Eternity (Earth-616) from Ultimates Vol 2 4 001

Tier: 1-A

Name: Eternity, Feeling of the Universe, Sense of Cosmos, Adam Cuadmon, Universe, Omniverse

Origin: Marvel

Gender: Not applicable

Age: Older than Creation

Classification: The embodiment of all time, reality and the universe itself; The embodiment of all living beings in the universes, the universe, the Multiverse, the Omniverse

Powers and Abilities: The enormous size (up to 10 types), resistance (to all kinds of exposure and manipulation at its force level), Extrasensory perceptions (cosmic awareness), control of the body (type 9), change in the shape (type 8, absorption, manifestation (type 1, 2 3) energy attacks, dimensional attack conceptual attack spiritual damage immortality (type 7), regeneration (type 10), merge (type 1, conceptual), conceptual existence of highly dimensional existence ekstrarazmernoe existence uncausality, metaphysical existence Omnipresence, duality, the embodiment of the universe / multiverse / omnivselennoy, space manipulation, manipulation time dimensional manipulation, manipulation of matter, manipulation reality energy manipulation, manipulation information, manipulation probability manipulation causality conceptual manipulation

Attack Potency: Outerverse level (Qualitatively superior to structures with infinite universes, Multiverses, within and without, infinite dimensions, including infinite high-dimensional Dimensions, Dimensions with composite ladders, with possibilities and not possibilities, multidimensionality and irrational dimensions, with other laws of physics and no laws of physics Subordinate, and other metaphysical, illogical, abstract structures as well as structures with infinite recursions and infinite levels, With the difference between the stages as between reality and fiction) (Is qualitatively superior to structures with infinite levels of reality with the difference between the stages as between reality and fiction)

Speed: Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Outerversal

Durability: Outerverse level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Outerversal

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient

Combat skills: Irrevant

Weaknesses: None

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Eternity (Omniverse) from Ultimates Vol 2 6 001

Abstract Entity - The status of Eternity as a cosmic abstraction, which embodies all the time in the universe and is a personalized universe.

