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Tier: 1-B

Name: Hero, Kazuya, Shaw Futsuo ("Approaching the Buddha"), Adam Black Adam

Origin: Shin Megami tensei

Gender: Male

Age: about 17

Classification: Schoolboy, summoner of demons, warrior, Valhalla member and demonic resistance offender

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, energy manipulation, manipulation of light, manipulation, dark, slashes, resistance (ice and other elements), Summon

Attack Potency: Hyperverse level (Defeated Vishnu, asuras and all the archangels of God who must not give Kagutsuchi should be on the same level as other SMT Protagonists )

Speed: Immeasurable also Can possibly tag Omnipresent beings

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Hyperversal

Durability : Hyperverse level

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Hyperversal

Intelligence: Very High

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Great Warrior - during its travel, Kazuya turned into a powerful warrior who compensates for his inability to magic sword skills and magic power of swords. He also spent a long time in the Diamond Buddha Dimension, where they feed on Soma, energy, increase all its forces to the level of the strongest archangels and some of the gods.

Kazuya render 2 (1)

Post-apocalyptic form

  • Merge swords - the strongest blades Kazuya are spiritual, and it is able to combine them into a single more powerful spirit in the form of a sword. A list of some of Swords:
    • Futsu Sword - sword of the Spirit, which consists of an ancient sword Kusanagi and wind soul. It allows you to deal damage to all enemies at the same time.
    • Murakumo - Fusion Futsu Sword с душой воды, что многократно повышает урон.
    • Kagutsuchi - the last stage of the ordinary sword, may contain the soul of the fire (the salamander). In addition to dealing damage to all enemies at the same time, he applied several times at random targets.
    • Fujinken - sword blade of a special spiritual and soul Tengu. Deals from two to four strokes at the same time on a single target.
    • Masakado - Katana of the Masakado, apparently identical to the one in Flynn as well. Increases all characteristics.
    • Light Sword - sword of the spirit in the Order of the Diamond Dimension, causes great damage to demons and other mystical beings.
    • Headsman Ax - sword of the spirit in the Diamond Chaos Dimension, increased damage on the angels and other divine beings.
  • Armor - Protection in the form of armor, bestowed upon spirits.
    • Armor of Jesus - a full set of armor warrior Order. It improves performance, has a good defense and resistance to the magic of light and fire.
    • Armor of Demon- Chaos Warrior armor has resistance to ice magic, fire and electricity.
    • Armor of Masakado - own armor great warrior Masakado, Defend from all kinds of magic and physical damage at a high level, that can fight with powerful gods.

COMP - a laptop computer that is built into a kind of glove. In Japan this alternative is used as a normal PDA in civilian life.



  • Demon Summoning Program - program, created by the great scientist Stephen to communicate with demons. Initially, Steven sent this code on all computers in the world in order to save people from the coming apocalypse demons by the use of force. Kazuya one of the few who guessed siphon program with a laptop on the COMP and learned to use it. In addition to the possibility of conversation with the incredible creatures that are physically not able to this, it has several useful abilities.
    • Contact - DSP user may enter into a "contract" to bind a demon to their the COMP, to record his information in the code.
    • Summon - actually what has been created and the program, the ability to summon a demon from another world and get to fight on the side of the user DSP, even against his will. The demon instantly materialize far away from the user.

Army of Demons - Kazuya collected a lot of demons under his leadership, in the DSP code Kazuo include: Beelzebub, Kali, Shiva's picture Brahman and Baal, Indra and others.

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