Frank West

He has covered wars you know


Powers and Stats

Name: Frank West

Origin: Dead Rising

Classification: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 41 in Dead Rising 2 (last appereance)

Tier 9-C | 2-C (MVC3)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, peak human durability, human level speed, expert in close combat, very good at fighting with melee weapons, has a decent amoutn fo experience with firearms, expert in getting information and in stealth

Attack Potency: Street Level+ (can tear a zombie in half with one of his casual skills, can crush a skull with ease) | Universe level+

Striking Strength: KJ Class (can rip off guts with ease) | Universe level+ ( can hurt and beate beings like Galactus)

Speed: Human Level | Massively FTL+ ( can be on pair with characters like Thor )

Durability: Peak Human (survived a fall of several meters with no problem at all)|Universe level+ (may receive damage from beings like Galactus)

Standard Equipment: Any kind of melee weapon or firearm

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-Disembowel: This skill allows Frank to quickly thrust a hand inside a body and yank out the organs

-Double Lariat: Frank's upper body strength is used by extending both arms and spinning in place rapidly to knock down surrounding enemies with this skill

-Face Crusher: Frank grabs someone by the scruf of the neck and smash its face into the ground

-Football Tackle: Frank tackles the opponent and tosses him several yards away

-Giant Swing: Grabs the opponent by its ankles and take it for a spin and then tosses it several yards away

-Hammer Throw: Grabs someone by the neck and tosses it to the other side

-Judo Throw: Tosses the opponent Judo´s style

-Jump Kick: Makes a direct kick while jumping

-Karate Chop: Hits the opponent in the neck and curshes its throath

-Kick Back: The name says all

-Knee Drop: Jumps and lands over his knee, crushing anythign in his path

-Lift Up: Picks ups the opponent and tosses it

-Neck Twist: The name says all

-Power Push: If he gets grabbed, he pushes the opponent away with great power

-Roundhouse Kick: Lands a direct kick right when he lands

-Sommersault Kick: Kicks while making a sommersault

-Suplex: Self explanatory

-Wall Kick: Jumps on a wall, then he jumps off the wall while unleashing a powerful kick

Key Normal | MVC3

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