  • Meta-abstraction - Eternity, despite the personification of the universe, stands above its domain, and is independent of the entire space and time of the universe (within the framework of which there are, an infinite number of infinite structures, infinite recursions, multiple higher dimensions and much more).
  • High-dimensional existence - Eternity exists on a higher plane of existence, even in relation to the usual high-dimensional dimensions within the universe.
    • The immeasurable power - The three-dimensional concept of mass does not matter for Eternity. It freely holds multiple universes in one hand.
    • Huge size - Eternity as a being from a higher dimension is so huge that whole universes are freely placed in her hand.
    • Manipulation of reality - Eternity freely controls reality on an extremely wide scale, literally by the power of thought. Moreover, the manipulation of reality can even differ, ranging from the usual control of reality to the control of the smallest known fundamental particles, reconstructing which it can and control reality.
    • Conceptuality - Eternity embodies all the time in the universe, only its concept is infinitely more complicated with respect to ordinary three-dimensional universes.
    • Omnipresence - Eternity is the personification of the universe, it is and is not a universe at the same time. He is all in the universe.
    • Acausality - Eternity exists beyond cause and effect, outside the universe, beyond time.
  • М-Body - The essence of which embodied living fractals from the dimension of manifestations. Incarnating in this way in the lower dimensions, all sorts of cosmic abstractions, taking from it a part of the forces. In return, fractals receive patronage and support from those with whom they form a symbiosis and provide their services.
  • Heralds / Avatars - Like any other cosmic abstraction, Eternity can have messengers, which it can impart with its own immeasurable power. Thus, increasing the strength of their messengers many times. A short list of the abilities of the messengers includes:
    • Power Cosmic - Boundless, divine energy, proceeding from the astral plane of existence. Penetrating into the carrier, this force becomes its basis, essentially replacing it with the soul, permeating all of its being, creating a unique aura. Cosmic power is a unique and universal type of energy that gives the carrier essentially access, to fundamental interactions with the universe.
      • Space travel - Cosmic power, gives its carrier the ability to cross the space, for a short time. Media can easily move from star to star, and even more. For carriers of cosmic power - galaxies are "stops", and the entire universe is one big "freeway".
      • Manipulation of energy - Users of space power are able to control any energy, in any imaginable form. They are able to create energy barriers, use energy attacks, feel any types of energy, transform it and absorb it.
        • Absorption - Carriers of cosmic power, how to control this force, and use it to absorb other sources of energy, that would immediately attack the enemy, strengthen their capabilities, or simply accumulate energy for any other purposes.
      • Manipulation of matter - Most carriers, there is inherent control over matter, to some extent. And also with the majority, these or other abilities come from precisely this ability. Carriers, as a rule, should be capable of basic control of matter at the atomic level. They are capable of creating matter, transforming, or simply destroying matter.
      • Manipulation of celestial bodies - Carriers of cosmic power, are able to freely control the motion of celestial bodies. Manage the motion of planets, stars, the creation of black holes, as well as many other objects.
      • Increased physical characteristics - Any carrier of cosmic force, possesses a certain level of superhuman strength. Usually the carrier does not focus on physical indicators, but he is able to increase his physical performance proportionally, with the help of space power.
      • Huge size - Carriers of cosmic power, can change their size. For example, they can reach a height of 100 meters, reach the dimensions at which they can hold the planets or stars in their hands, or even increase to such a size that they hold multiple universes in their hands.
      • Cosmic feelings - Carriers of cosmic power, are able to feel at the cosmic level. Most can feel a single atom, at a distance of millions of light years. However, this ability also covers other senses, and even those that are beyond the usual sense of understanding. See other dimensions, the future, the past, see the soul, the astral essence, auras and much more. Strongest users of cosmic power, able to see and feel all that was, are and will be in the entire multiverse at the same time, as well as higher dimensions.
      • Space resistance - Most carriers of space force, have a basic resistance to all sorts of influences that can affect the carrier. Typically, most of them are able to feel normal in space vacuum, resist a sharp temperature drop and also have some other resistances. Strongest users have the same resistance to any impact, at their level. They can be defeated only by their superior level of abilities.
      • Manipulation of time - The user of the cosmic force is able to move without problems to the future, the past, through alternative time lines, etc. As an attacking ability, you can send the enemy to other time intervals, beyond the space-time, or stop the time altogether.
      • Space manipulation - Users of space power, are able to easily manage space. In any form, as they wish. Measurable manipulation, distortion of space and many others.
        • Measured manipulations - Force users are free to create measurements, use measured attacks, teleport, and navigate through different universes and dimensions.
      • Mental manipulation - Users of cosmic power have extremely powerful mental abilities. The strongest users of cosmic power, most likely the strongest telepaths in the universe. They are unimaginably stronger than characters who are capable of an easy psychic attack, defeat cosmic beings and abstractions. They are also able to create illusions, erase, manipulate and change the minds of other beings, read minds, control the mind and much more.
      • Infinite potential - In the potential, the capabilities of any of the carriers of cosmic power, is limited only by their imagination. Before them, open the space doors, to any possible ability. Including direct control of space, time and reality.
      • Giving strength - Users of cosmic power can confer other creatures, a tremendous force, by infusing cosmic power into them. In this way they can raise an ordinary person to a level where he is able to destroy the planets and possibly more with his own blows.
  • Aspects - Eternity as well as other cosmic abstractions can have their own avatars, as well as individual aspects that can embody other independent abstractions. Aspects are usually responsible for any individual phenomena in the universe or the multiverse associated with the primary force.
    • Control aspect - As a rule aspects of Eternity, have full control and surpass if desired all that they embody.
    • Related concepts / Lower concepts - Including aspects of Eternity include, the lower aspects and concepts that somehow relate to their very essence.
  • Other forms - In theory, Eternity, like other abstractions, can use for manifestation and manifestation other forms and even other mechanisms that embody and realize their form in the lower dimensions.
1471308-eternity fused with infinity
  • Merger - A form in which several cosmic abstractions can merge into one single. In this case, it can intensify.
  • Seven Single - A group of entities that are anthropomorphic personifications of the seven concepts that are fundamental to the entire universe. Eternity is the oldest of them, and also one that is one of them and simultaneously outside the concepts with which they are identified. This group includes - Eternity, Epiphany, Enmity / Resistance, Entropy, Expediency, Empathy, Eulogy.
  • Dual Entities - Entities that are one way or another, or a reflection of the Eternity itself, and in fact its other side, or are the embodiment of opposing concepts. For example, Amathsu-Mikaboshi is the reverse side of Eternity, and such an entity as Abraxas is the opposite concept of destruction, but created by the same Eternity.
  • Celestials - Race of cosmic gods, Celesttials. Which, according to one of the assumptions, are created by the Eternity and serve it. Although this is a fairly controversial statement.
  • Space compass - The designation which is attributed to the four primary entities. Which are a reflection of both the simplest concepts, and the highest, while being both within and outside of all this. Eternity is all time and reality in the universe. It is the opposite of the other sides of the compass - Oblivion, Death, Infinity.

The Highest Eternity - A comprehensive and all-encompassing concept of everything. This Eternity stands above all its previous avatars, concepts, incarnations, opposites, and abstractions. It is the most Omniverse.

1363661-old eternity





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