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Tier: 5-A | 5-A+/Higher | from 4-B to 2-C and Higher Most likely 2-A | 5-A+ | 4-B | 6-A | 2-C/2 At Least -A/Uncertain

Name: Robert Bruce Banner, the Hulk

Origin: Marvel

Gender: Male

Age: About 50 years

Classification: Gamma mutant nuclear physicist

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics superhuman senses, extrasensory perception, resistance (one way or another to all types, in one form or another), energy attacks, the spiritual damage (astral damage and spiritual damage), shock waves, dimensional attack, conceptual damage, manipulation of energy , manipulation of heat, manipulation of matter, absorption, immortality (type 2, 4), regeneration (type 4 is probably the type 5 or higher), the manipulation of plants, healing, change in shape (type 2, 3), body control (type 0, 1 ), berserker mode, multiple personality, a huge size (type 0), flight (pseudo-flight), adaptability, reactive evolution

Attack Potency: Protection breaks at least at the level of the planet probably much higher (as stated so that it is effective Savage hulk) | continent Level+ (moves the lithospheric plates of the planet 1.5 times the size of Earth), much higher breakdown | At the peak is able to destroy the universe (cotton destroyed the whole universe) is probably higher Most likely Multiverse level+ (the shock wave from the collision with the other opponent, bypassed the endless Dimensions, causing unimaginable destruction) | Planet Level+ is probably higher | Star level (not emphasized in the fracture) is probably much higher | continent level+ higher breakdown | Universe level+/At least Multiverse level+ /Uncertain (The strongest version of the Hulk, which is not constrained, whereas other versions, always constrained); and the shape of the Worlds Super Destryoer of Worlds even stronger (at least a thousand times)

Speed: At least hypersonic+ haste and reactions; probably far higher for combat speed and reaction (no problem fighting with characters whose velocity exceeds the speed of light in a plurality of times) | High hypersonic+, probably much higher rate for the fight and the reaction (no problem fighting with characters whose velocity exceeds the speed of light in a plurality of times) | At least hypersonic +, probably much higher rate for the fight and the reaction (no problem fighting with characters whose velocity exceeds the speed of light in a plurality of times) | At least hypersonic+ haste and reactions, probably higher | At least faster than the eye can see,+ probably haste and the reaction is much higher (on an equal fight and react with the characters that move faster than light) | At least the high hypersonic + probably haste and reactions faster than light

Lifting Strength Planet Level | Planet Level+ | Solar System Level+ (depending on the level of anger) | Planet level+, probably higher | level Star | Level continent+ | Universe level+/Uncertain

Striking Strength: Planet Level | Planet Level+ | Solar System Level+ (depending on the level of anger) | Planet level+, probably higher | level Star | Level continent+ | Universe level+/ At least At least Multiversal+ /Uncertain

Durability At least the level of the planet, probably higher | planet level + above for about peak form (absorbed energy which is equal to the force of at least the destruction of more than 100 planets), is much higher for peak form | Universe level+ (Survived the destruction of the universe) Most likely Multiverse level+ | planet level + is probably higher | level Star | continent level + attack to Move continent, not even hurt Green) | Universe level+/At least At least Multiverse level+/Uncertain

Stamina: Very high | Very high | Very high | Endless (theoretically able to be angry and fight endlessly) | The highя | The highя | The high | theoretically infinite

Range: Melee, much higher than with cotton

Standard Equipment: All that comes to hand + the set of laboratory devices from Banner

Intelligence: Super Geius in Banner;(The greatest nuclear physicist on the planet, has expertise in engineering and biology, was once a 4 smartest person on the planet) It varies in different forms of the Hulk, from child level to the level of comparable and superior to Banner

Fighting skills: 'The big combat experience, is able to fight even with beings with high skills of martial arts, able to fight proitv entire armies at the same time; some versions of the Hulk (such as Professor Sey Hulk, Doc Greene), actively use cunning in battle thus defeating inexpensively forces

Weaknesses: None

'Attacks, techniques and abilities:

Transformation - a process that transforms into the Hulk Bruce, cause chemical catalyst - adrenaline. In general, it proceeds as it has conventional beings. During anger, fear, stress, the adrenal medulla Banner, releases massive amounts of adrenaline. This hormone stimulates the heart rate, raises blood sugar, inhibits fatigue. Ordinary people, their physical performance increase. While at the Banner, this translates into a complex extra-chemical and physical process that transforms into the Hulk Bruce. In the form of the Hulk, all physical indicators of Bruce increases in a tremendous amount of time.

  • great strength - the power of the Hulk - a huge, huge, theoretically infinite. Depending on its version, and the amount of the initial anger / adrenaline, the Hulk's strength also varies. However, they always showed that he can easily destroy mountains, islands, and even more, the whole planet. Its strength also increases, as well as his growing anger. Theoretically, the power of the Hulk can grow infinitely, and up to infinity.
  • The great strength - skin, muscle structure, and as a whole - Hulk is very durable. It is able to withstand the enormous blows, injuries and damage. However, it is also dependent on the version of the Hulk, some barely able, to withstand the destruction of the planet, while others transcend supernovae, or even more.
  • Recovery - Hulk also possesses a high level of recovery, it is able to grow organs, muscle, skin, even some limbs, and is even able to recover at the cellular level. Regeneration Hulk is so large that probably he is able to recover, even if it is completely destroyed. </span>
  • Cotton   - with the help of claps, the Hulk is capable of creating powerful shock waves. Which even can cause an earthquake that stuns enemies, tearing enemies to pieces. The strength also depends on the specific version of the Hulk.
  • jumping - precisely because it achieves high speed Hulk (mostly). Hulk is able to jump high and at high speed, crossing times for kilometers, hundreds of kilometers. It is able to simulate the flight in such a way or to jump into the orbit of the planet. </span>
  • Manipulation gamma radiation - Almost any form of the Hulk is capable of in one form or another, control the gamma radiation, absorb it, and even if something happens to her attack. </span>
  • superhuman breath - Hulk light, very powerful. He is able to inhale and exhale great quantities of air. He can blow away entire neighborhoods of the city, the people, and even the creatures on their level of forces. </span>
  • Adaptation - Hulk himself is able to adapt to almost any conditions that surround it. For low and high temperatures, the vacuum in space, the existence of underwater.
  • The special properties of the blood - Bruce blood in any form is radioactive (from Green Scar weakened it has an energy charge, which is comparable with the solar wind). His blood has several special properties.
    • Growing vines Eleha'alskoy - After contact with the blood of the Hulk in the soil on the site Sakaar plant grows quickly, known as Eleha'alskaya vine (Eleha'Al vine). Over time, the vine can develop into extensive groves, giving birth to the whole desert. According to legend, this property can have only the blood of the Son of Sakaar.
    • The transformation of people in the Gamma giants - If you pour a certain amount of blood Banner to another person, it mutates and becomes a giant Gamma, as happened with the She-Hulk.
    • Healing - In theory, Bruce blood can be used to treat people from radiation sickness or even AIDS.
  • shock waves - kicks and claps Hulk can run powerful shock waves. In some cases, they are able to disrupt the measurement, or round the infinite dimension, causing the crash (the intensity and power of which is difficult to determine).
  • mathematical vision of the world - The Hulk has a mathematical vision of the world and is able to perfectly calculate your every move. He does not do anything by chance: if the fault of his own people suffered, so the Hulk wanted. Just while jumping he is able to accurately calculate the landing place.


Mark: Professor | Scar | savage |Gray Hulk | Single Hulk | Dr. Green | Destroyer of Worlds / Super Destroyer of Worlds|

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