Tier: Unknown

Name: Gabriel, "Loki", "Anansi"

Origin: Supernatural

Gender: Male

Age: There was before God created the light

Classification: Archangel, "trickster," "magician," "prankster," "pagan god"

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, manipulation of reality, mental manipulation, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, manipulation of elements (fire, water, earth, air), manipulation of weather, life manipulation, resurrection, healing, space manipulation, time manipulation, immortality (type 2, 4 ), Regeneration (type 6), flight, spiritual damage, soul manipulation, encroachment, barriers, sound manipulation, metaphysical existence, extrasensory perception, manipulation of matter, change of form, biological manipulation, Invisibility, manipulation of energy.

Attack Potency: Unknown; Is equal to a character who easily creates global natural disasters around the planet; Ignores strength in a number of ways; Can create alternative realities with certain changes; Created a dimension in which there are 300 other dimensions, in dimensions not differing from our universe

Speed: Varies from ordinary human, to high hypersonic and higher

Lifting Strength: Superhuman of Uncertain Level

Striking Strength: Superhuman of Uncertain Level

Durability: Unknown; Is immune to physical, spiritual and other attacks from creatures, below it in level; Is reinforced by regeneration

Stamina: Infinite, existed long before the creation of the human race; Does not get tired, does not need sleep, food and other needs inherent in ordinary living beings; Non-responsive to pain

Range: From the close combat, to the universal and more

Intelligence: High, talented troll

Combat skills: Very high, one of the strongest creatures of his world

Weaknesses: As such, there are none, but its strengths can be bypassed by special artifacts



The sword of Gabriel – Artifact of a special metal that is able to pierce and kill a creature, the level of the archangel. The artifact, in addition to directly damaging the physical shell, appears to completely annihilate the soul, destroying the target for sure without any possibility of rebirth. Apparently, it affects all creatures of the level of the archangel and below.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Archangel – A supernatural being that is one of the first Creations of God. Archangels are the first angels and surpass them in might many orders. The true appearance of the archangels, like ordinary angels, is not known, however, they appear to be some kind of spirits of an incredibly high level.

