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Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 4-C, possibly much higher

Name: Wallace Rudolph West, Wally West, Flash, Kid Flash

Origin: DC Comics

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Speedster, a superhero, a member of many teams, including the Justice League

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, manipulation of gravity superhuman senses, intangibility, absorption (can absorb the energy of other creatures, as well as the speed and kinetic energy of other beings), manipulation of time manipulation of space, teleportation, resistance (mental), manipulation of matter (at the molecular level) , manipulation of the explosions, the clones (imitation of his presence immediately in 2 places)

Attack Potency: Star Level+ (At light speed, his blows are equivalent to that of White Dwarf Stars), possibly much higher (Destroyed the Anti-Monitor's physical shell)

Speed: Immeasurable/Infinite, Nigh-Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Superhuman, Class XTJ at light speed

Durability: Superhuman, Star Level with the Speed Force, possibly much higher (Survived blows from Pre-Crisis characters)

Stamina: Godlike

Range: Multiversal

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: High, thanks to super speed, is able to achieve incredible results in learning

Weaknesses: It is restrained in the settlements, but capable of doing serious battle within cities

'Attacks, techniques and abilities:

Connecting to Speed Force - the unique ability to Wally, as well as all members of the family of flash, and some others. Potentially, Wally - the fastest man in the world, except perhaps as Bart Allen. Channel to Spifdorsu gives a person who uses it, a number of superhuman powers, superhuman physical characteristics, and more. Also, unlike other flash and Speedster, Wally is connected directly to it, and turn it off, or somehow break their relationship - it is impossible.

  • Speed - The basic ability to get runners that are connected to Speed Force. The ability to move at superhuman speeds, usually Speedster moving at transonic speeds that would not hurt and is not to scare people, but of course each Speedster can increase their speed, which depends on his will power, thus achieving the speed of light, faster than light, and above. However, if the speedster step over the line and reach the speed at which he can not respond normally, it runs the risk of break away from spidforsa or worse dissolve in it forever.
    • Speed ​​Wally - Wally is rightly one of the fastest living on the planet. His speed is incredible, he is able to overcome all the barriers of the universe, as well as barrier Speed Force. It's speed is truly infinite. It is so fast that he could escape from himself.
  • Accelerated Healing - All the processes of runners is much faster than that of ordinary people, with regard to their speed of wound healing. Almost all wounds except for the loss of limbs and fatal wounds, heal them instantly.
  • Flight - Technically almost all runners can use their abilities, which would fly a kind of way but still flying, waving his arms or legs, thereby creating controlled storms and vortices air.
  • Perception / Reaction Enhancement - Since the speed of sound, ordinary people are not able to respond to the increased speed. However spidfors gives runners the opportunity - to feel, see, hear, smell, touch, feel, taste, understand and respond to the tremendous speeds.
  • Superhuman Strength - Speed Force gives the Speedster, a large force. However, runners can beat the opponent on the superhuman speeds, so the effect of the impact is even higher. Thus the impact on the speed of Mach 2, is able to at least destroy a large building or skyscraper as a minimum impact on the speed of light, similar to the mass of the white dwarf. By increasing the speed, speedster, and is able to increase the force of impact.
  • Infinite Mass Punch - Connection to the Speed Force gives Speedsters increased strength. However, a runner can reach relativistic velocities concentrate energy Speed Force stored them in every step and every movement to release in a single stroke, also called a blow infinite mass. Typically, the basis of such a blow could send level being Superman and on the other continent, but on the power of such a strike equal to the mass of the white dwarf.
  • Phasing - Runners have some control over their molecules, they can make their own molecules to vibrate so rapidly that they are able to pass through solid objects.
  • Deposit forces - the majority of runners running at speeds in excess of supersonic actually forced to work the body to excess, because of this they do not always even have time to breathe, but it would solve this problem, Speed Force gives them increased metabolism, and if necessary, any speedster can replenish their strength directly from the Speed ​​force, thus obtaining virtually inexhaustible stamina.
  • speed Talent </ span> - his touch runner can give others the speed at which he moves, increasing the speed can be a little, and so huge that allows them to move the speed of the runner.
  • Aura Spidforsa </ span> - runners surrounds the peculiar aura spidforsa that protects the Speedster from all sorts of implications inherent in movements at great speed, such as - friction, high and low temperatures, pressure drops, lack of air, and much more.
  • Stealing speed </ span> - if necessary speedster can "steal" the speed of other characters, Speedster and other creatures moving at tremendous speeds, thus reducing their speed, or subjecting full stop. Also absorbing someone else's speed, speedster can increase your speed. Wally can absorb the kinetic energy of an entire planet.
  • Accelerated brain activity </ span> - brain Speedster is also working on a superhuman speed as a runner and the whole body. The user can thus spidforsa can think and process information at tremendous speeds, many thanks to this ability to have a great knowledge (most Speedster can read large size library for a couple of minutes or seconds).
  • Vibration </ span> - and in addition to that, Wally could make their molecules to vibrate rapidly, it can make your body vibrate at tremendous speeds, thus arranging local earthquake.
  • The response at the level of attosecond </ span> - Wally is so fast that even light is static for him. He moves on the attosecond level, it is faster than the time. Even the threat of a sudden is not a problem for him, since he literally able to react to it, time stops itself when it is moving.
  • Explosions </ span> - Wally is able during the vibrations through solid matter, blow it, thus destroying.
  • Shock waves </ span> - if the runner will use his powers to negligence, then it is likely that running at a high speed, it will harm others, and perhaps even himself. So for example, Wally shock waves of its run, can destroy at least a few city blocks.
  • Race across space and time </ span> - Wally was in the stage race across space and time (and 2 days from the set, he ran without stopping), and as obstacles there were black holes, gravity, planets, stars, he escaped during the Big Bang, and continue right through it.

Speed Force </ span> - force is also known as Speed Strength. This force was created by Barry Allen, at the time when it was struck by lightning, after which became Spidfors permeate the multiverse, all realities, past, present and future. In this way, the Speedster appeared in the past and the future. Wally as others connected to spidforsu Speedster only, unlike them, he has a direct connection to it, and is able to use all its potential to the full.

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