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Elen, the Vanadis of Leitemritz.


Eleonora Viltaria, also known as Elen, is the female protagonist and deuteragonist of Madan no Ou no Vanadis (also known as the Lord of Marksman and Vanadis) series and one of seven Vanadises in the story. Renowned for her valor and honor, Elen vows to protect Zhcted from any enemy threats as her life depends on it. She is also one of Tigre's most prominent ally after her victory against Brune Army in Dinant Plains, who ironically ended up fighting ended up becoming her prominent ally who readily fight for her name. She is also an adopted daughter of Silver Gale Mercenaries's late leader Vissarion and also one of main commanders of both Silver Meteor Army and the Moonlight Knights.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Name: Eleonora Viltaria (エレオノーラ=ヴィルターリア Ereonora Virutāria)

Origin: Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Gender: Female

Classification: Female Warrior, Commander

Age: Around 16-18

Powers and Abilities: Aerokinesis, Excellent Military Expertise, Fighting Skill, All Weaponry Proficiency (except archery)

Destructive Capacity: Unknown (Very destructive if her Arifar Wind Elemental powers combines with Tigre's his Black Bow)

Range: Close (Medium if using Arifar's power)

Speed: Peak Human Attack Speed

Durability: Peak Human Level

Lifting Strength: Above average human

Striking Power: Unknown

Stamina: Superhuman Stamina(capable in withstand 1,000 soldiers)

Standard Equipment: Arifal

Intelligence:Above average. Expert tactician

Notable Attacks/Techniques :

  • Ley Adimos (Cleave the Wind): Elen's signature attack where she summons the winds and blow a platoon of soldiers away in severe damage. It often used as a distance projectile. In the most bizarre cases, it capable to slay even the sturdiest dragons. In anime version, it further elaborated as it creates a tornado and/or a sphere of wind and whilst the wind sphere shoot at the target, the tornado lifts it's target up to mid-air and the wind sphere sliced it into pieces.
  • Verni (Shadow Wind):Another Arifar's technique that allows her to jump or fly in midair without difficulties. It also boasting Elen's dash speed and allows herself and other Vanadises to fly.

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