YuTeir: 8-C

Name: True name: Jace Beleren. Common name: The Mind Ripper

Origin: Magic the Gathering

Gender: Male

Age: ​Around 30 years old

Classification: Mage

Powers and Abilities: Telepathy, Water Manipulation, Magical Negation, Shielding, Telekinesis (can augment his speed, striking strength, durability and lifting strength with this ability), Mind Control, Mind Wiping, Body Jumping, Multiversal Travel, Illusion Creation, 

Attack Potency: Not very destructive in terms of destructiveness towards buildings, but to the minds of other beings, very destructive.

Speed: Normal human speed

Intelligence: High

Range: City block long for mental attacks

Attacks/Techniques: Prefers to use mental powers to subdue or kill foes, or wipes their mind making them unable to think or speak or do anything cohesive. Only uses Water Manipulation when dealing with fiery beings or pyromancers. If his enemies use magical attacks against him, he counters them while continuing his mental attacks. When starting a battle he uses illusions to confuse foes, and during the battle uses this same ability to create duplicates to trick others. If threatened with his life he will jump to a new universe until he can safely fight again. A final advantage of hos telepathy is the ability to use it to learn how to do things. He usually uses this to learn languages, but he is adept enough to learn techniques that are physically possible for humans to perform (for example, he could learn karate from a master in an instant by probing his mind).

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