Powers and Stats

Name: The Hounds of Tindalos

Origin: Cthulhu Mythos

Classification: Vaguely canine-shaped metaphysical monsters from angled space (at least 4th dimensional entities who exist far beyond human concepts of time, space, force, and matter), possibly manifestaions of a greater being

Powers & Abilities: Higher dimensional perception, time travel, space travel, super strength, Unknown otherworldly poison, dimension shifting, Immortality (Older than our current universe by "quintillions" of years)

Tier: Unknown

Destructive Capacity: Unknown (Are supposedly far superior and lethal to any being which resides in curved space/any 3rd dimensional being), Caused a devastating earthquake simply by entering curved space

Durability: Unknown, impossible to harm by conventional means due to being "angled" entities

Speed: Unknown, though can appear wherever they like in the 3rd dimension due to time travel and dimension shifting, Seemingly impossible to escape once you have attracted their attention

Range: At least Universal+ (Apparently able to catch a being within 4 dimensions of any universe)

Notable Attacks/Tecniques:

-Attack Through Angles - Can come from anywhere there are angles of up to 120 degrees to attack their prey

-Drain Essence - The hounds are capable of draining bodily fluids and certain forms of energy from other beings by using their tongues

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