Powers and Stats


Tier: 9-B normally. 6-B Exalted

Name: Falchion

Origin: Fire Emblem

Classification: Sword

Wielders: Marth, Alm, Lucina and Chrom.

Powers and Abilities: Boosts the stats of the user, can bypass immortality, can heal the user, capable of hurting dragons and killing them or sealing them.

Attack Potency: Wall Level (Is a normal, but strong blade against non-Dragon foes). Country level(Capable of hurting and sealing Grima and Can seal beings like Medeus and hurt Grima in some degree)

Material or Element: Naga's tooth. Same but boosted by the Fire Emblem and the Awakening Ritual

Needed Prerequisite of use: Be part of Marth's bloodline. To Exalt the Falchion the user must have the gems of the Fire Emblem and survive the Awakening Ritual.

Weaknesses: If the user is not part of Marth's bloodline the sword will be a normal blade The user needs to have the gems of the Fire Emblem and survive the Awakening Ritual... in that order.

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