Powers and Stats


Tier: High 8-C | High 7-C

Name: Eirika

Origin: Fire Emblem

Gender: Female

Age: Mid-Late Teens (is in line to become queen)

Classification: Human, Princess of Renais

Powers and Abilities:  Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Swordswoman and Lance Wielder | Mid-Low Regeneration via Bond and Stat Amping via Rally Heart as a Bride

Attack Potency: At least Large Building level (Able to fight Grados´s top tier generals and Sacred Stone-powered opponents.) | Large Town Level (Able to fight Dark Lord Formotiis)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: KJ Class  (Overpowered many dragons and demons throughout her journey)

Speed: Subsonic combat speed (Can dodge Lightning-based magic) | Higher (mounted on a horse, Speed stats are superior to base)

Durability: Likely Large Building level (Could take blows from Grados´s generals) | Town Level (Able to fight Dark Lord Formotiis)

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Extended melee range normally, several meters with magical swords

Standard Equipment: Various swords such as the armor-piercing Rapier and the deadly Killing Edge | Sieglinde, a sword that raises her strength in combat and triples in effectiveness against monsters and demons | Various lances and bows

Intelligence: Adept in swordplay thanks to lessons and is skilled in the use of the lance after becoming a Great Lord. She is also a skilled diplomat, but falls short in extensive military tactics due to her sheltered upbringing.

Weaknesses: Can be rather naive and overly kind, Lance users have an advantage against her while she is wielding a sword.

Notable Attacks and Technique:

  • Rally Heart: As a Bride she is able to raise the stats and movement speed of all nearby allies for a short duration.
  • Bond: As a Bride, Eirika is able to heal all nearby allies at the beginning of each combat phase.

Key: Base | Great Lord Eirika with Sieglinde


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