  • The True Face – The true appearance of angels can not be perceived by the human eye. Anyone who sees his face for a moment will immediately lose sight. In the literal sense - his eyes will light up, after which in the eye sockets there will be two charred holes.
  • True Voice – The true voice of angels is also impossible to perceive by ordinary human hearing. For people, if they start listening to the angel's speech, these sounds will sound like a grit of a foam on the glass, but several times louder. After a few seconds, the glass will begin to crack and burst, and people will fall and writhe in pain. Probably, with a longer hearing of the voice, they will perish at all.
  • Metaphysical impact – A supernatural ability that allows the user to influence the surrounding reality not only physically. This ability manifests itself in that the user is able to attack, destroy and destroy objects and phenomena that are absolutely immune to physical impact. For example, using this gift, you can destroy a lost soul, demon or other extremely powerful entity. The power of Gabriel is enough to kill the pagan gods.
    • White light – A supernatural ability that allows the angel to generate special radiation that does not normally cause serious damage to the environment, but can destroy almost any creature on a subatomic level, be it a person, spirit, monster, demon or other angel. Does not work against those whose strengths are equal or exceed the capabilities of the Archangel himself.
  • Grace – A special energy that contains the essence of the angel, which allows him to use all his abilities to the fullest. Because of the grace, angels are almost perfect. They are immortal, invulnerable, do not need the natural needs of ordinary living beings, they do not suffer from diseases and other negative influences, they possess the immense power and abyss of other supernatural abilities and abilities. Grace is pure creation and its one presence positively influences all surrounding space.
  • Perception of truth – A supernatural ability that allows the user to perceive the world as it is. This is because Gabriel is practically immune to any illusions, suggestions, changes in perception, mirages and other ways of distorting reality. Also, he is able to see invisible beings, which in principle can not be detected otherwise, except as possessing a higher level of strength. Among other things, he always sees the true form of beings and their possibilities. That is, he is always aware of what kind of creature is before him, no matter what form it takes and in whatever body does not settle. In the appendage, this ability allows the angel to feel that he is being watched or is trying to track. In this case, he can telepathically transmit something to the observer.
    • Search – A supernatural ability that allows the user, once seeing the target, always know about its location. Thus, from an angel who once took the trail, it is almost impossible to hide. The ability, apparently, is based on the ability to sense the souls of others.
    • Sensorics – A supernatural ability that allows the user to feel the presence of something within a certain territory. With this force, the user is able to track the objects, creatures or phenomena necessary to him, thoroughly knowing about everything that happens to them.
    • Foreseeing the future – A supernatural ability that allows the user to see what will happen in the future. Gabriel is able to look into any period of time, up to several months, thoroughly knowing what will happen in this or that place at one time or another.
    • Invisibility – A supernatural ability that allows the user to become invisible. Usually creatures possessing this ability can see other invisible beings through supernatural perception. However, despite supernatural perception, if one creature is many times inferior to another in power, then he will not be able to see it until he himself wants to show himself. For example, the average demon can not see Seraphim when he uses this ability.
  • Obsession – A supernatural ability that allows the angel to live in a living being, thereby completely mastering his body. The obsession with an angel is somewhat different from an obsession with a demon. The angel is not able to capture the body of a person, unless he agrees. However, if the consent is received, then the human body will belong to the angel until he wants to leave it. The obsessed possesses a tremendous power - he is able to easily manage objects weighing several tons. Also, he has simply unimaginable endurance and vitality - it is almost impossible to kill him without expelling the angel himself or incinerating the whole body. Any other damage, including broken bones or bullet wounds to the head and heart, will not even slow down the angel, and the carrier itself will look unharmed, supported by the power of the captor. Also, the angel is able to heal any damage received in seconds, and since the vitality of the body is almost unimaginable, it is almost impossible to deprive him of the opportunity to restore his body. Among other things, the obsessive does not need the natural needs of man - he does not need food and drink; He ignores high and low temperatures; He does not get tired; Does not get sick and, apparently, does not age. The soul of the captured remains in the body, but can not do anything. Finding the soul in the body, apparently, allows the angel to learn everything that she knows, because of what he can perfectly copy the behavior and habits of the captured. Also, he completely takes possession of all his skills and abilities, both natural and supernatural. For each archangel there is a special person who is designed to enable him to move into it. If the archangel takes possession of another body, then this body will begin to collapse, unable to withstand the power of the conqueror. However, even if the archangel takes possession of the body of the right person, then, after he leaves it, the person becomes only a shell. Literally a living dead, with a destroyed personality and reason.
    • Security – A supernatural ability that allows the user not to take damage from any influences. The ability is poorly disclosed, but when professional hunter struck the rank-and-file angel over his face, he managed only to slightly move his head, and then grimaced in pain as if struck by a metal statue. Among other things, the angels are able to withstand the shots at the stop without any damage. Also, the angels are able to grant protection from any influences to other creatures. Archangels are practically immune to any physical, spiritual, magical or any other damage, not counting the attacks of those who are equal to or higher than their level or have certain artifacts capable of damaging their body. Gabriel is able just for lulz to make his body vulnerable to anything. For example, for a wooden stake, which is quite capable of piercing it, but is not capable of inflicting any actual damage.
  • Mental control - A supernatural ability that allows the user to manipulate the consciousness of the surrounding beings. This power lies in the ability to read thoughts, subordinate others, feel the presence of someone and in many other ways. Also, it gives almost complete immunity to abilities of a similar kind.
    • Telepathy – A supernatural ability that allows the user to perceive other people's thoughts and intentions. This ability manifests itself in the simple listening of what the goal thinks about, and in much more complex and profound matters. For example, Gabriel is able to feel the most secret thoughts, fears and desires. Also, he can instantly consider the personality and capabilities of others.
    • Disconnection of consciousness – A supernatural ability that allows the user to put two fingers to the forehead of the target, somehow put it to sleep or immerse in a temporary coma. The ability itself does not cause any actual damage.
    • Change of consciousness – A supernatural ability that allows the user to change the identity and memory of someone he wants. Gabriel can inspire the goal that he is not what he is, or erase his true memories.
    • Penetration into sleep – A supernatural ability that allows the user to move into the dream of a certain person. The Archangel completely controls this dream. In it, he can create certain locations, as well as perceive and transmit the necessary data.
  • Telekinesis - A supernatural ability that allows a user to manipulate material objects with the power of thought. The telekinetic abilities of Gabriel are at a very high level. Using this power, Gabriel was able to work on another archangel, who excels him in power.


  • Weather control - Supernatural ability, allowing the user to manipulate weather conditions. Gabriel is able to command all the existing elements, create them and destroy, raise and lower the temperature pressure, as well as create various natural cataclysms of a global level.
  • Transformation – A supernatural ability that allows the user to change their appearance and appearance. Gabriel is able to instantly change his appearance, reincarnated in anyone. He is capable of both cosmetic changes and cardinal changes. For a split second, one can take the form of any person or other being, just as quickly changing the clothes or the thing that replaces it.
    • Cloning – A supernatural ability that allows the user to create an absolutely identical copy of himself. This copy has the same appearance, personality, memory and manners. Apparently, also owns all the abilities. Basically, it is used as a substitute - Gabriel creates his own copy, and then changes it and his location in places so that a potential opponent attacks the copy.


