What's a mob to a king?
— Gustavo Fring
I will kill your wife... I will kill your son... I will kill your infant daughter.
— Gustavo Fring


Gustavo Fring is a Chilean-born restaurant entrepreneur who by night runs the most discreet and single best drug cartel in the American Southwest. He acts as a philanthropist and business man and hides his drug money "in plain sight", to the point of using the basement of his industrial laundry as the perfect million-dollar meth lab set up for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Probably 10-B to 10-A physically, up to 9-B with weapons, possibly much higher

Name: Gustavo Fring, King

Origin: Breaking Bad

Gender: Male

Age: Likely upper 50s to lower 60s

Classification: Crime Boss

Powers and Abilities: Skilled Fighter, Poison User, Expert in Stealth, Crime, etc, Skilled Weapon User, Skilled Psychology Hobbyist, Genius Entrepreneur, Master Cook, Master Diplomat, Resistance to Poison

Attack Potency: Probably Average Human level to Athletic Human level physically (Takes down one of his criminal allies with his bare hands while the man is struggling; this man is at least Athletic Human), up to Wall level with weapons (Known to keep high-power weapons in stock), possibly much higher (With his amount of funds and the weapons available in the show, it is possible he makes use of heavy explosives)

Speed: Probably Human, possibly Athletic Human

Lifting Strength: Probably Regular Human

Striking Strength: Probably Class H+ (Took down an athletic and much younger thug reasonably easily)

Durability: Unknown, at least Athletic Human level (Physically above Walter White)

Stamina: At least Average

Range: Melee range, otherwise varies

Standard Equipment: Plane, Multiple cars, Mass gun arsenals, Millions of dollars, etc etc

Intelligence: Possibly genius level businessman and criminal mind

Weaknesses: Extremely sadistic in his treatment with past enemies, typical human weaknesses, age


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