possession of the Triforce of Wisdom and Power from his victory over Ganon in the first game) | Planet level (Possesses the entire Triforce by the end of the Adventure of Link)

Range: Extended human melee range with his sword; dozens of meters with blade beams, magic, and projectiles

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Fought and defeated Ganon)

Durability: At least Continent level (Should be no less durable than Spirit Tracks Link) | At least Continent level, likely higher with Shield/Reflect Magic | Planet level

Lifting Strength: Class M+ (Should be no weaker than his Wind Waker counterpart) | Class T+ (The Power Glove should be comparable to the Golden Gauntlets) | Class E+ (Superior to the Four Giants)

Striking Strength: Class GJ+ | Class ZJ+ | Class XJ+

Stamina: Superhuman+

Standard Equipment: The Magical Sword, Magical Shield, a longbow, bombs, Boomerang, Magic Rings, Magical Flute, Magical Rod w/ Book of Magic, along with the Triforce

Intelligence: Should be no less competent than any of the other Links

Weaknesses: Nothing notable

Key: The Legend of Zelda | Adventure of Link | With the Complete Triforce

Note: This profile currently only covers this incarnation of Link at the end of Adventure of Link

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