  • Transformation – A supernatural ability that allows the Archangel to transform anyone into anything. Apparently, the ability to ignore all kinds of resistances and can affect even spiritual beings. Thus, Gabriel was able to turn a man into a car. He is also subject to the manipulation of the molecular structure, which allows you to rebuild matter at a basic level, for example, turning glass into steel. Thus, Gabriel was able to create a silver blade resembling the sword of the Archangel.
  • Biological control – A supernatural ability that allows a user to manipulate organic objects with one thought power. Gabriel has almost complete control over any living thing. He is able to heal any damage, to send any disease, to give special abilities or otherwise to influence on oragnism.
    • Nemota – Supernatural ability, which allows Gabriel to deprive a certain goal of the voice for the time necessary for him.


  • Spatial-temporal control – A supernatural ability that allows the user to manipulate space and time as he pleases. The power of Gabriel in this path is at an extremely high level. It is able to create various time loops, to correct events in space, creating certain local changes. Also, it is able to influence the global reality in a global way.
    • Stopping Time – A supernatural ability that allows Gabriel to stop the flow of time. Apparently, time stops all over the world. If necessary, the archangel can easily leave himself conscious and able to move other necessary creatures.
    • Time travel – A supernatural ability that allows Gabriel to instantly move through time, proving to be in this or that era. Also, nothing prevents him from moving other people or other objects into these epochs. And, apparently, he is subject to a change in the past, whereas less powerful beings can not change anything in any way, in so far as this creates temporary paradoxes. Gabriel also bypasses these conventions, apparently, by the creation of alternative versions of the universe.
    • Temporary Loop – A supernatural ability that allows Gabriel to create stable loops in time. For example, it is easy for him to lock a person in a loop, which is limited to one day. Moreover, these loops are tied to any convention. For example, one day Gabriel did so that when one man dies, other instantly finds himself at the beginning of the day, after which the events develop in the same way as usual, but the person himself completely He keeps memories, because of what he can try to change the events that happened. For example, do not let the first person die, thereby interrupting the loop. Gabriel himself is also present in every turn of this loop, watching the prisoner in her person. However, the archangel can change these conventions at any time or at all neutralize them, breaking the loop. Each time loop creates an alternative reality that is no different from our world, except that it inevitably disappears after the condition is met, after which a new reality will be created and so on ad infinitum. But, as it was said before, Gabriel does not need to simply destroy the condition, after which the reality will be fixed and the people living in it will continue to live just like in the ordinary universe. But even in this case, the archangel does not need to just click his fingers and destroy the alternative reality, which has long been torn from the loop, returning the imprisoned person back to the original reality and to the starting point of time.


  • Teleportation – A supernatural ability that allows the user to instantly move objects in space. Gabriel uses this ability at a very high level. He can either move himself to any point of the world or other dimensions, and instantly move others. Moreover, he often does not need to see the object being moved. It can be located at the other end of the city or at the far end of the earth - but one has only to think about an object - and he immediately disappears from the place where he was, and finds himself in the place where it was transferred by the archangel. One of the tricks he used was that he easily, literally with a flick of his fingers, moved a man into a black hole.
    • Exile – A supernatural ability that allows the user to expel various supernatural beings to other worlds. For example, with the help of this ability, a user can imprison a demon in Hell or expel a sinful soul from the body, sending it to the afterlife.
    • Resurrection - A supernatural ability that allows the user to resurrect a dead target. For this, the archangel needs to extract the soul of the lost target from the afterlife, and then either return it to the body, leveling the causes of the death, say, injuries, or recreate a new body, absolutely identical to what the soul had before.


  • Control of reality – A supernatural ability that allows the user to change reality the way he wants. Gabriel, being one of the strongest creatures of the world, has a catastrophically high level of control over reality. He is able to create any object, phenomenon, living beings or spirits. Completely controls the objects created by him and easily modifies them with just a thought effort. He is able to create as real objects, as well as to translate into reality the most insane fantasy. For example, it was easy for him to materialize an alien ship with all the technologies and aliens that looked exactly the same as imaginatives of the time imagined them. Also, it is able to create measurements of various sizes and with a variety of functions.
    • Country of Television – Dimension of uncertain dimensions created by Gabriel. Includes 300 Dimensinal-channels. Their dimensions, in all likelihood, are not inferior to the size of our world. Each channel plays a certain story. Starting with the series about the hospital and ending with the talk show "Supernatural." In each channel there are people who play a role in the story, apparently, perfectly aware of the fact that they are actors.
    • The suppression of forces - A supernatural ability that allows the user to neutralize and not allow other beings to use their natural and supernatural abilities. This ability can be used in various variations and it is able to level out any force except that which is equal to or exceeds the capabilities of Gabriel himself.






Video Gallery
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